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Mission Statement: 


Dot com dance is an organization dedicated to helping people get out of their cubes (and offices) and on to the dance floor!  While we are specifically geared towards dot com/startup or high tech workers, everyone is encouraged to join up and attend our events! The organization is all about helping people get out, dance and meet people!   


Objective: To share one amazing secret, with as many people in the world as will listen. To create a great community of internet professionals, high tech workers (and anyone interested in making their lives better) to dance.  To get as many people dancing, socializing, and having fun as we can. 


What are we going to do?

We're going to do whatever it takes to get people to dance and take lessons . . . (and it can take a lot!).  We're going to go out and have fun at some of the cities greatest nightclubs, traveling en masses to destinations.  We're going to create a thriving community.  There are basically three or four social dances, that you can learn quickly and easily and have a good time.  We're going to start (and maybe stay) with Salsa Dancing with forays into Swing, Hip Hop and Argentine Tango.   Oh, and of course, just regular "Top40" dancing as well.

How are we going to do it?

By signing up for the email list below (just an email address), you'll be added to a mailing list for the event(s), and you'll stay informed!  We've already had our first event and it was a huge success.  Sign up now!  Classes and other socials happen throughout the year.  There's no money, no commitment, no hassle!  No, we don't sell your email, and yes, it's kept entirely confidential.  Everyone, absolutely everyone, is invited (and encouraged) to join!

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What is this about?

  • This is about you, getting out of your cube, away from the office, and meeting other people! Doing something social and fun, in a cool, casual environment.  You can come alone, you can come with friends, you can come with pets (no, you actually can't really come with pets).  No partner is necessary!
  • Tired of sitting in the coffee shop alone?
  • Tired of your 14 hour days at work?
  • Having trouble meeting people? Trying to meet people but don't know how?
  • Want to meet a great cross-section of people, in a casual, easy environment?
  • Lacking direction? Purpose? A life outside of work?

Dot-Com Dance has got the answers!  ALL of the answers . . .

What will you get out of it?

  • Ability to meet people like yourselves (or not) in very cool, RELAXED environments.
  • Join a growing community of internet professionals looking for a little more
  • The Great health benefits OF EXERCISE!
  • Much (MUCH) Better co-ordination.
  • Amazing (and I mean TOTALLY amazing) social benefits. You'll meet a ton of great people!!
  • Get better at your job (whatever it is)!   - Yes, this is TRUE.

There's a whole world that's going to open up in front of you!

It's for everyone! Dancing will open up avenues for you that you can't possibly imagine before you've tried it. This IS the answer you've been looking for!  Ladies or Gentleman - This is it!

Who's it for?

Everyone - no age range, no salary range, no ranges period! From the 70 year old CEO through to the 18 year old intern, this is for YOU! (ed - most clubs require that you be 21).  I can't stress this enough . . . everyone can get something out of this!  This IS for you.  You may work at a big company, you may have a hundred or two hundred people reporting to you and make million dollar decisions every hour of every day and yet I'm telling you, you CAN'T afford to let this pass you by.  Just join the list - make the decision to go when you've got the time!  

Singles, couples, families - Everyone can have a good time dancing!

Who's Behind Dot-Com Dance?

Well, like many of you, I am, most recently, an internet executive/professional.  My name is Evan Margolin, and my background is from the computer/video game and entertainment industry where I was lucky enough to co-found a small startup. I've worked, and continue to work, in significant, executive level positions in both public and private companies. In the past, I have worked seven days a week, 12-16 hours a day for long periods of time, and I want to share the one thing which gave balance to my life and allowed me to make it through the rigors of demanding jobs, without many of the scars. For me, dance offered the one thing in my life that I needed to make it complete, not just through the act of dancing, but by opening my eyes to a whole "other world" of social, and enlightening, possibilities,

However, with all my good intentions I can't take that first step for you. Join up! Come out and have fun with other like minded, start-up/high tech people! Learn how to dance, and meet the man/woman of your dreams. I'll say once again, the benefits (social and otherwise) are almost impossible to imagine from where you sit right now.

Just as a note, up to five years ago, I'd never danced a step!  in fact, I was adamantly opposed to trying it, thinking I didn't look good or that I was uncoordinated.  Well, that all turned out to be untrue (ok, some of it was true), but it didn't really matter. For you men and women, there are so many people, from so many different walks of life, with so much diversity, and so much RHYTHM, if you haven't checked it out by now, . . . this IS your chance. 

Sponsor an event!

WE NEED YOU!  If you, or your company, would like to sponsor a DotCom Dance event, please email to:, or visit our sponsorship page.

Contact Information and Mailing Address

DotCom Dance

4644 Geary Blvd, #160

San Francisco, CA  94118

(415) 668-9936


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Have questions, comments, feedback?

I'd love to hear it at or

(Available for EVERYONE, not just people working at startups)

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