Salsa Dance Crazy News for the San Francisco Bay Area: Bachata Dance Pre-Order Update, and Dance Venues News!

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Ok, so that's that! I just sent off the email, and the Pre-order sale for our Bachata Dance Mastery System, is now over (or at least will be when the web designer's get to it). Wow, that was an amazing pre-sale, and now we've got to focus on actually getting these videos into people's hands, and retool ourselves for the actual launch sale (at a much higher price I'm afraid).  Thanks everyone! This was (and is) a really great product, and we'll be looking forward to fulfilling everyone's order ASAP.

On the Local Salsa Dancing News front, crazy stuff is going on!  We've got another show of Oscar d'leon at Cafe Cocomo tonight (after selling out last Saturday's Show at Cafe Cocomo by 10:30). It was an incredibly successful show for Oscar, for Cocomo, and for Salsarengue Productions.  Enough so that they brought him back again to play. Me, I'm heading to the Cigar Bar and Grill, for a slightly more casual evening. :)   After all, this is the weekend of Montreal Salsa Festival, and no, I obviously didn't make it. Perhaps someone can drop me a line and let me know how it was? Perhaps I can attend the Toronto Salsa Congress, or the Vancouver Salsa Congress instead?  Something in Canada, that's for sure.  Of course, this weekend is also the Reno Dance Sensation, or as some people are calling it, the Reno Salsa Congress. I opted not to attend this year since it's very much a West Coast Swing event, and try as I might, I still have not become a West Coast Swing dancer (ok, so maybe I could try a little harder). ;)   And then there's the fact I almost hopped a plane to Washington DC today too, but that's another story . . .

Tomorrow night, Saturday night, Avance is at Cafe Cocomo!  I love Avance, so wanna guess where I'll be? Yup, even though Saturday can be slightly "zoo" like, I'm there.  Nothing better!  Our calendar doesn't list Jellys on Sunday for some reason, so I don't know who is playing, but it's may rain anyway (and I typically don't go when it rains). Also, the big news is, the Ramp (Saturday afternoon salsa) is now open.  Wow, amazing – a few weeks early no less.  I haven't been there, but I did hear about it. I love this place during summer, and it should be great . . .

Monday night at Cafe Cocomo, my hidden gem of an evening, should be great. I may start teaching again soon, and I do teach on Mondays, so I'm going to hit this great night spot while I still can. 

There a rumble brewing Thursday May 3rd, as two clubs, both in the East Bay, and Cocomo is San Francisco duke it out.  Cafe Cocomo is established, and neither club in the South Bay has run long enough to be established, although Maxwells could have done it had it not been for their long break. Anyway, Karribe (now Karribean City), has Jimmy Bosch on the 3rd, and Maxwells has Avance.  Good Luck figuring out what to do. . .

Then, back to back, there's Bombazo (huge salsa show, featuring el Gran Combo) and 4 other bands (more info on that soon), and the week after I'll be part of an international salsa party (where of course they'll be a dedicated salsa floor).  There is just SO much going on.  Yow!  And that's just a taste … got more info? Let me know…

And through all this, the SalsaCrazy Dance Video store still is NOT ready to go. Yes, it's open, and yes, it's working, but no, it's not nearly done!  Yow, this Video store stuff is hard.

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