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When: March 2, 2002
Where: Dance Arts Academy, Los Angeles, C

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Here is a short take on Mike Bello's first Mambo Throwdown in Los Angeles. The name throwdown is, in fact, a variation on the Mambo "showdowns" that regularly take place in New York. It was pretty amazing to witness a lot of dance companies and performers who were not just "On2" but from our part of the country (West Coast/Southwest). And all this for an event that was organized in a matter of weeks!

Besides L.A. and S.F., we had peformers from Phoenix and San Diego! We all know New Yorkers can do their stuff but I'm glad to know that a lot of us on the left side of the country can too!

The host and hostess of the festivities were Mike Bello assisted by his very charming daughter Mariana. She was the center of attention when she announced those raffle prizes and is definitely not shy being in front of people!

I was the happy recipient of one of those raffle prizes: the "Salsa Tipica" volume, compiled by Mike Bello.

Dance companies, performers in attendance were:

Salsa y Fuego (San Diego)
Oscar and Bethana (L.A.)
5 on 2 (Phoenix, AZ)
Mambo Romero (S.F., of course)

See photos here!

For more info: www.mambofello.com

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