Who Needs 3 Blogs, Life to a Soundrack, and Drew Barrymore…

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Ok, so I'm in Washington DC (anyone got any hot tips for me), and plan to salsa at least a few nights while I'm here (ha – who am I kidding, every night . . .), as I strive to get up and be part of this massive internet marketing conference (http://www.MarketingCrazy.com), learn something, and have some fun while I'm out here. 

So, yet again, I'm walking through the hotel with my new mini ipod on, blasting something or other, and I'm kinda strutting, and I'm thinking, everyone needs to live their life to these things. There's nothing like walking around thinking everyone can hear what you can . . .And yes, just weeks before I got this thing, I used to hate to see people so totally tuned out listening to their headsets. I mean, come on, connect to reality for a second . . . but now, I'm slowly joining them.

It makes the most mundane, simple, tasks, a bit more bold and beautiful. Especially if you listen to some movie soundtracks, mixed in with your rock/soul/blues/rap. Then, every trip to the laundry or supermarket can become a battle to save humanity (from trans far of course). I won't even talk about listening to Rocky while working out . . . everyone already does that, and hell yes, it works!

But what I really want to mention is this move about Dating Drew Barrymore. Evidently, it was made like 3 years ago, and I had never paid much attention, but it chronicles a normals person's (as normal as the director of a movie can be), attempts to get a date with Drew Barrymore. It's funny, and completely and totally inspirational . . .Over the last few days since I've seen it, I've actually though about it a few times, and yes, it's kinda inspired me too.  I mean, obviously, I'm already living a life that's at least partially made up of following my dreams, but perhaps the same pursuit of happiness needs to be single mindedly applied to other areas of life. 

Anyway, if you haven't seen it, it's a good rental. Nothing earth shattering, just a bit funny, and truthful about life. So, it occurs to me, that if I start writing about Salsa, and Internet Marketing, and just personal musings, this blog is going to be huge. Anyone who has seen some of my websites know that I love to write . . . so, thoughts? One blog, or three separate ones.  I'm leaning towards three separate blogs, even though it's a bit more of a headache.

You can expect some reviews of Washington DC Salsa, and some tidbits on Internet Marketing, in the next post, but until then . . . it's Wednesday!  Get out to DownLow Lounge in Berkeley and dance. I've got a 7am meeting tomorrow, and you can bet I'll be out dancing . . .

Keep it Crazy,

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