More Bachata Dance Crazy News, The Pre Launch of these Bachata Dance Videos Gets even Crazier . . .

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Wow, so this is just the pre-launch of our Bachata Dance Mastery System, and it is totally off the hook.  Yesterday, I emailed out to our regular San Francisco Bay Area Salsa Dance Newsletter (from, and told all our members about the Pre-Launch, and they . . . crashed our server?!  Do you know how much traffic that takes . . .Wow. I can't believe we crashed a server.  That's a proud moment I guess.  However, we were down for over 6 hours, and we had to increase our bandwidth limits. We're back up now, and ti won't happen again (lesson learned), but that's really impressive. A proud moment of losing business I suppose . . . :)

So, I'm guessing we won't last through the weekend, as I want to make sure we only take orders for what we are absolutely certain we can provide on time!  Between all the Bachata DVDs and Merengue DVDs, we've got a lot of orders to fill, and customers always come first (yes, even before selling more units).  So, the Pre-Order Bachata Mastery Deal is ending!  If you haven't done it yet, my guess is, two more days at most, and then it's done.  After we have the DVDs in stock, we'll revert to regular pricing, and I'll tell you about the actual launch (yes, this was just the pre-launch). Yow!

So, getting ready to post my Las Vegas trip report too (woohoo). It was a great time, and I'll probably post it later today! 

Keep Dancing and Keep it Crazy!

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