SalsaCrazy Home Of The World's Largest Online Salsa Dance School - September 6th, 2009

San Francisco's Union Square turns SalsaCrazy, with Free Salsa Dancing Classes and Live Music Concerts Through Summer 2009 - July 15, 2009

Best Dance Classes? DanceSF Wins Best of the Bay Area Dance Classes in the 2009 Baylist Awards - June 10, 2009

SalsaCrazy? Salsa Dancing and Music Come to San Francisco's Union Square, with Free Salsa Dance Classes and Concerts Through Summer 2009 - June 9, 2009

Tough 2009? SalsaCrazy Wants Everyone to Experience a New Year of Salsa with's 2009 San Francisco Bay Area Salsa Dancing Classes - January 9, 2009

SalsaCrazy Announces a Passionate & Fun Worldwide Community for Salsa Dancers at - July 7, 2008

Create Fireworks on the Salsa Dance Floor with the sequel to SalsaCrazy's bestselling instructional salsa dance videos: The Advanced Salsa Dance Mastery System - July 3, 2008

SalsaCrazy Wants Everyone to Experience a Summer of Salsa with DanceSF's Summer Schedule of San Francisco Bay Area Salsa Dancing Classes - May 22, 2008

SalsaCrazy Announces the Mexican Riviera Salsa Cruise with Live Band Chino Espinoza: SalsaCruiseCrazy - May 21, 2008 

With the Impressive Growth and Interest in Salsa Dancing, Worldwide, Launches a New Video Podcast Covering Worldwide Salsa Dance News and Events - May 19, 2008

Announcing a Salsa Dancing Worldwide Event Guide; Never Miss a Salsa Congress or Salsa Festival with this Brand New Salsa Dance Directory, - May 16, 2008

San Francisco's Vibrant Salsa Dance Scene gets a Dedicated Website to Cover Salsa Dancing Events All Over the San Francisco Bay Area; Introducing, - May 15, 2008

How to Score with How-to Video - March 7, 2007

Online Ballroom Dance School BallroomCrazy Launches, Joins Leading Salsa School - Dec. 4, 2007

SalsaCrazy Asks, 'What's under your Christmas tree this year?' Give The Gift Of Dance - Dec. 3, 2007

SalsaCrazy Has Released the Bachata Mastery System to Aid the Call of Dancers - May 10, 2007

SalsaCrazy's New Learn to Dance Store, Grand Opening, Dance Videos of Every Style - May 3, 2007

Surge in Dance Popularity Providing New Opportunities for Leading Dance Company - Feb. 27, 2007 Prepares to Launch its Online Dance School, - Oct. 18, 2006

SalsaBootCamp Offers Hope to Those Struggling with Dance, Providing a Complete Online Latin Dance School - Sept 13, 2006

Announcing SalsaBootCamp, an Online Salsa Dance School, the Ultimate Site to Learn How to Salsa Dance - Sept 5, 2006

Get Ready for Swimsuit Season with Dance Classes from DanceSF - May 6, 2006

Celebrate Bay Area National Dance Week With Free Salsa Lessons from SalsaCrazy - April 29, 2006

It’s Going to be a Hot Spring in 2006: DanceSF Heats up for the Whole Shebang of Spicy Salsa Classes - March 20, 2006

Salsa Announces Last Month To Register For Salsa Dance Cruise ’06 -- The Hottest Salsa Dance Vacation In The Western Caribbean Redefining The Motion Of The Ocean - Dec. 19, 2005

There’s Simply No Better Way To Start 2006 -- DanceSF Announces A Spicy Lineup Of Salsa Dance Classes In January, say 'Goodbye' To Those Extra Holiday Pounds - December 16, 2005

SalsaCrazy Dances Its Way Into Amazon’s Best Seller List With Learn To Salsa DVDs - Dec 2, 2005

DanceSF Offers High Energy Salsa Dancing Classes All Throughout December and January – Keeping off the Holiday Weight with High Energy Salsa Dance Classes - December 1, 2005

SalsaCrazy Announces The Hottest Way To Cool Off 2005: Holiday Salsa Dance Party In San Francisco - November 30, 2005

New Salsa Dance Calendar - October 25, 2005

SalsaBootCamp Launches Around the World, Bringing Quality Online Salsa Dance Video into the Home - October 23, 2005

New Salsa Dance School for Beginners Opens - October 20, 2005

Salsa Crazy Announces the Beginner's 3-Pack Salsa Dance System - October 21, 2005

A Master of Salsa Dance Introduces His Dazzling DVD Collection - October 14, 2005

Get on the Salsa Band Wagon - October 14, 2005

Salsa Classes Now Available Seven Days a Week - October 12, 2005

San Francisco Salsa Dancing Sizzles with SalsaCrazy Event - October 3, 2005

Your Amazingly Simple Guide to Transforming Yourself & Changing Your Life Forever - March 25, 2005

Do A Little Dance - May, 2001



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