Mazacote was just that Good at Cafe Cocomo

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Ok, Mazacote played at Cafe Cocomo last night, and I have to say, they were just amazing. I mean, this is salsa music at its best. I was really blown away by the music.  Fantastic!  Just the week before we were treated with an amazing, fiery set of Poncho Sanchez and Avance, and now this.  Do you realize how lucky we are? I mean, really – this was some fantastic playing.  Powerful, powerful, jam.

Mazacote is one of the fantastic local bands we use on our bestselling Salsa Dance Videos (and cha-cha, etc . . ), and they are also featured on, our online Salsa Dancing School.  Along with Benny Velarde, Anthony Blea, and Julio Bravo (and the upcoming album by La Verdad), we've been able to feature a lot of amazing music on our instructional dance videos.

So, back to what ya' need to know, Mazacote just released their album, and while nothing beats seeing them live, with Manny (last night it was Sal), you can purchase their album right off their website

From their website:
"Mazacote plays a high-energy mixture of classic salsa favorites and original latin jazz tunes. Singer Manny Martinez, formerly of eclectic latin rock band Los Mocosos, keeps the dancers on their feet with his lively vocals and improvisaciones. It’s no wonder that reviewers have called Mazacote “the Bay Area’s best dance band.”

We are so lucky in the Bay Area!  What an amazing night . . .

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