This page is dedicated to all the former RicaSalsa members.

I love you guys. Thanks for all your hardwork and support in the company.


Kristy & Holming


Maria & John


Chantel & Drew




Ex RicaSalsa Hombres


John,Eddie & Alex






Sergio Barajas


Ex RicaGirls


Nicole,Morgan & Thea





I apologize that I do not have pictures of all of our former members.

Here is a list of every one of our former members. You are not forgotten.


Xavier Camarillo, Janice Hsu, Morgan Burks, Nicole Douglas, Holming Lee, Kristiaan Lewis, John Caampued, David Frieber, Ron Perez, Maria Hidalgo, Jolie ( ), Brandi Barnes, Ruby Romero, Alexander Ziegler, Sarah Walker, Maika Ito, Melanie Grello, Chantel Vazquez,Drew Alexander,Adrianne Murti,Sergio Barajas,Monica Fernandez,and Eddie Arias.



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