A Little Salsa Dance Update

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Wow, it was hard not to go to the Glas Kat tonight. I love Bakan, and the urge was there, but I had to stay in and get some of this work done. Ya' can't salsa dance every night . . . can you? ;)   I'm guessing a double dose of Cocomo this week (both Thursday and Saturday have great bands), and perhaps a Cigar Bar Friday, or Jelly's Sunday, should keep me crazy enough.  We shall see . . .

I love SalsaBootCamp!

I mean, really.  I just saw our new Bachata DVDs (link coming soon), and even our Merengue DVDs, and they are fantastic. Wait until you see all the unique content just for BootCamp members! :)   I spent most of the day editing.  Crazy, crazy, editing!

That, along with our new site, http://www.DanceCrazy.com, a complete site for Instructional Dance Videos has been keeping us at Salsa (uh, dance) crazy, really on edge and busy.  I still haven't link this blog from SalsaCrazy.com (add that to the list of to-dos). ;)  

I also might as well give blog readers an early sneak peek at another site we're doing called http://www.DancingCrazy.com. That's right, a site for crazy dancers all over the world. It's really a community for dancers on the web.  It's basically a MySpace for dancers, but I'm really looking forward to meeting people through it.  We'll see how it goes!

Tomorrow, I promise to test and post the next Audio podcast, where we'll talk about all sorts of dance news, such as the Hawaii Salsa Festival recap, our future travel plans, salsa cruises, and the like.  Don't miss it (and now, I hope I actually get to it).

Anyway, I'm enjoying the new blog, although it's quite a bit more in depth than the "blogger" we used to use!

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