When did you join RicaSalsa?

"I joined RicaSalsa in April (2001)."

Why did you want to join? Tell me the story of how you came on board.

"Last year I saw quite a few performances and i though it will be great to be part of this group so,this year I finally got the courage to talk to Ricardo"

Where are you from? How long have you lived in the Bay Area?

"I was born in Guatemala. I have been in the Bay Area on and off for the last six years."

When did you start dancing salsa?

"I can remember,music and dancing have been a big part of my life. I started taking classes at various clubs when I move out here"

What do you like most about dancing in the troupe?

"I hage gotten to know people that maybe other wise I would not of had the opportunity to meet. We get to learn from each other,when I mostly learned from them,but hey they are willing to share their talent so I will be more than happy to receive."

Complete this sentence: You know you're a salsaholic when _______...

"You break and to shines anytime you come in contact with a floor surface. There seen to be too much carpet in this world and enough hardwood floor."

Do you teach?

"Just my little sister and friends I also assist teaching at studio,clubs and private lessons and Utah."

What do you do when you're not dancing or working?

"I like to hang out with friends. Family bonding requires trips. either way we end up dancing salsa."

Tell me 3 things you like about yor RicaSalsa dance partner.

"Brian is very encouraging,(when I am trying to get a partern down) Patient (when I don't get it right away) He's a really funny guy."

Please describe your dance performance history, including any awards, competitions, shows, etc.

"It all started in Compton when we put on our first neighborhood summer show doing choreography to songs like 'Doble dutch bus' and she's a brick house.This was followed by quarterly church talent shows where my friends and I danced. In college I got some jazz and modern dance classes.

I had some clubs and couple performances in Utah. The L.A Salsa Congress 2001,Sizzlin Salsa 2001 and clubs performances with RicaSalsa".


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