SalsaCrazy Salsa Dance News for the San Francisco Bay Area, 3/29/07

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This week, I think tonight at Cafe Cocomo, with Mazacote (hope Manny is singing), should be great.  Friday, at none other than Roccapulco, it's Julio Bravo (woohoo). Also Sunday at Jelly's, perhaps with a bit of Allegro, should be fun. In one week we've got the Canvas Salsa Dance Party coming up next Saturday, April 7th! It's our last one, so I'll expect that it'll be a great party.  The very next week, Oscar's in town, Saturday, April 14th at Cocomo. These are both big events! I just heard of an even bigger event, coming in early May, with none other than El Gran Combo (and Puerto Rican Power too).  Details coming soon…

But wait . . . theres' more!

Wednesday night is dominated by a few great clubs!  DownLow Lounge in the East Bay is stellar, Agenda in the South Bay is packed, and for Cuban music, Lil' Baobob in SF is totally, completely fun and on fire.  Add one more club to the list, that's really going to make a great splash in the San Francisco nightlife community (I think).  La Luna Azul – at the Azul bar, right off Union Square, is a really nice club, beautiful ambiance, and it looks like it's going to be done right (yes, I'm tangentially, remotely, involved). I hear Gary & Viola are going to teach salsa, Rodney's teaching Bachata, the clientele is going to be gorgeous (and friendly), and once again — we'll have a Sol Y Luna style experience, on Wednesday nights, in San Francisco.  Details soon…

As y'all know, I love mixing it up, and the idea of a really nice, Latin dance and social club — well, San Francisco hasn't had one in a while.  The last really nice club, Top of the Mark, ended about six months ago (the management was killing me) and didn't really have the "Sol Y Luna" crowd (although it was certainly a refreshing change of pace).  So, I think this new club can really blend some positive vibes into the salsa scene, specifically attracting new people, and showing them how cool salsa dancing really is.  We shall see . . . If you're interested in seeing the club, drop me a line for a pre-opening party invite. On the 18th, it's going to be the #1 place to be in San Francisco (and for many Wednesday's after that I assume).

Also, while I have, regretfully, decided I will not attend the Prague Salsa Festival, nor the Med Salsa Congress, I still hold out some slim ray of hope for the Montreal Salsa Convention (Montreal Salsa Congress), so we'll see if I can pull that off.  Where are people traveling? Summer time I'll be hitting the Palm Springs events, and the Beijing event as well – but otherwise . . .

New, Amazing, Dance Videos from DanceCrazy?  Yep, the Wedding Dance Mastery System is almost here.  What? You said what? Yes, the Wedding Dance Mastery System. Having never been married, but attended many, the need was obvious and time was of the essence. So here we are, to save the day (as it were), for many blushing grooms and brides, making sure that first dance doesn't end like a few I saw last summer (you know who you are). This is going to be ready any day — I'll tell ya' more about it soon!

Also, I keep on hearing about some DVDs that were produced by Ricardo and Michelle, of Pretty Boys and Girls and San Francisco Salsa Congress fame, but I haven't actually seen them – and the links in their emails regretfully don't seem to work.  Anyone got em? Let us know!

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