Bachata Dance Crazy has Launched, and Dance Crazy Results…

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So, just a quick note, as I currently sit in Vegas (and there's a complete Vegas Trip Report Coming – oh my god!). Bachata Dance Crazy has launched! And it's big . . .

That's right, is now live and we're pre-selling our Bachata Dance Mastery System.  It's launched big, and we're about %75 sold OUT of our initial run. These are just pre-orders mind you . . . it's still 3 weeks away!!!

My guess is this will sell out completely by Tuesday, maybe even today! Secure your copy of our 3 DVD Bachata Dance Mastery Package – it's really great, very step by step, and takes you to a fairly advanced level. It's a complete package!

Really, go get it! You will absolutely adore it . . . which is why we offer the complete satisfaction guarantee. I mean, who else does that?  I love it!  Anyway, this is important on a number of levels . . . why?

Did you hear me? I'm in Vegas!  Yet, I've almost completely sold out of a pre-order product, 3 weeks before it's even done replicating.  Why? How? Well, taking into account, we really have great, fantastic, phenomenal, step-by-step dance instruction system (that really is the finest product in the market – made with real love, extra butter, and real sugar — no splenda here), what else allows me to do this?  While I'm in Vegas no less?

It's really about understanding how to run an internet business, and as the launch of MarketinCrazy looms ahead (in about 1.5 years), this is exactly the kind of launch strategy, and business automation, that we plan to teach.   If you've got a passion, we'll teach you how to make it a lifestyle . . . — The Ultimate Bachata Dancing Step-By-Step Dance System.

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