SalsaCrazy's Not-So Much Salsa Dance News, 3/18/07

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Three Days until Washington DC Salsa, and Beyond . . .

Life Should be lived to a sondtrack!  Really. Wouldn't that be great.  I think for many people, attached to their ipods and music players, it already is, and now, I'm joining the pack. I couldn't workout nearly as well, run nearly as fast, do quite so many minutes on the jump rope, if it weren't for my Ipod mini.  Even beyond fitness, I've found new joy walking to the store, shopping for groceries, and just about any task that is a little bit boring. Throw on some inspiring music, and suddenly, doing the laundry or taking out the trash, becomes almost as inspiring as watching Rocky once again conquer the greatest of opponents. Seriously though, music makes the difference when working out . . .

Salsa Dance as Fitness and Exercise

People always ask me, isn't salsa dancing amazing exercise? The answer is a resounding yes! That is then following, shortly thereafter, with me rubbing my stomach, and wondering where the hell that belly came from? I dance six days a week!  Well, like all fitness and exercise, once you've been doing it for years and years, and there are repetitive movements, your body adjusts and acclimates, and you don't get the same benefit from it.

I mean, when I first started salsa dancing, I used to be drenched in sweat by the end of the night. Now, I'm lucky if I break a sweat!  Of course, that's also due to changing dancing habits. For example, I used to dance non stop, and now I socialize. I used to only drink water, and now I may have a "drink". However, even when I really go to "dance" and workout, it's honestly nothing like it used to be.  My "3 shirts" a night days are over I think.  Now, put me in aerobics class, and my heart rate shoots up, I can't keep my breath, and 20 minutes in, I've gotten my cardio for the month.  You have to challenge yourself with new things.

Of course, this is coming from the bestselling author of Salsa Dance Workout, a great DVD by  So what's that all about? Well, one workout, no matter how intense, is simply one workout.  Ya' gotta change it up. Don't worry, this isn't a sales pitch for our next 20 fitness DVDs, it just a little rant as I come back from a run.  Because, truth be told, I am in training. I'm getting ready for that next big filming, and I'm putting my nose to the grindstone. Filming isn't until May or June, but I've got to get in good physical condition by then. So… wish me luck! :)

SalsaCrazy Goes Blues Dancing

I love trying out new dances. New challenges, that send you back to the beginner ranks, can be fun . . . so, just recently, I enlisted a partner in crime, and went blues dancing. Here's a snippet of what I found. You'll have to visit the all new Salsa Crazy Salsa Dance Message Boards, if you want the entire thing!

"However, what attracts me is the possibilities for creativity and expression outside of any one single dance form, It's really exciting, and the later on in the night, the better the dancer's became, and the more free I could be in my dancing. Good leading and following is what it was all about"…

Yes, I listen to music that's Not Salsa Music

Interesting emails to answer, and yes, I do listen to music that isn't salsa.  Granted, I listen to a lot (and I do mean a lot) of salsa, and have over 1000 (yes, that's one thousand) CDs, but I do listen to other music, and you'll be surprised by what it is.  I listen to the MTV hits, Fallout Boy, the hard rocking Linkin Park, the glam stuff like Stefani and the truly talented Christina Aguilera. Throw into that mix jazz and world music, and a little bit of pop-rap, and you have some ecelectic taste. I know . . .

Recent Salsa Dance Videos I've seen

I recently saw the Dave Parris performance from the SF Congress, and I was very impressed. He and his partner (whom I forget the name of, DOH), were amazing -and it definitely helped breakup the endless salsa shows. The take off that Otero of their performance was hysterical as well.  I missed a lot of this years San Francisco Salsa Congress, and it looks like the performance, as a whole, were really fantastic.

But, me and Dave, we go back.  I'd say years, and years. Long before he was a worldwide salsa dance star, and I had (I hesitate to say it, so, let's just say) a very large salsa company. We go back to when two guys were just sitting in a club in New York, having a drink, and striking up a conversation. He, an aspiring teacher, and me just traveling through as a social dancer.  I won't get too much into what was talked about, you only need to read his articles which I'll repost on SalsaCrazy soon, for that, but in light of that, it's so interesting to see what twists and turns life has had for each of us, and where we are now. I don't think either of us could have possibly foreseen being, or doing, what we are now.

Seeing him perform, with his beautiful partner, was really spectacular, and I was amazed at how far we've come, from a night at Babalus in New York City.  So, Dave, if you ever read this, congratulations, your performance blew me away (as it did everyone in the audience). You are, in no uncertain terms, a star (now, get to work on more videos). :)

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