When did you join RicaSalsa?

"June 2000"

Why did you want to join? Tell me the story of how you came on board.

"To improve my dancing, learn more salsa, have the opportunity to perform and be part of a dynamic salsa group. Stephanie Palmeri, a fellow member, told me the group was looking for 2 more guys."

Where are you from? How long have you lived in the Bay Area?

"My parents are from zacatecas, mexico. I was born in berkeley and raised in oakland. I currently live in palo alto. 21 years I have lived in the bay area. I spent 4 years in LA. "

When did you start dancing salsa?

"March of 1999. When I took a year off between college and medical school. "

What do you like most about dancing in the troupe?

"Being part of an incredible salsa group. Performing is also awesome."

Complete this sentence: You know you're a salsaholic when...

"...all I do is dance salsa on my free time."

Do you teach?


What do you do when you're not dancing or working?

"Studying, doing clinical research, spending time with my beautiful girlfriend, exercising, sleeping."

Tell me 3 things you like about your RicaSalsa dance partner.

"In terms of dancing in the group, the top three things I like about my partner (who is also my girlfriend) are 1) her enthusiasm for learning and improving her salsa dancing which pretty much makes me more enthusiastic myself. (We have a lot of fun at every rehearsal). 2) My partner adrianna has also helped me in my dancing. She continues to sharpen my technique, improve my lead, and has made me a better performer. 3) Adrienne also has tremendous patience when we practice/dance. She does not get frustrated. On the contrary, she is very encouraging and motivates me. "

Please describe your dance performance history, including any awards, competitions, shows, etc.

"I have been in 19 salsa performances (not including Rocapulco or the LA Salsa Congress). My first two performances were at the Stanford campus. 10 medical students, including myself, performed for to groups of newly admitted students in may of 2000. The routine was half partner dancing and half rueda. The remainder of my performances have been with Ricasalsa. Most of them were performances at local Bay Area salsa clubs. I also performed for Ricasalsa at Alberto's First Group Competion in April, 2001 and together we won first place. "

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