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From Salsa to Bachata, these are SalsaCrazy's Instructional Latin Video Stores

SalsaCrazy Dance Video Store
SalsaCrazy's Learn to dance video store. Learn to dance videos & instructional dance DVDs for Latin and Ballroom dancers. Featuring best-selling dance systems & five-star instructional dance videos. Get the best prices, backed by a stellar reputation & always a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Salsa Dance
The top dance video and instructional DVD web-store on the internet today! Learn to dance salsa with SalsaCrazy's best-selling instructional dance video series'. From salsa and Cha Cha Cha to Bachata and Merengue, SalsaDanceDVD has everything you're looking for... at a fantastic price!

SalsaCrazy Advanced Salsa Videos
SalsaCrazy's Advanced Salsa Dance Series - The Advanced Salsa Dance Mastery System (6 DVD Set) with over 10 hours of top-quality salsa instruction & 8 world-renowned dance teachers. Featuring five On1 salsa DVDs and 1 dedicated On2 DVD.
Over 3 years in production, the sequel to the best selling salsa dance system of all time is finally here! SalsaCrazy's Advanced Salsa Dancing Mastery System is for intermediate & advanced dancers.

Salsa Dance BootCamp
Welcome to SalsaBootCamp, Your Members Only Salsa Dance School. The Fastest and Easiest way to Learn how To Salsa, from Absolute Beginners, from your very first steps, to Advanced dancers, you'll find everything you need to become an expert social salsa dancer.

Salsa Styling
Featuring two phenomenal SalsaCrazy DVD's for salsa styling, salsa footwork, shines, and spins! These are the Secret Weapons that will take your salsa dancing to the next level... Explosive styling, spins and Cuban motion and best of all -- there's no partner necessary!

Bachata Dance Crazy
SalsaCrazy's complete Bachata Dance Mastery System: All 3 levels, on three separate DVDs, in our step-by-step Bachata Dancing Mastery program. You'll never be lost as we professionally build your Bachata Dancing from the very first steps, slowly & methodically all the way to an Advanced level.

Merengue Dance Crazy
SalsaCrazy's Merenge Dance Instructional DVD. One DVD, with Beginning and Intermediate Merengue Dance Instruction. This is the only DVD you'll need to teach you from your very first steps of Merengue dancing, all the way through to some fun and complex Merengue dance patterns. This is a complete package, and a perfect addition to your salsa dance or bachata dance collection.

Cha Cha Cha Dance Crazy
SalsaCrazy's Classy Club Style Cha Cha Cha Mastery For Beginners DVD. All the basics, and all the fundamentals of Club Style Cha Cha Cha dance, including some fantastic and fun patterns to dazzle your partners. This is a unique and complete, step-by-step Cha Cha Cha instructional dance video, unlike any other! Learn to dance Club Style Cha Cha Cha "On1" and "On2".

Salsa Dance Secrets
This website is dedicated to SalsaCrazy famous Beginning Salsa Dance 3 Pack System. This 3 part DVD series has become the best and most popular DVD course for salsa dancing available anywhere in the world. No experience necessary... it's fine if you've never danced a step in your entire life. This system is tailor-made for you and all beginners!

Secrets Of Salsa Dance
Announcing "Learn to Dance Salsa" the first 3-DVD step-by-step System that makes Salsa dancing easy- even if you have two left feet!
This comprehensive, yet simple, step-by-step Salsa Dance System will have you out on the dance floor, impressing your family and friends with sensational Salsa dance moves you learned in less than one month.

Salsa Dancing 101
Offering a fun and exciting
learn to salsa dance for beginners course, Salsa Dancing 101 is your place for a great discount on SalsaCrazy's top-selling and world-famous instructional salsa dance video for beginners! The fastest and easiest way to learn how to salsa dance!

Salsa Dance Workout
Learn real Salsa Dancing Footwork and Listen to the Best Salsa Dance Music while Exercising!  You'll be having so much fun, you won't even realize you're getting healthy. Have a Great Workout! The salsa music will inspire you, and the challenge will keep you coming back for more. Get Fit, Lose Weight, and Build Core Strength in the world's first TRUE Salsa Dance Workout!

Pilates For Dancers
Pilates will Get you Fit, Lose Weight, and Build Core Strength in such an easy way, a baby could do it! Learn Pilates in our Step-By-Step DVD. Do it Fast, with a Minimum of Effort (and Maximum Benefit), Learning Proper Technique to Get the Most out of it. Have a Great Workout, That Anyone Can Do!  Yes, even you. Dancers, and Non Dancers, can get into Great Shape.

Shall We Dance Salsa
Discover the 7 secrets of Salsa Dancing to make you irresistible on the Dance Floor. Have you Seen Shall We Dance? The Movie with Richard Gere and JLo? Well, you'll be dancing immediately just like them! And learning techniques that will benefit you in every type and style of dance -- Learn a passion that will last you a lifetime!

Free Salsa DVD
We've given away hundreds of free DVDs... This is not a joke, we are really giving away FREE Learn to Salsa Dance DVDs from the best-selling instructional salsa dance series in the world (SalsaCrazy). We want you to be able to get yours before they're all gone. Find out more at FreeSalsaDVD.

Latin Dance Mastery System
SalsaCrazy's Latin Dance Mastery System, a Complete Step-By-Step Guide. Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha, Pilates, Workout, SalsaBootCamp, Salsa Styling & Footwork, plus Salsa Dance Movement and Spins! Own them all today in this stellar & discounted Latin Dancing bulk package!

Salsa Dance Mastery System
SalsaCrazy's Salsa Dance Mastery System, A Complete Salsa Dance Step-By-Step Guide. You get over 8 hours of instruction, packed onto 5 DVDs! This series, all On1, has 3 jam packed Beginner's DVD that build a strong and stable foundation, in addition, there are two exciting intermediate DVDs. Own them all today in this stellar & discounted bulk package! Learn to Salsa!

Total Dance Mastery System
SalsaCrazy's Total Dance Mastery System, A Complete Dance Step-By-Step Guide. This 25 DVD SET INLCUDES: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha, Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Rumba, Pilates, Workout, SalsaBootCamp, Salsa Styling & Footwork, plus Salsa Dancing Movement and Spins!

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