Chih Ling Han joined Ricasalsa in December of 2000. He met Ricardo and Sarah through one of their salsa group lessons in Alberto club and then took private lessons from them.

"I really enjoy Ricardo and Sarah dance style.
But most important of all, I like their fun and caring personality. I love the idea of constant and never ending improvement. I believe Ricasalsa offers me the opportunity to learn more about salsa music and to challenge
myself to become a more confident and better dancer."

Chih Ling started social ballroom dancing at University of Wisconsin back in 1997 and remained as an active member of the university club "Badger Ballroom Dance Team" from November 1998 to May 1999. During that time, he has participated and competed in several college ballroom dance events including Star Of The North Dance Competition in Minnesota and Dancing Allini Invitational from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Upon graduation from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Chih Ling moved to the
bay area in July of 1999 and began to work as a software engineer. He got married with his college sweetheart Mayumi in January of 2001 and both currently live in San Jose.

"Sometimes it is hard to joggle your work, family and your personal hobbies at the same time - You really have to learn to manage your time wisely. I consider myself a very lucky person. My wife has been very supportive about my dance schedule and my Ricasalsa teammates are just wonderful people. We all have similar goals and interests and it feels really good to have so many friends to share and learn one from another. We all have a good time together!"

According to Chih Ling, it is pretty easy to tell if someone is salsaholic..."I like it so much that I accidentally showed out one day completely dressed up for a homemade salsa festival...!"

Since he joined Ricasalsa, Chih Ling has performed with the team in their latest routine, La Clave, in several nightclubs in the bay area including the 3rd annual Salsa Congress in LA. He has also participated in several local Ballroom dance events and competitions including San Jose Ballroom Dance Classic, UC Berkeley Ballroom Class, San Francisco Open and Stanford
Cardinal Classic. His current interest is to compete at International Latin category in ballroom dance and also improve his techniques in competitive salsa dancing.

Besides dancing, Chih Ling also enjoys reading, listening to jazz, biking,windsurfing, snowboarding, cooking and being in the company of good friends.


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