I joined RicaSalsa in April 2001. I was practicing one night at the gym preparing for my upcoming competition when I saw Ricardo lifting weights outside the aerobics room and asked him to join me with my dance just for fun.He found out that I teach stretch class at 24 Hr. Fitness and asked me if we could trade classes.  He’ll teach me Salsa and I teach him how to stretch properly after their dance rehearsals. After two weeks he asked me to join his group once I’m done with my competition. I wasn’t confident enough to join the group but Ricardo gave me enough confidence that he thinks I can do it.When I went to one of his dance rehearsals, I found the members of the group to be friendly, talented and fun people.Not to mention that I think Ricardo and Sarah are very creative, talented dancer, humble and a truly down to earth people.I was born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines.I have been living in the Bay Area for 10 years now.I started dancing salsa a year ago.My girlfriend and I went to a salsa club to celebrate her birthday and got addicted to it ever since.

 I don’t teach Salsa.However, I’m a kickboxing instructor at 24 Hr. Fitness. I also teach stretch class incorporating it with some Yoga poses to help people become flexible and the importance of the rhythm of proper breathing.

 As much as I love dancing, I also love playing different sports with my only son, Andrew.So if I’m not busy dancing or teaching kickboxing I go hiking, swimming, mountain biking, roller blading, (indoor) rock climbing, flying trapeze, sea kayaking and play tennis.And for relaxation, I love to go to the beach to meditate, read a book, watch movies and dining out in San Francisco.

 I started dancing since I was 6 years old doing Hula dance, Folk dance and Tahitian in College.I have taken classes in Jazz/Ballet at the International Dance Center in San Francisco to improve my dance technique and posture.I am currently a member of the Stanford Ballroom Dance Team and have competed in various Ballroom dance (Collegiate Division) which categories are: Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Hustle, Jive and Salsa.I was a finalist in Rumba at the SF Open Competition 2001 and won first place in Salsa (all levels) at the Stanford Classic Competition 2001.I have attended Dima and Olga’s Workshop (World Finalist in Latin International Style) in Rumba.I have also taken Ballroom Classes taught by Renee Schmitt (currently World Champion in Latin American Standard 2001) at Stanford University.I am also currently a member of the Ariel Dance Company (“ADC”) doing Latin Jazz, Modern Jazz and a little bit of Hip Hop Dance.ADC has concerts twice a year to allow its dancers to perform at different theatres and dance studios.I have also performed with the RicaSalsa group at the L.A. Salsa Convention 2001, “Sizzling Salsa Weekend” in Laughlin, Nevada, Roccapulco Club and at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose.

 About my dance partner: Fernando is nice, thoughtful, patient, neat, funny and a hardworking partner.Best of all, when we make mistakes, he doesn’t blame me.  We figure out our mistakes and work it out.


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