Salsa Dance Week Ahead and Washington DC Salsa Dance Recap Part 2

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Hey Everybody!

Made it home from Washington in one piece, and not going to make it anywhere out of the country as I had hoped.  Looks like April I'll be in San Francisco!  There's lots of work to do . . . Before doing the recap of Washing DC Salsa Dancing, I'll give everyone a look at the Salsa Dance Week ahead. 

This week in San Francisco (these are only my picks, an "*" means I'm going to try and go) to learn all that's going on, visit the SalsaCrazy calendar, this week's picks include:

Monday, Mar. 26
Cocomo: DJ
Tuesday, Mar. 27
Glas Kat: Rumba Cafe *
Wednesday, Mar. 28
Down LOw: Karabali
Thursday, Mar. 29
CafeCocomo: Mazacote, Lesson w/SalsabyJake 8pm *
Friday, Mar. 30
Cigar Bar: Mucho Axe

If it's the last Friday of the month, then I know it's Il Pirata, which is a kick ass place. If this is happening, that's where I'll be, for the amazing Timba music.

Saturday, Mar. 31
CafeCocomo: Tito Garcia!, Lesson w/SalsabyJake 8pm
Roccapulco: Borinquen
Montero: Bakan
Cigar Bar: Mario Flores
Sunday, Apr. 1
Santa Rosa Salsa @ The Flamingo Resort Hotel!!!
Jellys: O. Borinquen *

And there ya' have it — the week in review.  This is based on the calendar of events, and there's a link to it above.

Ok, so what about Washington DC Salsa Recap, Part 2 of 2

I continued my nightly salsa dance excursions on Saturday, after an amazing meal at the Tabard Inn. I'd recommend going there, and it was a nice place, in a small, almost victorian, home setting.  We were trying to decide between Equinox and Minibar for dinner, and chose this one. I'll give you reviews of the other two sometime later.  After dinner, we went to the final club of DC called the Habana Club (not sure how they spell it).  It's right downtown, and it was the only club I went to that played Timba along with the classics.  Very small, and narrow, club, with 3 floors of music, including live . . . uh . . ."music". That being said, lots of people, and probably the most even of male/female ratios I ever saw in DC.  Good drinks, including Mojitos, good music, but absolutely ZERO dance space, and no "dancers". There were plenty of people dancing, but it was more a fun, party spot, than a serious dancer's spot. This is probably due to the lack of space, but it was actually quite a fun night out, as long as you come in with your expectations set accordingly.

This was my last night of dancing, and the recurring comment I ran across is that Monday is the real dancer's night in DC, where most people come out. I can't comment on how that night is, because I simply didn't make it (already home). However, here are my overall insights into the DC scene, from my limited exposure.  First . . . where are all the people? Women especially? There were clubs, but my only guess is that lack of teachers (at least for beginners), has eroded away the salsa scene in this area. It is ripe for  a salsa teacher/promoter whom wants to open it up for beginners to really  progress. That being said, the venues did have people in them, they just weren't "packed", which is probably a good thing. The best night, without a doubt, was Caribbean Breeze on Friday's, of those that I attended. Second best would be Zanzibar on Wednesdays.  Both ended, almost completely, by 12am and 1am respectively.

I'll be going to DC again, and I wondered where I'd go out and salsa when I'm there. I'd definitely check with Earl, as he seems to be the only main promoter out there right now that I met. I'd definitely do some research first, as it seems to me that the scene there is in a state of transition, and the people I spoke to said that it had rapidly declined from about a year ago. The scene also lacks a defining, large club, which is kind of surprising. Somewhere to act as a mecca for new people, and dancers, alike. In SF, clubs like Cocomo, Roccapulco, DownLow, Monteros, etc . . . all bring in hordes of new people to the scene on a consistent basis (although, the scene struggles to keep them). When I come back, I'll do my research, and will undoubtedly find myself out in DC salsa dance land again, but for all  you reader's out there, research first!  Here are the websites for DC:

Good Luck, Keep Dancing, and Keep it Crazy!
SC (SalsaCrazy)

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