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Salsa Dancing Guide - Worldwide Salsa Dance Clubs, Lessons, and Events

SalsaCrazy Presents: Worldwide Salsa Dancing and Travel Guides. Help out Salsa Dancers who travel...

The City and Travel Guides are meant to help out salsa (and all dance) travelers, around the globe, find dance clubs, classes, and locate salsa dance events in their city. Regardless of location, regardless of where in the world you go, you'll be able to find the best salsa dancing, and find a local knowledgeable dancing guide. Yes, You can help! Become a City Salsa Dance Guide for your area, and keep your section of the site updated and fresh with local information.


Salsa Dance Alaska
Salsa Dancing in Alaska

Salsa Dance Birmingham
Salsa Dancing in Birmingham Alabama

Salsa Dancing Phoenix, Arizona
Salsa Dancing in Arizona

Salsa Dance Tucson
Tucson Salsa Dance

San Francisco Salsa Dancing
Salsa Dancing San Francisco

Salsa Dancing Los Angeles
Salsa Dance Clubs in Los Angeles

Salsa Dance Sacramento
Salsa Dancing in Sacramento, CA

San Jose Salsa Dancing
Salsa Dance in San Jose

Salsa in San Diego
Salsa Dance Clubs in San Diego

Fresno Salsa Dancing
Fresno Salsa Clubs and Lessons

Palm Springs Latin Dance Instruction
Palm Springs Dance Lessons

Colorado, Denver Salsa Dancing
Salsa Dancing in Denver

Salsa Dance Miami-Ft. Lauderdale
Salsa In Fort Lauderdale

Salsa Dance Orlando, Florida
Dance Clubs in Orlando

Florida, Tampa Salsa Dancing
Salsa in Tampa

Georgia, Salsa Dancing in Atlanta
Salsa Atlanta

Salsa Dance Clubs in Hawaii
Hawaii Salsa

Idaho, Salsa in Boise
Dance Schools Boise Idaho

Salsa Dance Chicago, Illinois
Salsa Dance In Chicago

Dance Lessons Champaign, Illinois
Dance Clubs in Champaign Illinois

Louisiana, New Orleans Salsa Dancing
Dance Instruction in New Orleans

Maryland, Baltimore
Maryland Dance Studios

Salsa Dance Boston, Massachusetts
Salsa Boston

Salsa Dance Instruction Detroit, Michigan
Dance Instruction Detroit

Dance Instruction Salsa Minneapolis
Salsa Dancing Instruction, Minneapolis

Dinner and Dance St. Louis, MO
Dance Instruction Missouri

Salsa Dancing in Omaha, Nebraska
Salsa Dance Bars in Omaha

Laughlin, Nevada Salsa Dancing
Salsa Dancing in Laughlin, Nevada

Salsa Dance Las Vegas, Nevada
Salsa Dance Las Vegas

Salsa Clubs in New York
Salsa Dancing Lessons in New York

Cincinnati, Ohio Salsa Dancing
Cincinnati Dance Clubs Nightlife

Cleveland, Ohio Salsa Dance
Dance Instruction In Ohio

Salsa Dancing Columbus, Ohio
Salsa Dance Bars in Ohio

Dance Classes in Dayton, Ohio
Dance Clubs in Dayton, Ohio

Salsa Dancing, in Eugene, Oregon
Salsa Dance Clubs in Eugene

Portland, Oregon Salsa Dancing
Salsa Dance Clubs Portland Oregon

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Dance Classes In Bethlehem, PA

Salsa Dance Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Salsa Dancing in Philadelphia

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Salsa Dance
Dance Salsa in Pittsburgh

Memphis, TN
Salsa Instruction Memphis, TN

Salsa Dance Nashville, Tennessee
Dance Instruction Nashville Tennessee

Austin, Texas Salsa Dance
Salsa Dancing in Austin, TX

Dallas, Texas Salsa Dancing
Salsa Dance Dallas, Texas

Houston, Texas Salsa
Salsa Dance Studios in Houston, Texas

Dance Instruction San Antonio, Texas
Dance Studios in San Antonio

Salt Lake City, Utah Salsa
Utah Salsa Dance Lessons

Seattle, Washington Salsa Dance
Salsa Dancing in Seattle WA

Dance Classes Spokane, WA
Dance Spokane, WA

Wisconsin, Madison Dance Instruction
Madison Salsa Dancing

Washington DC Salsa Dancing
Salsa Lessons in Washington DC

San Juan, Puerto Rico Salsa Dance
Puerto Rico Salsa Dance


Toronto Salsa Dance
Dance Studios Toronto

Vancouver Salsa Dancing
Salsa Dance Vancouver

Montreal Dance Club
Dance Studios in Montreal

Ottawa Salsa Dance
Salsa Dancing Ottawa Ontario Canada

Calgary Salsa Dancing
Salsa Social Dancing Calgary

Edmonton Salsa
Salsa Dance Studios in Edmonton


The Salsa Congress

Dance Cruises


UAE, Dubai Salsa Classes
Dubai Salsa Classes

Amman, Jordan Salsa Dance
Dance Instruction in Jordan


Melbourne, Australia Salsa Dancing
Salsa Dance Lessons Melbourne, Australia

Salsa Dance Instruction in Perth, Australia
Australia Dance Schools

Sydney Dance Salsa
Sydney Dance Clubs

Salsa Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland Salsa Clubs

Salsa Dancing Canterbury, New Zealand
Dance Clubs in New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand
Learn To Dance In Wellington

Salsa Dancing Waikato, New Zealand
Dance Instruction in New Zealand

Salsa Dance Otago, New Zealand
Dance Bars in New Zealand

Salsa Dance Nelson, New Zealand
Dancing in New Zealand


Cameroon, Douala Salsa Dancing
Dance Clubs in Douala

Cairo, Egypt Dance Club
Salsa Dancing in Cairo


Salsa Clubs in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Salsa Dance Clubs in Buenos Aires

Dance Classes Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Santa Cruz Dance

Salsa Dance Bogota, Columbia
Salsa Dance Clubs in Columbia

Salsa Dance Cali, Columbia
Dance Instruction in Columbia

Quito, Ecuador Salsa Dancing
Dancing Bars in Ecuador

Salsa Dance Caracas, Venezuela
Venezuela Dance and Music

Acapulco Salsa Dancing
Mexico Salsa Dancing

San Miguel de Allende Salsa Dancing
Dance Clubs in Mexico

Dancing in Guadalajara, Mexico
Guadalajara Dance

Mexico City, Mexico Salsa Dance
Salsa Dance Mexico City

Salsa Dance Monterrey, Mexico
Dance Monterrey

Salsa Dancing in Oaxaca, Mexico
Dancing Clubs in Oaxaca, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Salsa
Puerto Vallarta Mexico Dance Clubs

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Salsa Dancing
Salsa Dance in Rio, Brazil

Sao Paulo Dance Clubs
Sao Paulo Dance Bars

Dance Clubs in Santiago, Chili Salsa
Salsa Dancing in Santiago, Chile

Lima, Peru Dance Salsa Dance
Salsa Dance Peru


Salsa Dancing in Graz, Austria
Salsa Bars In Austria

Vienna Salsa
Vienna Dance

Belarus Dance Salsa, Minsk
Salsa Bars In Minsk

Antwerp, Belgium Salsa Dancing
Salsa Dancing In Belgium

Salsa Dance Brussels, Belgium
Dancing Brussels

Gent Salsa Dancing Belgium
Dance Bars In Belgium

Salsa Dance Leuven, Belgium
Salsa Clubs in Belgium

Salsa Dancing Sofia, Bulguria
Dance Bars in Bulgaria

Salsa Dance Zagreb, Croatia
Salsa Dancing in Croatia

Salsa Dances of Cyprus, Nicosia
Dance Clubs In Nicosia

Limassol Dances of Cyprus
Salsa Dancing Bars In Cyprus

Prague Salsa Dancing, Czech Republic
Dance Czech Republic

Aalborg, Denmark Dances
Denmark Dances

Copenhagen Salsa Dancing Denmark
Salsa Dancing in Copenhagen, Denmark

Salsa Dance Tallinn, Estonia
Dance Bars in Estonia

Salsa Dance Helsinki, Finland
Dancing in Finland

Salsa Dancing Tampere, Finland
Dance Clubs in Finland

Salsa Dancing in Bordeaux, France
Dance Clubs and Lessons in Bordeaux

France, Cote d'Azur Salsa
Salsa Dance Clubs in Cote d'Azur

Dance Salsa Lille, France
Dance Clubs in Lille

Salsa Dancing in Paris, France
Dance Festivals, France

Germany, Berlin
Salsa Dancing in Germany

Salsa Dance in Bonn, Germany
Dance Clubs in Germany

Salsa Dance Cologne, Germany
Salsa Dancing in Germany

Salsa Dance Hamburg, Germany
Salsa Dancing in Hamburg

Germany, Hannover Dance Bars
Hannover Dance Bars

Salsa Dancing in Koblenz, Germany
Salsa Dance Clubs in Germany

Germany, Munich Salsa Dance
Dance Clubs and Lessons in Munchen

Salsa Dancing Stuttgart, Germany
Dance Instruction in Germany

Salsa Dancing Athens, Greece
Greece Salsa Dancing

Budapest, Hungary Salsa Dance
Budapest Salsa Dance

Salsa Dance Athlone, Ireland
Salsa Dance Clubs in Ireland

Belfast, Ireland Salsa Dance
Belfast Dance Studios

Dance Bars in Ireland
Derry, Ireland Salsa Dance Clubs

Salsa Dance Donegal, Ireland
Dancing in Ireland

Salsa Dublin, Ireland Dancing
Salsa Dance Dublin

Galway, Ireland Salsa Dancing
Salsa Dance Clubs in Galway

Salsa Dance in Ireland, Limerick
Salsa Dance Clubs In Limerick

Salsa Dancing in Brescia, Italy
Salsa Dance Clubs in Italy

Salsa Dance Ferrara, Italy
Dance Bars in Italy

Salsa Dancing Grosseto, Italy
Dancing in Italy

Italy, Milan Salsa
Salsa Milan

Salsa Dance Perugia, Italy
Dance Lessons in Italy

Italy, Rome Salsa
Italy Salsa Dance

Salsa Dance Sardegna, Italy
Dance Instruction Italy

Salsa Dance Sicily, Italy
Salsa Dance Clubs in Italy

Salsa Dancing Turin, Italy
Italian Dances and Clubs

Italy, Venice
Salsa Dance in Venice

Salsa Dancing in Riga, Latvia
Dance Clubs in Latvia

Dance Malta, Valletta & Qawra
Salsa Dance Malta

Salsa in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Salsa Dance Clubs in Amsterdam

Salsa Dancing Haarlem, Netherlands
Salsa Dance Bars in the Netherlands

Salsa Dance Bergen, Norway
Salsa Dance Norway

Dance Salsa Oslo, Norway
Salsa Dance Clubs In Oslo

Stavanger, Norway Salsa Dance
Salsa Dance Bars in Norway

Krakow Poland Salsa Dancing
Salsa Dance Clubs in Poland

Warsaw, Poland Salsa Clubs
Poland Salsa

Lisbon, Portugal Salsa Dance
Salsa Dance Portugal

Salsa Dancing Bucharest, Romania
Salsa Dance Clubs in Romania

Moscow, Russia Salsa Dance
Salsa Dance Russia

Salsa Dancing in Russia, Novosibirsk
Dance Instruction in Russia

Russia, St. Petersburg
Salsa Dancing in St. Petersburg

Salsa Dancing Serbia, Belgrade
Salsa Dance Clubs in Serbia

Salsa Dancing Ljubljana, Slovenia
Dance Clubs in Slovenia

Spain, Asturias Dance and Music
Asturias Dance and Music

Barcelona, Spain Salsa Dancing
Dance Clubs in Spain

Salsa Dancing Islas Canarias
Salsa Dance Bars in Spain

Madrid Spain Salsa Dancing
Salsa Dance Spain

Spain, Tenerife Salsa
Spain Dance Instruction

Salsa Dance Malmo, Sweden
Dance Bars in Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden Salsa Dance
Stockholm Sweden Salsa

Basel, Switzerland Dances
Basel Dance Festival

Switzerland Salsa Festival
Switzerland Salsa

Salsa Dancing Kiev Ukraine
Dance Clubs in Ukraine

United Kingdom, Birmingham
Birmingham Dance Instruction

Salsa Dancing in Cambridge
Salsa Dance Clubs in Cambridge

Salsa Dancing in Liverpool
Dance Bars in Liverpool

Salsa Dancing Clubs in Manchester
Dancing Clubs in England

Salsa Dance Preston England
Dance Instruction in England

Salsa Dancing Sheffield, England
Dance Lessons England

U.K., Dance Classes in Essex & Sussex
Salsa Dancing in the U.K.

UK/England, London Salsa
Salsa London

UK/ Salsa Dancing Oxford England
Salsa in Oxford England


Salsa Dances In China, Hong Kong
Salsa Dances in China

Beijing, China Salsa
Dance Centers in Beijing

Shanghai, China Salsa Dance
Shanghai Dance Clubs for Salsa

Delhi Dance Clubs, India
Delhi Dance Bars

Dance Bars Mumbai, India
Salsa Dance Mumbai

Salsa Dancing Bangalore, India
Salsa In Bangladore

Salsa Dancing Goa, India
Dance Clubs in India

Salsa Dance Kolkata, India
Salsa Dancing in India

Jakarta, Indonesia Dance
Modern Dance Classes Jakarta

Salsa Dance Bali, Indonesia
Dances Of Indonesia

Dance Clubs in Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto Japan Dance Salsa

Dancing in Tokyo, Japan
Salsa Dancing Tokyo Japan

Seoul, Korea Salsa Dance
Salsa Dance Seoul, Korea

Dancing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dancing Clubs in Malaysia

Singapore Salsa Dance
Dance Studios in Singapore

Taipei, Taiwan Salsa
Salsa Dancing in Taipei

Bangkok, Thailand Salsa Dancing
Bangkok, Thailand Dance Clubs for Salsa




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