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Hello Everyone!

It's Monday, and so starts the work week . . . I have to say that Bakan, at Jelly's yesterday, was very, very good.  All in all, an interesting weekend.  I actually went to TWO clubs on Saturday, both Cafe Cocomo and Roccapulco. I'm happy to report, both were crowded, although I didn't recognize too many people that I knew. 

Roccapulco is now under new management, as Tony O, and Oscar have taken over the club. It will be interesting to see what changes they make . . .

On to the weekly news!  It's SalsaCrazy's Canvas Salsa Dance Party week, and it takes place on March 10th (

This week (and next), you won't want to miss Tuesday nights at Glas Kat. This week it's Avance, and next week, it's a very special and important fundraiser for David Melendez, a New York promoter whom used to run the New York Salsa Congress. David lost his battle with cancer last month, and among his many societal contributions, he left a school for teaching kids how to salsa dance.  We'll be having a fundraiser to honor his legacy, and to contribute to the schools ability to continue their important and beneficial work.  Really, there's no better reason to come out and dance . . . so plan your next two weekends at the Glas Kat!

This Thursday, don't miss Julio Bravo, at Cafe Cocomo! Also,  if you look at the SalsaCrazy calendar, you'll see that there's live music in Sonoma at the Flamingo Hotel. I actually used to vacation, as a child, at the Flamingo hotel. It was our amazing big family trip, and it was a huge deal to go there.  Since then, a few renovations later, this place is really nice, and a fun place for a romantic trip out of the city. Throw in salsa music . . . and you got yourself a nice vacation for a day.

Now, if you haven't seen DancingCrazy yet, let me get you started. You should go there and make yourself a complete dancer's profile. DancingCrazy is a great community for dancers of all styles and forms, and of course, salsa is going to be the dance that gets the whole thing going!  It's just getting started, so you can join in on the fun, and make a profile, meet some people, and post a few messages in the message boards.  You can expect SalsaCrazy to add a message boards section in the future too . . .

Salsa Dance Cruises and Salsa Travels

As you may know, our May Salsa cruise was rescheduled.  Totally sorry about this, but honestly, it's for the best.  Everyone whom signed up for the cruise, and there was a lot of you (this was a very full cruise), can expect some goodies in the mail as a way to say thank you!  The next cruise will be early next year, and details will go out to the people whom signed up first, so you can get the absolute best deal, before the public.

What else? The Med Salsa Congress in Eilat Israel. The more I look into this, the more interesting it is.  It is SO cheap?! How do they do it? All your food and drinks are included for a ridiculous price. This looks like a great adventure, and an interesting congress, that all the "pros" seem to rave about. I'm very tempted, although I'm not sure I can spare the time.  More details soon, but let me know if you're planning on going . . .

I'm definitely going to the China congress this summer, where there are plans to dance salsa on the great wall of china?!  Wow. This has been near the top of my list for a while and I'm really looking forward to it. We're going to update our Salsa Dance Travel section on SalsaCrazy to reflect this, but it might take a while to get it up and running.

New Dance Videos and Instructional Dancing DVDs

SalsaCrazy, and now DanceCrazy!  This is a kinda big announcement, and we'll be following up on it in it's own complete post, but as a preview, check out (and go ahead and purchase) our new Dance Crazy Videos and DVDs as we expand our selection. ;)   If there's a style of dance your interested in, let us know, and we'll get to work on it. From Waltz, to Swing, to Salsa, this site is going to cover just about everything.

As always, all our videos come with complete satisfaction guarantees, and our websites are all BBB and Hackersafe. Why is this important? Well, as you'll soon find out in our Internet Marketing Course (due, not so soon, in 2009), all of these little things, make a big difference.  I know, it's a dizzying amount of URLs for one post, so I'll try to stop and cut it down.  Suffice it to say, when you buy a video from us, you'll be very, very, well taken care of.  We, strange as it may seem in this day and age, actually appreciate our customers. ;)

Ok, that being said, let's go to our last couple of topics!

First off, Salsa BootCamp, our Online Salsa Dance School has just released its second DVD, aptly names, Salsa BootCamp, Volume 2. ;)   This second DVD is once again packed full of Salsa Dance fun, and it's shipped for free to all our Salsa BootCamp members. Can't beat that eh? As an added bonus, we'll be working on and shipping Salsa BootCamp, Volume 3, in early April, just a little over a month after volume 2. 

Listen, if you're not a member of SalsaBootCamp, you really should be. It's a great, amazing service, that's only going to get a huge amount better. This month, we'll be going Bachata Dance Crazy as we put up a ton of Bachata Videos!

But what if Salsa ain't your thing (umm.. really?). Ok, here's our last bit of insider info.  We're preparing to launch BallroomCrazy this summer. This is our Online Dance School for Ballroom dancing.  This is a great site, where you can expect the same amazing dance instruction as comes from our videos, and other online schools.  Don't miss it. You can actually lock in an extremely low rate if you register before we launch. I mean, really, it's ludicrously low, and will include DVDs and all the great service that our Salsa site has.  No big sales pitch here, it's just a good deal.

Ok, so that's enough for now. As you can tell, I have a little bit of work to do! ;)

Keep dancing, and Keep it Crazy . . .

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