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Amaryllis and Kike All NY-Style Weekend - Review

What can I say! Four nights in a row of good salsa dancing last week, three straight nights of which were at our favorite Cafe Cocomo. Hey, it was worth going to the same club 3 straight nights in a row (should I have just camped out or set up a bedroom there?) when you have Amaryllis and Kike visiting from NYC. They showed up for all 4! For those of you know, They demonstrated New York style Mambo at its purest right there on the dance floor. Fast turns, attitude, style and a big repertoire of shines. All of it done sharply and fast and with attention to musicality as well!

Hopefully some of you had the time to participate in the 3-day marathon weekend workshops at The Beat in Berkeley, culminating in a fun-filled social courtesy of Mambo Romero.

Enjoy the photos, many of which were taken over the course of these few days in March 2002.

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