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Wow, that's a tongue twister eh? I just started working out again, after years of lazyness, and it feels good. A little sore right now, but still, it feels good to get moving. The SF Bay Area is awash in sunny weather, and I'll be leaving the house soon for a bike ride, and a little outdoor goodness (one of the many pleasures of being an entrepeneur) – as many of you know, I'm a big fan of the Internet lifestyle (see, even if you have to work very hard to be successful at it. I mean, what work doesn't require that for success?

Anyway, I bet you don't want to hear me ramble . . . and I've got more workouts to do, so let's get to it. This week in Salsa. Thursday night at Cafe Cocomo with Orq. Borinquen, Friday Night at Cigar Bar with Latin Licks, Saturday with Avance at Cocomo. Alternative picks – Monteros on Friday with Stars Original, Roccapulco La Verdad.  I'm sure there's more, but this is a great start. Also, Sunday with Julio at Jellys (let's hope the weather holds out).

We're beset by great weather here, so this will be short, but have you guys seen Seaon Stylist's Myspace page. The second video on the page has yet another stellar version of "Only You". I found this amazing Jazz version (that no one on the planet can seem to re-locate, so I can get a higher quality copy), but this version is also completely unique. Take a look at his myspace page, and let me know about that third video down on the right side.  Who knows the name of that one?

Anyway, back to more pressing news. I just saw that Digifilm, the leaders in Cuban Style Salsa DVDs just released a new DVD for Rueda, 4th in their series, and it starts none other than our very own Nick van Eyck, whom I most recently saw on the Salsa Cruise. Very cool . . . Congrats Nick (you're now a movie star). This should probably be a well produced video, looking at the other videos in their series.  I'll go buy a copy from Amazon and let y'all know!

Speaking of DVDs, our Ballroom Mastery System is about 95% sold out, with only a few complete copies remaining. If you're looking to Ballroom Dance, this is a complete and fantasticially massive system, that really walks your through the dance steps for each and every dance!  If you want your copy, you'd better act now.  Ballroom dancing ain't salsa, but it's still a super fun, and important skill to get behind ya'. Give it a try . . ., our own little "MySpace for Dancers", is really taking off, with HUNDREDS of people already there! It's a great place to meet other dancers, and create a fantastic little home for yourself on the web. I highly recommend going there and checking it out.  Make yourself a profile, and promote yourself,  your dancing, or just make some new friends!

That being said, our Forums have now opened (although I'm like the only one in there for the time being, ya' can't really get to it). These Salsa Dance Forums on, are available for people to post, and talk about, all things SalsaCrazy. I'm still having trouble planning my next "Escape"! I was going to go to Prague for the Salsa Festival, but it falls on the date of the final Canvas Party, so unless I can change the date, they'll be no travellin' there . . . then there's the Med Salsa Congress, which seems to require 24 hours of travel to get there (yikes), and the plane ride is not cheap.  That would be about 2 weeks away, right when I'm trying to get back in shape.  That's a tough call. If neither of these materialize, I could <gasp>, still be in San Francisco in April. I kinda hoped to be travelling, so in May, I could recommit myself to teaching some classes, having the travel bug safely removed. Alas . .. decision, decisions . . .:)

I look forward to dancing this week and weekend . . .should be great! Keep Dancing and Keep it Crazy . . .

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