Salsa Crazy Salsa Dance News and Views, 3/8/2007

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Welcome back one and all to SalsaCrazy's Salsa News!

Lots of hot news. You can also tune into our salsa dance podcast (posted above, soon), or find it on Itunes (under SalsaCrazy).

This week, it's SalsaCrazy's Canvas Salsa Dance Party! Learn to Salsa Dance at 8pm with Beginning Salsa Dance Classes. No partner and no experience is necessary, so come out and Learn to Salsa Dance with SalsaCrazy.  Dance the night away afterwards, with Dj Felipe (El dela Clave).  Get your tickets and plan to attend,

Also, interesting Salsa to note: Great Event in Santa Rosa this Thursday (, and of course Cafe Cocomo has some great salsa ( this Thursday with Julio Bravo. Friday, it's all about The Cigar Bar and Grill with some cuban music from Jesus Diaz (yes, salsa), and of course Roccapulco (although I don't see their schedule on our SF Bay Area Salsa Dance Calendar), Tony/Oscar? Sunday, Jellys has Mazacote, and that's a great weekend!

I also wanted to talk about two CDs I'm just loving. The first is a hot Timba release from . . . Stockholm!  Yes, Sweden, and yes, it's the hottest thing out there.  The band, Calle Real, the album, Con Fuerza.  Find it, get it.  It's scorching hot, and if you like Timba, it's an absolute, unbelievable, must have album.  Super, Super Hot! 

Also, brand new, Tito Nieves has a brand new album. I've heard it, and yes, it's his classic style, but it's quite good. Highly recommended (you can even find it on Amazon). Great dance-able stuff!  Don't forget our Bay Area Bands with hot new albums, such as Mazacote (you can expect their music on our future Salsa DVDs), and of course, La Verdad is finally finishing up their album as well, as Avance has released a couple of super hot new singles. More about all the Bay Area music scene is coming up soon . . .

I rarely come across CDs and DVDs that I recommend in the dance world. Most of them just aren't of a high enough quality to really recommend. However, I have a website, and a set of products, specifically one product, which I can recommend, and yet again, it comes from far away … New Zealand to be exact (or perhaps Australia).  This website, and their timing (rhythm) product is quite good . . . really, really, good.  I highly recommend it. Their videos are also a notch above anything else you can really find out there.  They are a top notch act, and we share similar beliefs and philosophies about dance. I can, in this rare instance, actually give them an unequivocal thumbs up. I'm happy that there are people out there doing such high quality work, with the actual students in mind. The website?!

I am not an affiliate, nor do I make any money from these sales, but I think EVERY salsa students should own this set on timing and music interpretation.  Get the set I'm talking about here,

And what about our products? We have something new for you too! But it's not salsa (at least not this month). This week marks the Debut of our Ballroom Dance Mastery System, and there's an amazing sale on it, right this second, if you act . . . immediately.  It's important to know a variety of dances, for any number of reasons, but I think as a social dancer, it's nice to be able to dance to music, wherever, and whenever you're out. From Swing, to Foxtrot, to Salsa, to Rumba, to Waltz — it's great to know them all.  This system does just that, at an amazing and great price. So, go check it out now.  You'll want to get it today . . . there is, of course, nothing else like it on the market.

Sorry, had to break from salsa for a moment, to give you that commercial announcement! ;)   Well, there's more news. We're making some changes on Did everyone see the new colors on the  main page? And now we have this new blog . . . and now, we also have . . . (drumroll), forums. That's right, the return of the forums, last seen in 2001, they are now back. 

Post a Message in the SalsaCrazy Salsa Dance Forums and Introduce yourself!

We'll be adding links in the navigation bars within the next day or so, but we hope people take advantage of them to discuss all things salsa.

International Travel News: The Palm Springs Salsa Wars! I should really write an article about this sometime soon.  Competing events, mass marketing, it's like an episode of As the World Turns.  For those whom don't know, there are competing salsa dance events in Palm Springs 2 times a year, in Summer, and for New Years. We'll be giving you reviews and thoughts on each. Listen to the Podcast!

Still thinking about the Med Salsa Congress, and now . . . the Prague Salsa Festival! Does anyone out there have any info on these events? Travelled to them? Have reviews?

Anyway, enough banter! It's time to get to work. Keep Dancing everybody, and of course, keep it Crazy . . .

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