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Are you SalsaCrazy?  I hope so, but don't worry, if you're not . . . there is still hope!

The SalsaCrazy Canvas Party was great! Big crowd . . . but a little lacking on MEN?!  The class needed men big time?! Are you listing? If I hear another guy complain that he can't find a girl, and then doesn't show up for Salsa class . . . Sheesh.   You have one more chance, and only one . . . Saturday, April 14th, it's the Final Canvas Salsa Dance Party (ever). Yes, this is it, the last one (sob, wimper, cry . . .).   This 3 year party is coming to a close as the place has been sold, and the last ever SalsaCrazy event will take place there on Saturday, April 14th.  I'm passing up on going to Prague to be there and celebrate with you, and everyone will certainly be there.  Where can we move it? Ideas? I have one place in mind, and it will blow your mind!

The Weekly San Francisco Bay Area Salsa Dance News

This week in San Francisco, don't miss the wonderbar (pronounced voonder-bar) Orq. Sensual, at the Glas Kat, on Tuesday night. Great music, and a great place. 2 hours of lessons to start! On Wednesday . . . it's all the DownLow Lounge in Berkeley, a great place to be. Don't miss it.  Fantastic Wednesday Salsa.  Thursday and Saturday have Borinquen and Avance at Cafe Cocomo, respectively.  We still don't have a complete calendar for Roccapulco (what's up with that), but I do know La Verdad and Pepe are there on Friday and Saturday respectively. Sunday, Jellys has Julio Bravo. Another great salsa week. Find me out on Tuesday, perhaps Thursday (Cocomo), Friday (Cigar Bar – where is there schedule), and Saturday, Avance (oh, and Sunday at Jellys too). Am I crazy or what?  Who says this isn't work?

Weekly Salsa Music DVD/CD Review

I kinda liked doing this last week, so let's continue it this week.  I just got Lisa Nunziellas Red Hot Salsa, Vol. 2.  This is a straight workout DVD, with little breakdown, and actually, at a moderate level too.  You gotta know your basics, but it was actually a fairly fun workout.  It was also shot well, with pretty good production values (they had a crane that they never used).  Find it on Amazon!  Just a fun thing, and may help, but be aware, this is danced on Power 2 (a variation of the Eddie Torres 2, where you dance on 2,3,4 and 6,7,8), and not on 1. We also have our SalsaCrazy Salsa Dance Workout DVD too, danced on 1, and even a bit easier!

Next week, finally, I'll review some cuban rueda videos.  Can't hardly wait can ya'?

Wow, my hands are tired fast today, so no long posts, I promise to give ya' some more later in the week!

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