When did you join RicaSalsa?

"I joined RicaSalsa in October of last year (2000)."

Why did you want to join? Tell me the story of how you came on board.

"Having worked with Stephanie, who was a current member of RicaSalsa, she told me about the group and that it may be something I maybe interested. Upon attending one of RicaSalsa's rehearsals, and then a show, I knew that this was something I wanted to pursue. So through the good word of Stephanie and Drew, I was able to join the group."

Where are you from? How long have you lived in the Bay Area?

"I have lived in San Jose, for the whole 19 years that make up my life!!"

When did you start dancing salsa?

"I started dancing salsa at about August of 2000. "

What do you like most about dancing in the troupe?

"The teamwork. We are a troupe, and in the end, all the work we put in really makes us become 'one'. "

Complete this sentence: You know you're a salsaholic when _______...

"...When you do a cross body lead to a Hip Hop song! "

Do you teach? If so, please provide information (schedule, location, contact information)

"I help Stephanie teach on Mondays and Wednesday at the Mexican Heritage Plaza."

What do you do when you're not dancing or working?

"What else is there??.....NO I'm kidding, I'm a full time student at Santa Clara University."

Tell me 3 things you like about yor RicaSalsa dance partner.

"Perfectionist!!!(in a good way)...A very kind, kind woman!! ....Hard worker."

Please describe your dance performance history, including any awards, competitions, shows, etc.

"I've only been part of performances for events in the community. I had never been in competition until I danced with RicaSalsa when we won the First Annual Troupe Dance Competition at Alberto's Night Club in Mountain View."

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