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Argh, I wish I had more time to post about the upcoming salsa dance events, but I'm running out the door as it is . . .

So, tonight, at the Glas Supper Club, it's the David Melendez Fundraiser. Don't miss it . . .details at, That's tonight!  Great Cause . . .and great dancing I'm sure . . .

Wednesday, Mar. 21
Down Low: Bakan
Thursday, Mar. 22
CafeCocomo: Pepe y su Orq., Lesson w/SalsabyJake
Friday, Mar. 23
      Montero's: Mazacote – Salsa Lessons 8:30pm
Roccapulco: Tito Garcia
Cigar Bar: La Familia Son

Saturday, Mar. 24
Orquesta Liberanzion in Reno
CafeCocomo: Julio Bravo, Lesson w/SalsabyJake 8pm
Ricardo Lemvo and Makina Loca in concert
Montero's: Benny Velarde- Salsa Lessons 8:30pm
Roccapulco: Bakan
Montero: Benny Velarde
Cigar Bar: Los Compas
Sunday, Mar. 25
Santa Rosa Salsa @ The Flamingo Resort Hotel!!!
Jelly's: Anthony Blea Y Su Charanga
Just Dance: Tito Garcia

Salsa Congresses, Dancing Travels, Dilemmas and the Never Ending Philosophical Questions

The Prague Salsa Festival? The Montreal Salsa Convention? The Mediteranean Salsa Congress?  LA Salsa Congress? Palm Springs Events? Who has the time?  If not me . . .Honestly, there is only one event I won't miss this year, and thats the Beijing Salsa Festival in China, not until August. My business needs me, and truth be told, I should be working, but . . . argh, I want to travel! Isn't  that the reason one creates a business on their own in the first place? To have some control over their lives and vacations? So, here is a good month full of promises I've made to myself (Prague being chief among them), and I'm not going . . . yet again.  This may seem trivial to some, and outlandish to others, but I've spent a lifetime getting myself into a position where I should be able to do whatever I want . . . should, of course, being the operative word.  I run a dance business for crying out loud – this should not only be my vacations, but it should be my required work.  However, as yet another year of opportunities to travel and see the world slip by, I have to wonder, am I doing the right thing?

I suppose if I had just taken the other, more comfortable path, I wouldn't be faced with this.  A mere two years ago, I could travel, wine, dine, and do it all from wherever I wanted to around the world, in relative comfort, my business growing steadily.  Had I only been complacent, this would still be my life today.  In a bid to, yet again, attain the next level of business success, i tripled my hours, redoubled my efforts, and set my sights on a much larger business.  Now, in the middle of this "growth" spurt, I find it difficult to even hang on, with massive expenses, and even some debt, and I wonder what the hell I was thinking? Honestly, what fault of character drove me to continue building?  Why do I have to teach "the world" to dance? Isn't it enough to teach San Francisco? Where did this empire building desire come from?  It's like an entrepeneurial curse.

I can't answer many of the questions, but one that I can answer is that I won't be doing many of these trips in the near future.  Is that living life? I've never thought so. I thought living life was "getting out there", however, this is an example of watching out for what you wish for. I have a far larger company now, but at what personal and financial price? Hopefully I will make it to some of these events, perhaps most of them. Only time will tell which side of me wins the "battle for travel".

Final Canvas Salsa Dance Party

Yes, it's true. The last one is April 7th, I hope everyone can make it. We've done all we can, the place is sold, and our last salsa dance event will be on April 7th.
Details at,

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