The SalsaCrazy Canvas Salsa Dance Party, Thank you . . .

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And so it goes, as in everything in life, we have our final moments . . . and these final moments were pretty darn great! :)

It ended, as it started – a great sized class of around 150 new salsa dancers, introduced to their very first steps, the music, and the people, and a ton of die-hard salsa dancers, from all over the Bay Area, arriving later, to dance into the final hours.  Three DJs, great music and dancing, an impromptu SalsaMania show, and of course, did I mention all the great people?!  I don't think we could have asked for more (ok, maybe we could have asked for a little more cold air). :)

For a few brief moments, I entertained thoughts of moving it, and perhaps, we'll get lucky and find a special place for it to go. Sadly, we don't have that place yet . . . I'll keep everyone informed (I always do that). One of the defining, and unique, elements of San Francisco salsa, is that there are so many choices, on almost any given night, and unique places can exist, and do well.  I love that . . . after this many years, these are typically the places I have the most fun.

A rarity, I even got to dance a few times at my own event!  I love when that happens . . . It's always hard to name names, but I can't help myself. This is going to be a long paragraph.  Vivian (ha, you know I'd start with you – think I'm crazy?!), Eugene and Chi (Happy Birthday Girl – you are a superstar), Dave (Habby Birthday – no, that wasn't me drinking) and Tianni, Zolita (go visit her new boutique…now!), Richard D., Felipe, Fab Fred, Bosco, Rodchata (Jeez, I'm sorry, but it's just hard to even say that out loud), Jeison (uh oh, I think we were the most old school people there . . . Alex de Silva, who's that?), Elena, Jack (whom is undoubtedly going to provide some great photos), Shoshanna (our Meetup Coordinator), Sharraine (who could ask for a sexier dance partner – even though you did leave right after class?!), Maria (divine dances, can't stop thinking about it), Frank (the interviewer), Lianne (we're soooo walking the city – stayin' til the end!), Julian G., Sandy (um . . .), Breya, Courtneay, Santa Rosa ('nuff said), Sacramento ('oh god), Cathy, Hong and Kaori (I could watch you guys all night . . . well, at least Kaori….(ha), Toshi ( – love it), Alex (Alessandro, NonStop), Wilson, Dakin and Kayono (no, you didn't come, but you had a good reason — Cancun!), a million friends, students, and extended family from my classes, and of course, the hundreds  of people I forgot to mention, who can write me about how I left their name off the list (hey, I've only slept for 4 hours – it's my Brother's Birthday today) . . .I wonder when we're all going to be together, in the same place, again.  I can only hope it happens sooner rather than later!

To all my students – thank you so much!  I will be back teaching, I promise – and I really appreciate all the (incessant) but good natured requests, to get me back in the classroom.  I definitely "feel the love", and it means a lot.  Stay tuned, hopefully I can announce May classes, and if not May . . . June.  Thank you!

Thanks Everyone for coming out and enjoying our last night at the Canvas! 

Please, visit the Blog at, and leave your comments (for fun and posterity). . .

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