Co-Founder of RicaSalsa

Ricardo TÚllez was born in Mexico City and began dancing at age 12. His first exposure to dance involved styles such as Cumbia, Guaracha, Guaguanco, Guajira, Cha-Cha-Cha,Son Montuno, and Salsa.

In 1995 after moving to the Bay Area, Rico began studying Salsa under Gabriel Romero, perfecting his technique within months. He accelerated his progress in dance by practicing what he learned in clubs all over the Bay Area.

Soon Ricardo began to incorporate the style he developed in Mexico City with the technique he mastered in the United States.

Ricardo began teaching Salsa on Friday nights at Alberto's NightClub in Mountain View, California, in November 1998. Since then, he has expanded his classes to the Glas Kat Soma (Club Karamba!) in San Francisco on Tuesday nights, and teaching kids with Stephanie Palmieri on the Mexican Heritage Center every Wendasney and Thursday afternoon.

Ricardo's performing experience includes the West Coast Salsa Congress in Los Angeles, California, in May 1999,2000,2001; and the 3rd Annual World Salsa Congress in San Juan, Puerto Rico in July 1999.

Ricardo founded RicaSalsa in August 1999. Since it's founding, RicaSalsa has been performing frequently in nightclubs all over the Bay Area. Ricardo is looking forward to leading RicaSalsa to perform in the 5th Annual World Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico in the year 2001

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