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10/19/09 - Everything You Need To Know About Salsa Dancing

10/18/09 - Salsa Dancing: A Great Workout Alternative

10/17/09 - Know The Reasons Why You Need To Learn Salsa Dance

10/16/09 - Learn Salsa Dance Through Dance Videos

10/14/09 - Six Great Reasons to Start Salsa Dancing

10/10/09 - Learning The Basic Salsa Dance Steps

10/02/09 - "Dance Videos" Can Teach You How To Dance Salsa

09/26/09 - Dancing Salsa Is The Way To Fun And Fitness

09/22/09 - Dance Sexy with Salsa and be Sexy

09/15/09 - How Dance Videos Can Teach You How To Dance Salsa

09/13/09 - Try Salsa Dancing!

09/08/09 - 7 Great Reasons to Start Dancing Salsa!

05/15/09 -
Team Salsa Competition 2009 at Roccapulco Review by Maya/SalsaLoca

04/08/09 -
1st Annual San Francisco Salsa Festival 2009 Review by Maya/SalsaLoca

11/28/08 -
San Francisco Salsa Congress 2008 Review by Maya/SalsaLoca

05/22/08 -
Team Salsa Competition 2008 at Roccapulco Review By Maya/SalsaLoca
12/16/07 - The World Salsa Dance Championships - Final Thoughts. by Dakin Ferris
12/16/07 - Day 4: The World Salsa Dance Championships in Orlando Florida: The Finals! by Dakin Ferris
12/15/07 - Day 3 (part 2): The World Salsa Dance Championships in Orlando Florida (Semi-Finals Second Analysis) by Dakin Ferris

12/15/07 - Day 3: The World Salsa Dance Championships in Orlando Florida (Semi-Finals Part 2) by Dakin Ferris
12/14/07 - Day 2: The World Salsa Dance Championships in Orlando Florida by Dakin Ferris
11/14/07 - San Francisco Salsa Congress Review 2007 - A Review of the San Francisco Salsa Dance Congress in 2007 by Maya
11/02/07 - Salsa Dancing in Buenos Aires - The Salsa Dance Scene in BA by Maya.
10/31/07 - New York Salsa Congress 2007: Review of the NY Salsa Congress by Maya.
05/18/07 - Competition 2007 - Salsa Dance Troupes Competition

2/10/07 - A Review of the 1st Hawaiian Hawaii Salsa Festival from SalsaCrazy. This event in Hawaii was great, read all about it!

11/27/2006 - A Review of the
2006 SF Salsa Congress from Maya,  SalsaCrazy reporter!
9/20/2006 - A Review of the New York Salsa Congress, 2006, from Dakin Ferris, roving SalsaCrazy reporter!
01/18/05 - Trip Diary for the Mexican Riviera Salsa Dance Cruise, from Vivian!  A day by day account of the vacation of a lifetime (again).
5/6/04 - Vission Latina- a look at a new Bay Area Salsa Band. Their new CD 'Kitikimba Pa' Ti" is a real sizzler. Interview by Rita
5/4/04 - Super Size Us - A review of the Documentary film Super Size Me by Maya

5/4/04 - 47 Years of Film - Review of the 47th SF International Film Festival by Maya

3/23/04 - The first of many Online Photo Albums, this one from SalsaCrazy, for the Caribbean Salsa Dance Cruise, 2004.
3/21/04 - One Week In Paradise. A Diary of the SalsaCrazy and DanceFun 2004 Salsa Dance Cruise in the Caribbean, by Vivian.
3/20/04 - Salsa Pros and Cons. A Look at what makes a Pro, by Maya.
3/20/04 -  Salsa Mania with SalsaMania! A review of the recent SalsaMania Dance troupe fundraiser at Cafe Cocomo by Maya.
2/25/04 - A review of the film Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights by Maya.
1/5/04 - Rita from brings us Adventures in Cuba, Pt 3 - travelogue! Great Photo Gallery too.
11/20/03 - The 2nd Annual San Francisco International Salsa Congress - A Review by Maya. Read it Here!
6/26/03 - One year later, and Sizzling Salsa just get's hotter! Read about this year's stellar trip to Laughlin for 600+ Salsa Dancers. Congratulations to DanceFun for producing this stellar event. Read the article here.
6/2/03 - Salsa Congress Review - by Stephanie Palmieri.  Read about the largest salsa congress in history, and how it was also, the best!  Congratulations to Albert Torres and all the people Behind it. Read it here!
5/2/03 - The World at the Movies, SF Film Festival Article, by Maya. It's a must read to get some insight into the festival.
4/25/03 - Read PART TWO, about Dance Fun Salsa Dance Cruise: 7 day Mexican Riviera Cruise aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s ship the “Elation”! This is a two part report by Nadine!  Read the second part of the report here.
4/24/03 - We are the Music, SF Film Festival Article, by Maya.
3/28/03 - New York in San Francisco, a Review of the SF Jazz Festival by Maya.
2/15/03 - Read about Dance Fun Salsa Dance Cruise: 7 day Mexican Riviera Cruise aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s ship the “Elation”! This is a two part report by Nadine!  Read the first part of the report here.
1/22/03 - Salsa In Paradise - A Trip Report by Indrah. Get one person's perspective.
1/10/03 - Music Connection 101 - By Maya! You don't need to be a choreographer to express your passion for music in your dancing. This unique on-line workshop, first of its kind, presented by a Bay Area jazz singer, pianist and an avid salsera, Maya, Salsaloca, is a unique attempt to introduce musicality to social salsa dancing. Read it Here!
1/2/03 - Two New Articles in Nadine Knows, including: "What is that Funky Smell", & "Anyone Wanna Practice". - Nadine

12/27/02 - Guide to San Diego, A Short Trip and Travel Diary by SC

12/25/02 - Guide to Salsa Dance Competition by Stephanie Palmieri. Things the aspiring competitor should know, from the inside.

11/25/02 - 20 Years of Jazz in the City. A review of the San Francisco Jazz Festival. By Maya
11/22/02 - Check out this review, from Maya, of the SF Salsa Congress, at ToSalsa.Com!
11/15/02 - Nadine Knows and Dancer's FAQ are back online! More to come.

9/22/02 - Review of Dance Fun’s Labor Day Weekend Event in Palm Springs by Stephanie Palmieri.

9/20/02 - Natural Dancer, Review of Frankie Martinez Workshops in San Francisco.

8/15/02 - Review of the 2002 World Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico by Stephanie Palmieri.

6/30/02 - Eddie Torres: A Modern Day Mambo Legend, Interview by Rita!

6/29/02 - Sizzlin' Salsa in Laughlin Nevada 2002! A Trip Report by SalsaCrazy!

6/25/02 - Salsa in Montreal, Canada - A Trip Report by SalsaCrazy!

6/13/02 - What a Good Dancer Makes? Article by Maya

6/11/02 - West Coast Salsa Congress 2002 Review - By Stephanie Palmieri.

6/7/02 - A Salsero In New York - Insight into the New York Salsa Scene by David Paris.

6/1/02 -- Invaluable Tips for the Salsa Traveler - You won't want to miss these - Rita Hargrave.

6/1/02 -- West Coast Salsa Congress 2002 - Review! Don't forget the pictures too.

5/29/02 -- A Great Review of the San Francisco Film Festival! - By Maya

5/27/02 -- An Interview with Joby Vazquez of Salsa Brava! - By Stephanie Palmieri.

5/1/02 -- A Yemaya Workshop Report from Hot Salsa Friday - get all the details! by Tiffany Sanchez

4/15/02 Film Festival for Salseros! A look at the upcoming San Francisco Film Festival - Article by Maya

4/15/02 Yemaya Visits Hot Salsa Friday in San Jose and has a blow out show! Pictures and Quick Take!

3/27/02 So... You Want to Be a Salsa Instructor…, by Stephanie Palmeri - an insightful & fun article into what it takes to be a Salsa Dance Teacher!

3/14/022 WHAT IS BOOGALU? Remember Tito's Nieve's hit "I Like It Like That"? That's Boogalu! Read more about this great Latin cross-over music from the late 1960's.  Find out here! Article  by Rita @ SalsaRoots

3/3/02 Read a review of the new club opening, Club Azucar in Sunnyvale on Thursday, 2/28, by SL Corchado “Vicente” .

2/25/02 Nadine Knows - Salsa Clothes!  Three new articles at Nadine Knows.  Salsa Clothes, Tops and Bottoms for Women.

2/25/02 Brand New - Dance Photographs from Bay Area Clubs by Randy Mendoza! Dancers, watchers, and people throughout
the club scene! Check them out now.

2/18/02 What is this thing called Salsa? What does the word "Salsa" mean and where did it come from? Find out here!
by Max Salazar

2/11/02 A special Valentine's Day message from Rodney.

2/11/02 The night before the Salsa Stars - Read about Hot Salsa Friday with Al and Edie (and see pictures)! by Julian

2/11/02 Salsa Stars Workshop Review!

2/11/02 Felipe Polanco workshop review in San Francisco!

2/4/02 A Living LINDY Legend - Take a look at Frankie Manning! Article by Maya

2/4/02 Age 18 and over club recommendations (SF Bay Area). by Julian.

1/22/02 Yes, there is a new. Club Picks article up on the site!

1/21/02 Read our review of the Mike Bello On2 Training Pack! A must have purchase for all dancers. Reviewed by Rita.

1/19/02 Preview our Upcoming SalsaGuides - Visit anywhere around the world, and find a personal review of visiting and dancing salsa in that region!  Are you ready? Visit Rio with two Bay Area Salseros! ed: That's it - I'm going to Rio.

1/9/02 Johnny Polanco Y Su Conjunto Amistad have again proved that they are one of the hottest bands in LA, and around the globe, with the release of their long awaited second CD Pa’l Bailador
1/19/02 Review: "On 2" Social @Metronome Ballroom (w / performance by Felipe Polanco).  Pictures coming soon!

Nadine Knows a thing or two about auditioning for a Dance Troupe! Read her inside report and story.  It's great!

/02 New Years Dance Camp in Palm Springs Read bout it HERE

1/6/02 Christmas and New Years at Cafe Cocomo! Read about it HERE

12/28/01 A fantastic article on Leading - Every leader and follow should take a look at this.

12/28/01 A fantastic article on Following - Read it!


12/27/01 Photos of Latin Jazz greats by Tom


12/26/01 Salsa Do, and Salsa Do Not - Read it, add to it! - Article by Maya

12/21/01 Dance Fair vs. Meat Market - You Decide! - Article by Maya

12/20/01 Just Thinking - a new article with random thoughts! - Article by Maya

12/20/01 Photos, and brief review, are now up! The PB&G Annual Christmas Party.

12/10/01 Read a Salseras view of the SalsaCrazy Party.

NEW SalsaCrazy.Com Holiday Party Pictures.

NEW Metronome Ballroom's On2 Social w/Pictures

NEW Much like Nov. On2 Calendar, here's the calendar for December for On2 dancers, or want-to-learn 2 dances. HERE.


NEW Here's a "Quick Take" on the Tito Puente Tribute from someone who was there.  Click here! Pictures of the Event, here.


NEW: Interview with KCSM radio Host, Chuy Varela, about the origins of TIMBA, the hottest music coming from Cuba.

NEW 10 Tips for Men to Attract More Women to Dance with You. Click here.

OLD April's On2 Workshop, read this Short-Take Review!

OLD Here's a quick review of Hot Salsa Friday!

OLD A quick review of the Manolin show at Bimbos last week!

OLD April & Juan's On2 Workshops This Weekend!  Details here.

OLD Do you feel comfortable enough dancing "on 2" and want to broaden your repertoire? Or else, have you been hearing the buzz on the dance floors and want to discover what this timing is all about? Take advantage of several workshops and classes being offered in the Bay Area this month.

NEW: Updated the Club Picks Section.  Thanks, everyone, for the information and tips.

NEW: We have new CD Reviews of some great current selections in our Music Section.


Read a review, and see pictures from last months "On2" Social at the Metronome Ballroom! Read it here!


NEW: Two articles about the Charity Dance and Dance Troupes.


NEW: Ran across this & decided to post it! 19 tips for Women. Great tips for attracting the men (as if that's ever a problem).

The Ultimate Salsa Road Trip Report  from Portland, Seattle and Vancouver-Canada!

NADINE KNOWS [Seattle's Finest]
DANCER'S FAQ [Frequent Questions]

The Archive (visit the archive for past features).

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