Jesus Rivera


My name is Jesus and I came to California ten years ago from Guadalajara, Mexico. When I was a little boy in Mexico, I enjoyed watching Tintan's movies. "Tintan"is a movie character and played by a Mexican actor German Valdez who sang and danced. He was my first hero... Actually, the first was Superman then, Tintan. He became my role model through years for his style of dancing and being dressed like Pachuco.

Once I arrived in the U.S., I began practicing ballroom dance and other styles as well. As any male dancers experience, leading was very difficult at first. I became better, however, when a partner stepped on foot so often! Can you guys relate?

Three years ago, I became more interested in Salsa rhythm. I thought Salsa had a nice and elegant style and I could feel freedom when I was dancing. Even now, my passion for Salsa has not changed a bit. I discovered that the sky is the limit in Salsa.

I joined Rica Salsa in June, 2001.

I like the environment that Ricardo & Sara have created, because I feel like we are a big family.

My goals in Salsa are to become a better dancer and make many friends.

I love playing Soccer and jogging. One of my hobbies is to collect miniature scale airplanes and trains.



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