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These DVD's are exceptional, and we hear from dozens of customers every day about what a change they've made in their lives.  Take a look at what a few of our customer's are saying about Learning to Salsa Dance, and dance in general!


These are real testimonials from real people all over the world, sent in over the last few months. Some decided to leave their words in their own voice, and we added those where we could (hit the play button).

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I took my first Salsa class in January of this year and have enjoyed it so much that I have been going each Monday night since. For beginners the instructor breaks the dance down to the basics making it easy for anyone to learn the dance. . . he gives the students a great foundation upon which to build. I love the classes and will continue to attend. If fact, I look forward to Monday evenings and the Salsa class. I highly recommend this class for everyone interested in learning the Salsa.
-- Chenoa Jorgensen

My name is Michelle Santoso and my mother, Mariani, who bought your DVD, doesnt speak English very fluently, but she really wanted to say something about the Salsa Dance Mastery System DVD, so she asked me to be her translator. She has never salsa danced before until one day she received an invitation to watch a salsa show at a cafe in our hometown Jakarta (Indonesia). Ever since then, she dreamt of learning to dance salsa herself. So she enrolled in a salsa class last year and after two months, she decided it was too difficult and gave up. She said the steps were too complicated to learn and memorize. Still, my mother wanted to see if there was some way to learn to dance salsa in a less stressful environment where she would not be under pressure to learn the steps immediately, so she looked through the local DVD shops. She was disappointed to find that the DVDs they supplied were of poor quality. She asked my sister Christine, who was studying abroad in Malaysia, to look for DVDs as well but she had no luck either. Not even the internet offered salsa lessons that were useful or comprehensible, but luckily found and forwarded the website to my aunt, Juliati Santoso Jones, who currently resides in San Francisco. My aunt bought the Salsa Dance Mastery System Beginners Vols. 1, 2, and 3 and sent it to Jakarta. My mother is now learning to dance salsa through your DVD and can see, in the comfort of our own home, her mistakes. The lesson that she found the most useful was the Latin Hips for Followers lesson, in which the instructor stated that the followers hips must move in opposition to her footwork to avoid looking bouncy. My mother is ecstatic about your DVD, and is extremely pleased to be able to dance salsa better. She now often tells me that salsa is not as difficult as it seems and is relaxing after she has confidently mastered the beginning steps. She now dances everyday, every chance she gets (even without music). Thank you for giving a 54 year old woman a youthful bounce in her step.
-- Michelle Santoso

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I have done the intermediate 2 salsa dvd, and found that I already know how to do the steps, but it was the sexy flair that I have been lacking, and the lady in that dvd has very slight moves which look so sensual, and that is what I absolutely love about salsa dancing, I cannot wait for my floor work dvd to arrive, dance floor here I come. -- Cassandra Bertrand, Florida

Hola SC, The videos are absolutely great!!! The really great thing about videos is that you can learn in the privacy of your own home whenever you feel like being in the groove. Bounce over to your DVD player, or hell just grab the laptop and practice your dance moves in your PJ's in the back yard or garage. When you get to a real live dance club you'll already be moving like you've been doing this for a while. And learning flashy new moves will be relatively painless because you have the basic foundation down cold. I can't wait for the advanced course to come out on the market because that, my friend, is when the super fine salseras die to have some time with you on the dance floor!!! -- Mitch Johnson

My wife Nereida and I have been going through the Salsa Crazy beginners DVD series and have been enjoying ourselves immensely at salsa dance clubs in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. I started dancing salsa last August at 38 years of age! I have learned that it is never too late to take up something you enjoy. My wife also started dancing with me at 33 years of age. We have been married for twelve years and have three sons. The Salsa Crazy series has helped us gain confidence to go onto the dance floor and has enabled us to enjoy life all the more. Thank you!
Fort Worth, T

I just had to say how much I love your website. Today I came to your page to watch the ladies styling videos; because in my salsa class I'm just not getting the kind of detail that you provide in your videos. And now I'm so excited that I've heard about the cruise! I can't wait to tell all the salsa dancers that I come in contact with all about it!!! -- Christine

-- Virgil
Fresno, CA
I would like to thank you for offering the opportunity to learn how to dance Salsa in my own home. I just didnt get it. I now have the confidence that I never had. I have always enjoyed watching others dance Salsa. At first, I was intimidated because I thought there was absolutely no way I would ever be able to learn to dance Salsa. Learning to dance is not just exercise but fun at the same time than going to the gym that is really boring. From the first time I was hooked. I try to practice every day. Evan breaks the steps down so that even a very slow learner like me can get it. He makes it so enjoyable, and a unique learning experience. It has motivated me because I thought I had no rhythm at all. The moves that I learn have kept everything so interesting. I have missed a step and lost my balance. But I get up and keep on going. Learning to dance Salsa is a time for me to leave my stress and worries behind and listen to great music and have some fun.

Just watched your learn to dance salsa beginners volume 1 DVD. I believe its the very first DVD for beginners level. the best DVD by far on the market I will be purchasing the whole set within the next few weeks. I have been taking group lessons in Los Angeles and learned more form your DVD than in class! your enthusiasm and thoroughness in breaking it down step by step and I mean step by step is going to be truly appreciated by viewers. u should consider starting a class in Los Angeles using your style of teaching. I believe that u would crush the competition not in a bad way but they would have to improve their level of instruction to keep up with u. I was skeptical of another how to salsa DVD but its well worth the price. this DVDs a keeper. thank u so much for helping me improve my salsa dancing. I'm hooked and hoping to get better faster the sooner the better. u truly have an exceptional product. -- Ed Boog
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The CHA CHA DVD is perfect for beginners. The instructions are easy to follow. The dance patterns are not overwhelming; there is just enough material to get you out on the dance floor. I can not wait for the next DVD. I would highly recommend this DVD. The Cha Cha DVD Level I is a great beginner dance DVD. There is just enough material to give the beginner dancer confidence on the dance floor as oppose to overwhelming or confusing the dancer. It has definitely help improve by cross body lead. I am anxiously waiting for the 2nd level Cha Cha DVD.
-- Thomas Mason

The Cha Cha Cha DVD is excellent. I preferred the section cha Cha On2, so naturally, I would have preferred that the whole DVD was for ON 2 dancers. but it was good and descriptive. -- Carmen Mojica
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I own the Salsa, Bachata & Merengue DVD sets. Since watching these DVD sets, I have taken my dancing to a new level. The Salsa Dance Mastery is the most comprehensive instructional DVD on the market. It is a must have for dancers of all levels. -- Thomas Mason
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I already take Latin dancing lessons but this is so nice to be able to look and practice the moves at a slower pace from this DVD. I'm a disc jockey who works with female assistants so we actually do Latin dance moves on the floor and people love watching us dance. -- Gilles Guertin - Ontario, Canada

Ballroom classes are wonderful when I have the time and patience to dance with a variety of people with different skill levels. I'm a member of the salsa bootcamp and I have receive the bootcamp DVDs. I love the fact that I can take my portable DVD player and practice the dance moves. I'm constantly listening to salsa music, I'm hooked. -- Robert C Navarro
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In addition to gaining confidence in Salsa dancing, I have gained confidence to do many other things, including talking in front of other people. It has enabled me also to be very comfortable with the opposite sex, in and out of the dance floor ... and I feel that I have become a more 'approachable' male to them. Thanks for your videos! -- Suji Gunaratne, Portugal

I took the beginners class with Tianne Frias at the DSG Studios on Wednesday nights. It was a great class! Tianne has the best energy, she breaks down the steps so that its very easy to follow. The group of people taking the class were a lot of fun and were dancing salsa by the end of the four week sessions. I highly recommend Tianne's class, as she is an excellent teacher and really makes you feel comfortable. I will be taking her intermediate class in July!
-- Maria, San Francisco

Hi it's amazing how much improvement I was able to accomplish with this videos.. I recommend it to anyone that is just starting or wants to improve their technique.
-- Robert Robles

I'm not a natural dancer thats why I have never danced before I guess, I almost gave up several times trying to learn salsa due to daunting and sometimes for me embarrassing moments trying. Its like nothing else I've ever learned so for me its necessary to get good guidance good instruction to feel like your getting better not worse. There are so many products and classes around I recon many are run by excellent dancers but this guy can not only dance he can Teach. Thats what this has above the rest and it is simply the best what else can I say. I have never endorsed any product in my life but am grateful for the opportunity to do so in this instance, be inspired. If you read this and dont go for it I have let you down and am sorry for that. Enjoy.
-- Mark Evenden - London, UK

It's great to be able to go back and review steps at any time. I've made it through the 1st 2 DVDs and I'm out dancing at the clubs! I'm having a ton of fun and several dance partners have said "wow, you're a good dancer!"... it's great!
-- Gabrielle

Dear and SALSABOOTCAMP.COM , I truly enjoy your basic salsa DVD. I am learning how to dance the salsa and the many different moves of the salsa dance. Your website is fabulous and I thank you so very much! Keep up the good work and I will see all of you at the next salsa boot camp! Thank you again! -- Carl Banks Jr.

Hey. Every time someone told me to "just go with the beat," my response was "well what IS the beat?" Then they would count "1,2,3" "1,2,3." But I could never get the beat count out of the music being played or see the connection between the turns and the beats. I thought I was just incapable of catching any rhythms till I bought the videos. Now I'm starting to understand how to pick up the rhythm from the music, the moves are actually the easy part. I really appreciate the way the beat was explained as a count of 8 and "quick, quick, slow." I was immediately able to see how it connected to the music. -- Daniel Brockert

The DVDs are the best DVDs that I have ever bought or listened to. Evan is well organized so you don't get bored. He repeats so you won't forget. He describes in explicit detail about leading, foot patterns, and every detail imaginable about how to successfully execute the pattern. Most of the dance teachers I have ever had will not do this for you even if you take private lessons. Evan is extremely articulate instead of just showing you, he describes explicitly how to perform the patterns. His partner Mora is great too; she describes the followers role and executes the pattern beautifully. Every time I watch the DVD I get excited by the sensational patterns. The music is great. You feel so excited you want to try out what Evan is doing right away. It cheers up my every day.
-- Leonard Mayer, NY

This is the 4th salsa instructional product that I have purchased and it is far and away the best yet for me. Seeing the sample videos online really helped to persuade my purchase. They have helped me to have a greater fun time going out dancing with my wife and to dance with other ladies. My confidence in doing so is certainly where it needs to be to not hesitate in stepping out onto the dance floor. The thing is, I am able to incorporate what I learn to other non-salsa music on the dance floor. It is so cool to be doing dance moves that draws the attention of others that are not out there doing anything as fun. Its fun to look and see the ladies watching, knowing they would enjoy dancing with someone doing what I am. And then when you actually ask one of these ladies to dance and watch their faces as you dance...their smiles are what it is all about!! They are loving what you are doing with them out on the dance floor!! -- Keith

One of the best purchases Ive made all year. I have been taking salsa lessons at the local university near by for the past two semesters, and absolutely love it. My instructor is great, and she does a great job teaching us. But, I wanted that extra edge. Since the class is only once a week, the class would learn new patterns, then practice during the rest of the week anxiously looking forward to the next class. What I had inside me was a burning desire to get better. The university was just going to slow for me. This is why I decided to buy the 3-set of the beginners CDs. The instructions are very simple on the CDs, and the patterns are broken down so anyone can learn them. Some of the moves on the DVDs were the same as learned in class, but I preferred using the DVDs because I am able to rewind a go forward as I like until I fully understand the steps, and the patterns are almost second nature. One thing is for sure, Im not hesitant to get out on the dance floor anymore after watching the DVDs. My confidence level has shot up. I cant wait to get the intermediate DVD set.
-- Dave Stone, Arizona

Good morning, I really enjoy your Salsa sites and DVD's. I start Salsa learning at the beginning of June 2006, and I meet a lot of people since this time. Salsa dance is a very good way to get pleasure in my life and to meet a lot of people. In the region of Toulouse city, south-west of France, there is a big community of Salsa dancers who will be interested in your products. Sorry for my English, I'm French. Will it be possible to modify http://www.SalsaCrazy.Com & sites to become multi-language ? Not everybody understand well English. We will appreciate also to see videos of basic steps and passes. I have seen on French TV videos turned with 32 cameras witch permit, after computer process, to show dancers in three dimensional width interactivity (choice of angle of vision). At the moment, nobody has used this technology for video courses. I think, It's a good idea. One more time, thanks so much for your initiative to offer such lovely sites and DVD's.
-- Didier Almaida, France

I had a really great time taking salsa classes with dance SF! my boyfriend and i are pretty shy when it comes to dancing but a friend of ours told us how much fun this class was and so we decided to try it out. we wanted to do something fun and new and this was exactly what we needed! we would find ourselves practicing dance moves out on the street and at unexpected times during the day! at first i was nervous about dancing with strangers in class but it was actually really helpful to dance with people of different skill levels. the more advanced dancers teach you things and you get a feel of what it is like to dance with someone who can really lead you. it was a fantastic experience and my partner and i definitely would recommend it to anyone wanting to try something new and have lots of fun!
-- Vivian, San Francisco

Awesome DVDS!!! I have learned so much from your lessons. They are easy to follow and you guys more than anything make it really easy and fun. This is my first purchase on dance instructional videos and was worth every single dime spent on these DVDS!!! Love you BOTH!!! -- Judith, Chicago

Evan is an amazing teacher. His instructions are precise and easy to follow. He is hilarious and keeps you coming back for more. I'm addicted to salsa dancing thanks to these fun classes. -- Konika Ray

I love the way that salsa dance is teaching, because you make salsa elegant and it seems really easy to do. Although I am waiting for the opportunity to show up all the steps that I have learn with your DVD. I love it!!! -- Julian Gonzalez, Ohio

Started taking Latin Dance after visiting friends in Panama. Did some clubbing there and Salsa looked like fun to do. In between dance lessons I practiced with the video. It lowered the overall cost of learning the dance to an acceptable level (bronze). -- Gene Haller

I havent bought a DVD from here but I have seen the change in those people who had been to salsa even for just 1day. It completely changes you. I am a big fan of salsa. I just love dancing salsa. -- Vaibhavi Patel

Hi Evan, Yes, I bought the Mastery Series, and I'm concentrating on the beginners 1, so I can reinforce what I'm learning in my beginners salsa class, which I'm presently taking. I think your method of teaching is great for people like me who had never dance salsa before. -- Ana L. Cartagena

I never wanted to go Salsa dancing with my friends because all of them have so much experience. I've tried taking classes, but my schedule is so busy that I'm never able to keep to a strict schedule. Then I rented salsa dvds. Though the instructors on the dvds were great dancers, their ability to teach others was lacking. Your Beginners dvd is absolutely the best. It is so easy to follow and fun that I find myself saying and moving to 123-567- all the time. I watch your the basic dance techniques every spare moment I have. Anyway, I'm hooked. Thank you for your dedication to teaching. You make learning to dance Salsa fun!
-- Tracy Cuajao
Santa Rosa, CA

Hi Dancers My wife and I have been dancing and teaching dancing for many, many years. We have taken many dance lessons in our time and watched allot of instructional videos. The Salsa dance DVD's from is the best you will find anywhere anyplace. Each step or movement is explained so anyone can learn the step. They are the best your money can buy. -- Gene Dike
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I started taking Salsa dance lessons about 3 months ago. I have lost 25 lbs all over. I only practice Salsa 3 hours a week. I love the energy it has given me and the desire to get off the couch and go out dancing with friends. I look and feel 10 years younger. -- Margarita Martinez

I am loving this class! I never dreamed it would be so much fun, and that I could learn so fast. The Sunday afternoon classes with Tianne are great. The class is small and we have covered a lot of moves and I've gotten to dance with different leaders every week. Dancing with different men really helps me learn the style, the patterns, and has helped me feel really comfortable getting out on the floor. I visit Latin America every month as part of my job, and it is great to be able to go to the clubs and dance and feel comfortable that I don't look like a tourist! Tianne's style of teaching is very comfortable, she makes it easy, we laugh, and we always go away feeling good about dancing. I'm signed up for the intermediate classes now and I can't wait to get going! And I really recommend the instructional video. The moves are broken down very simply and I use the video to practice at home or in the hotel when I'm travelling on business. For beginners, the video is a great way to add practice to what you learn in the classes. Salsa is the hottest thing going. It's beautiful, it's romantic, it's sexy, and it's fun! -- Julia Allen

Dear Evan, I have danced Salsa/Mambo for the past five (5) years. I've taken lesons from the top instructors in Los Angeles, and own three (3) instructional videos from other instructors. I always felt unsure about my "next move", on the dance floor. I never really felt good and even worse I didn't feel like I looked "COOL" on the floor. I purchased your entire collection of DVD's on line, the transaction was a breeze. Right now, I've been consentrating on the Intermediate Level Disc #2 for the last month or so. And Buddy, moves are just comming out of me on the floor. Doubles to the left, Doubles to the right, Head Loops, partner moves-a-plenty!!! By the way, I now feel great, And...I look "Very Cool" on the floor. Which, for many us fellows, is the bottom line Thanks so much!!! Joseph P.S. The lighting could brought up just a bit. I like the lighter backgrounds for viewing ease. -- Joseph Du Pree




Dear Evan have enjoyed the beginners series vol 123. A big help for a new dancer such as mysel I am now starting to watch the intermiadte DVD continue to keep up the good work the dvd's are easy to follow and the instruction is great. One of the best investments I've made in a long time. -- Rick Bowman



"Hi. I just started to dance Salsa this year. I've purchased the first and second SalsaCrazy DVDs for beginners. Evan's instructions are clear, simple, step-by-step instructions that anyone can easily learn (and I mean anyone). I've actually tried the patterns, I've learned from the video, at the clubs and they work. I've actually received positive comments about my moves from the ladies. The lessons are well laid out and the picture-in-picture format is a definitely plus. It's also a great complement to anyone taking classes from other instructors. I've actually recommended this video series to several of my friends and co-workers. I love salsa dancing. I'm totally addicted to it. I hope the salsa dance movement will continue to grow and that Evan puts out more instructional videos. Thank you." -- R. Pavia, LA

"My husband and I have taken the beginning and intermediate salsa classes. It's been a really really sexy, fun way to spend time together. What a great way to get intimate with someone you enjoy. Oh - and he tells me my "graduation gift" will be a night on the town dancing. This is the same guy who started out dreading classes because he said he wasn't any good. Now he can actually dance and smile at the same time - and feels confident enough to hit the clubs. That is what I call a success story" -- Laurie Waters

"My salsa nights ae dry. not because of the dance but because of the temperature. it's fun to salsa in the desserts of Iraq. the class here are fun and exciting." -- Dan Banks, FL

"The Beginner's DVDs are a great learning tool for a begining salsa dancer. Evan is very detailed in his explanation of each movement of your hands and feets. It is a great investment that will give you alot of confidence when you get on the dance floor at a salsa club." -- Larry, Orinda, CA

My wife and I are beginner salsa dancers. Although we have taken several leasons I've found the 3 beginner videos very helpful with concise, in-depth and easy to follow instruction. We're learning great moves and sequences and having a ball. -- David Brusven


The dvd series is the best I have ever bought, it is better than the others cause it shows every step and really breaks it down. It also helps that Evan is such a good teacher, he was born to teach. --Marcus Mckeever

"Your beginners series was fantastic. Even though I have been taking lessons for almost a year now, your DVD's reminded me of many "little things" that I need to pay attention to. I am looking forward to your intermediate series!!!"

-- Chris, Danville, CA

As owner of several other series of instructional salsa DVDs, I have no trouble in saying that the SalsaCrazy series is far and away the best set of instructional videos out there. Where other videos strain to teach a variety of "moves" ranging from simple to highly complex, the SalsaCrazy videos teach the student "DANCING". This is the least intimidating series of videos out there. I like that Evan doesn't come off as a professional dancer showing how good he is and doesn't make everything too technical. Most DVDs have dancers that are highly technical (rigid arms, arched back, toes so pointed they could puncture a concrete bunker) and thus boring or mildly cocky - the SalsaCrazy vids focus on having a GREAT TIME on the dance floor! The lessons and focus on a good attitude on the floor are very similar to those given by my 'live' salsa instructor. Evan presents himself as a(n) (abnormally!!) happy dude trying to show his partner a "crazy" good time. Looking forward to the intermediate series! :)
-- Kristiaan Ewen, Ottawa

I moved from the East Coast to San Francisco in 1994 to attend law school. I was older than my classmates as I was a "returning student." All I did was study and take care of my kid. Occasionally, I would venture out into the club scene, but I never met anyone. One day in 1997, a friend from law school told me about the new salsa scene. She talked me into taking a class at the Metronome. That was it-- I was hooked. After the second lesson, I really wanted to move--more than the structured class would allow--so I started hanging out at Pier 23 on Wednesday nights. During the summer, each week, Ritmo y Armonia played and the same people came. I would dance the whole night long and I made a lot of friends. I found that being held in the arms of a sexy latin man while dancing was a cure for my loneliness without intruding on the time I needed to put into my studies. Today, some things have changed in my life--I am a lawyer, my kid is graduating from high school and heading off to college. The one thing that hasn't changed in my life is the joy I feel when I am on the dance floor, moving to the salsa beat with the right partner. -- Joyce GoodGal

"I want to thank you very much for making this dvd. I met a woman who loves to dance salsa and I never danced in my life. I went to many dance instructors, and litterally spent thousands. Much to my surprise,I found out that EVERY Instructor I found, and used DID NOT KNOW HOW TO TEACH!!!!!! AT 60 DOLLARS PER HOUR!!!I recently got engaged, and I KNOW with your dvd I'll be dancing salsa at my wedding.I also want to say that out of all these so called dance instructors, not one guarrenteed me ANYTHING.I love the fact that if I miss something or misunderstand something that I can go back and wath over and over again especially with the little box, at the bottom of the screen with a close up of the dancers feet, or topic at hand. Anyone truely can learn with this video!!!!
-- Joseph Turano

"Piece of Cake!" Evan breaks everything down very well, he communicates clearly, and has a great sense of humor. Moira is an awesome dancer. The video has very good production values, shot in a great place, has reverse angle of footwork. Its a great product. -- Mark Dukas

"It had been 6 years since I last danced salsa due to a knee injury. I got your DVD's to start getting back into the swing of things. Practiced by myself but it all started coming back. Then I went to a wedding recently. I was at a table with a bunch of friends of the bride's mother and lo and behold there was a single man there that loved to dance salsa! Well we had a blast on the dance floor and I couldn't believe that I remembered it all - he was surprised that I was able to follow him with ease - of course, he couldn't be more surprised than me. So thanks for bringing it all back. When my daughter comes home from college, she wants to learn it and I will start her with your DVD's!"  -- Susan B, Arizona

"I purchased the Salsa Dvd series two and three. Love the lessons and will purchase your next DVD. My partner and I dedicate every Tuesday night to watching the DVD lesson and practicing. Being dedicated is the only way to learn. Thanks for doing such a great job of teaching on your DVDs." -- Bob Bowen

"I ordered the DVD's before the holiday's but naturally I had no time to watch them. Well I worked thru the first one over the last month and looked at the other two. Wow! These DVD's go into much more detail on the technique of Salsa. After watching and practicing you will know how to Salsa. The emphasis seems to be more quality instruction, as opposed to lists of patterns." -- Doug Wainer

"It was 1992 at the Candlelight ballroom, which no longer exists, that I was introduced to both Salsa and Argentine Tango, within weeks of each other. I couldn't make up my mind which to learn, so I learned both of them .It was like falling in love with two men at the same time! And I had to have both of them! One was fun and playful and sexy, and wore T-shirts. The other was elegant and dressed all in black that one wore a 1940's hat. They both spoke Spanish, and knew how to move to all kinds of rhythms. They both flirted with me outrageously, but in VERY different ways. What's a girl to do? There were times I danced Tango in El Cerrito, and after a couple of hours went down the street and got in an hour of Salsa. How's that for unfaithful! I couldn't just live in one world. If I had been dancing Tango a lot, I had to have my Salsa "fix". I had to have two different kinds of clothes; well, the Tango wardrobe was pretty much black dresses and a lot of jewelry. My life is so rich now- I have TWO "families" of friends, TWO rhythms to dance to, TWO very different moods to be in, and TWO kinds of men to dance with. Well, why shouldn't I? I have two feet, don't I?" -- Ann C.

"I used to dance since I was a little girl living with my family in the former U.S.S.R. Most of the children in my country had some sort of introduction to the world of music and dance, and I was no different. Upon entering the U.S. though I was always too busy to get back to dancing: marriage, kids, school, work, etc. Then about four years ago I made a decision to learn how to express myself through dance and took up salsa and tango. Another reason that prompted me to start dancing again was the fact that after being single for awhile and breaking up with my boyfriend I was looking to fill my time with something meaningful. Dancing allowed me not only to heal and grow, but also to develop and to feel again. I can't imagine my life without dancing." -- Elana Kasha

"Thanks for your video. You helped me in a great way. See before the video, I hated dancing with my husband because he couldn't dance too well. One night he saw me practicing with the video by myself and decided to join me. Every since, I loved dancing with my husband. We look forward to the next video!"
-- Angelo Ortega

"I absolutely loved the first volume. I was dancing with some prima dona who learned elsewhere, and she moved like a robot! The rhythm taught on your DVD was so much more fluid, I moved like hot honey- I was so smooth! I have confidence in my ability knowing I have a "private expert" in my corner!"

-- S. Thomas

"My wife and I have been dancing for over 25 years and wanted to learn the latest craze, the Salsa. Your DVD volume #1 arrived on Thursday and within a few hours, my wife and I were dancing. WOW! Your instructions and visuals re great. The very next night, we went dancing at a local ballroom and were doing the Salsa. Great DVD. Just love you guys." -- Nadia Chen

"I purchased volume 1 of salsa dancing while I was attending a group instruction. The video was a tremendous. The instruction given was so much more detailed than my live instructor. in addition I now could model myself against an expert instead of against the others in my dans class who are in the same incompetent level I was in. I would suggest the video to anyone and in fact I already have."

-- Joan Allen, Tampa Bay

"When I discovered salsa I woke up - I was dancing five nights a week wearing out my shoes and even losing weight even though I still had a healthy appetite. This sensual sexy ecstatic dance ignited my pilot light and made me feel like I was flying. I'll never stop!" -- Mary B.

"I am a Puerto Rican grown man and it has always been embarassing for me to know that I can't dance salsa. I bought the beginners series 1 - 3 and I am starting to get the basic rhythms. It has truly helped me and I am so eager to finish tape 1 so that I can get to 2 and three. Because of this, I practice about 3 times a week. Thank you for showing me what I've been missing for so long."
-- Rafael Quintero

"Salsa has definitely changed my life and my attitude towards people and life in general. Not only did have I loose 2 stone in weight, my body is trimmer and I am fitter than I have been in years. Salsa has taken 10 years off my age, and my health has improved tremendously. Salsa has also boosted my confidence, enabling me to make lots of new friends, it makes me feel good about myself. When I'm dancing I forget all my problems as if I'm transported to another planet - problem free!! The downside of Salsa has been that it has ruined my relationships with people who don't understand the dance. They think you're out there to pull all the time, which is not the case. The majority of salseros just want to dance and enjoy themselves. DVDs have helped me mainly improve my posture and styling, which is something that is difficult to do whilst dancing with someone unless you have practiced it beforehand. I hope to continue dancing for as long as possible!!!"

-- Randy, Seattle, WA

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The instructions are clear and easy to follow. There are frequent repetitions so the instructors make very sure that the viewers can follow closely all the variations. Excellent DVD and I strongly recommend it to any new comers who want to take up the art of salsa dancing. I am 58 and if I can do it anyone below my age CAN salsa!!! -- John Yap, Singapore

SalsaDanceDVD has really helped me. I totally didn't know how to dance salsa, but thanks to SalsaDanceDVD , I'm now a perfect dancer of salsa. God bless you.
-- Belinda

I love this DVD! It was easy to learn, incredibly fun and the dance and posture tips made it look so professional. It is a must buy for everyone who wishes to learn salsa and thinks they cant do it. I recommend it and am going to buy the next DVD as soon as possible. 
-- Cyma Rizwan Khan

I took an intermediate class from Ciro and it was simply fantastic. great teacher and human being. Will continue taking the classes. -- Eric

I've seen your videos and all of them are great. Every time that I can I practice the steps and tips that are showed. I hope those videos would be as useful to others as they have been to me. -- Cesar

It is like killing two birds in one stone. The first thing I wanted was to get fit with having fun and guess what I did it... When I was doing fitness training I used to get bored because of this I couldn't continue my training BUT now with SalsaDanceDVD I wish I could do it forever and all the time.
-- Tirufire Aberra 

After a couple of decades of not dancing because of raising kids and building a business, I am back to dancing. What a way to boost my confidence! Dancing keeps my body moving and my mind engaged - Can you ask for any better, or more fun way to stay fit?! -- Barbara Grace

Your DVD's are GREAT!!! It gave me the confidence I needed to continue with dance classes with OTHER PEOPLE!!! THANK YOU  -- Danny Cheng

After one month of advanced DVDs I changed my way of thinking about the American dancers and more than ever I'm sure that European people have something to learn about sharing knowledge. Great Evan! I dance so smooth and laugh all the time having great fun... As an Italian I consider myself an original Latino and so I naturally love the Caribbean dances. But after lot of hours spent watching your DVDs I got more excited than ever. I love Alison and all the other teachers - very professional and good looking people - but Evan, let me tell you, no one is so able to share enthusiasm, smiles and fun like you do, combining it with great and smooth moves. Your salsa advanced series really changed my way of dancing and thinking about salsa. Ladies, the next time I'll be around in San Francisco prepare to burn the dancing floor! -- Piercarlo,  Italy 

My dance partner and I are really happy with the Salsa Bootcamp DVDs. We work on a few new dance steps each week where it's less intimidating than a dance class because he thought he couldn't learn the salsa. Now he's comfortable enough with the dance that he's willing to do dance in public. And we're both learning more new steps all the time. -- Deb Martin

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The DVD'S are great-good job of teaching steps, My partner and I have been practicing them over & over with the DVD'S. We should look good on the dance floor very soon. -- Jim Daycousa, FL

I have always wanted to learn to dance but meeting a new fella who loved dancing helped me go that one step further. I wanted to be able to get on that dance floor with him and really impress him and found that your lessons were amazing. I still have lots to learn before I get on that dance floor. I think that salsa is so sensual and exciting. -- Gail Shipton

I received the Advanced Salsa Dance Mastery System and am amazed at the amount of fantastic moves within these DVD's. There are so exciting I watched the entire group in 2 days straight and am working on two new moves for each week. These DVD's are truly amazing and worth every cent I paid. -- George Caton 

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Evan, I just want to say how I admire what you've done for the Bay Area salsa scene. You always keep me informed from the calendar to your blogs. Take it from a salsero from the city. Keep it up! -- Fernando Hernandez

Hi I am Domenico, from Italy. Actually I live in Croatia. I joined in a salsa course three months ago but for me it was really difficult and stressful because I don't understand any Croatian word. One day I was surfing on internet and I went on salsa crazy web site. Without any hesitation I bought Salsa Mastery pack. What can I is fantastic! I have improved my basic steps and I am starting to learn new patterns. I am still beginner but finally with DVDs help I have started to dance in salsa club without any problem and fear. I am very very happy. -- Domenico, Italy 

In fact I have bought only one DVD: learn to dance Merengue,it is really fantastic, and I really mean this word, it has really changed the meaning of dancing techniques, in addition, it mentions some really great combos that you really can dance in other styles correctly. I am about to buy the other interesting DVDs in some next days, because I have seen the (happiness) in my partners eyes when I danced the merengue in parties... I can see what will have benefit when I see the previews of other great DVDs, they are amazing!!!  -- Firas

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Hi everybody, I am Chandra,and I am a beginners in Salsa-dance, but this free salsa-crazy-video, helped me practice and get going with while I was home specially, it is good way to remember and practice at home then you will not forget, and of course you will go to salsa dance time after time to enjoy, it is great way to spend nice time with salsa , and it also help you to stay slim. thank God for it.
-- Chandra, UK

Well it is totally crazzzzzzy. I just never thought that without going anywhere or paying a single dollar I would learn such a beautiful talent. for this I would absolutely thank -- Ankita


I purchased your Salsa Dance Workout DVD. I love to dance and this DVD was so much fun to work out to while brushing up on my Salsa basics. I just started this workout but have already lost some weight and I feel healthier and more energetic too. -- Noris Juig - San Antonio, TX

The DVD is good... I bought it for my wife who is a good dancer, but not in cha cha cha. The DVD is well structured and very easy to follow, please keep me on copy as of when the next series will be on sale. One thing you said in the DVD that is true, in a club when a cha cha cha is played the floor is cleared (unless you are in NY city) Anyway we love the DVD, I can't wait for the next DVD and the more advanced steps... thanks. -- J Bergery

Wow, what a fun and informative learning tool, as a person who loves to dance this beginners cha cha cha learning system really opened the door for me to improve and become a much better dancer. I was dancing new cha cha cha patterns on 2 in very little time. I am impressed with the delivery of material , the detailed breakdown and styling. What a great system you all at salsa crazy have produced. I am really looking forward to the next level of cha cha cha DVDs. -- Donal VanCleave

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We learned the fox trot together in an hour. It was great for our wedding, we are going to learn the rest for fun! -- Carolyn - San Ramon, CA

Learn the Foxtrot quickly and have a great time too!

I have been a member of Salsa Crazy for about three weeks and Salsa Boot Camp for about four days. I can't help but think how I wish I had know about these sites when it started about a year ago. I was hesitant to invest in the sites because I thought I could just pick up what I needed by taking group classes, private lessons and watching sample salsa patterns on the internet. And was I wrong! I have been so impressed with that I've seen so far. I really enjoy the ability to go to whatever level of instruction I need and, then, be able to repeat over and over as much as I need to understand a step or pattern! And, the way it's broken out into showing you the pattern, then hints on how to do it correctly, is awesome! I can honestly say that the money I've invested so far was money well spent! I'm looking forward to improving my dancing to to get to the next level! -- Gilbert Serrato

It is excellent. I have all your Salsa DVD's and the Bachata DVD as well, and they are all excellent and the best instructional videos on the market. We especially like Cha Cha on 2. It's also more common than 1 in Boston/Providence, though Salsa on 1 dominates. Great Salsa scene in Boston, with more Cha Cha being played, so this DVD was timely. Keep up the great work! Boot Camp is also great! -- Dennis Burd

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Learning the Salsa has changed my life, I took this girl I like out dancing and we did the salsa and now we have been dating for 1 week and so far its going great I'm a lot happier and so is she. -- Todd Holmes, Australia

I received Salsa Bootcamp Vol. 1 DVD and I absolutely love it! As soon as I received it, I opened it as if it was Christmas. I already knew my basics so I was more focused on the rest of the DVD. I can watch it over and over again and perfect my dancing. What started out as a hobby has taken over my night life. Thanks again! 
-- Gracie Gracieb - Houston, TX

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Hello, from looking at the beginners video vol.1 it is clear to me that you are two very good salsa dancers. This exactly what I have been looking for for years. And finally found it.... Thanks. -- Walsworth Farrington

How dancing has changed my life: I began dance lessons with my then-fiancr in 1988. We quickly discovered we couldn't dance together, and wisely decided not to marry. I started teaching for my instructor, then independently. Just this week I finally quit my day job and am now only teaching dancing, after almost 20 years of working a full-time job while teaching dancing part time at night. I did order your DVDs because Salsa is big in this area, and you've boosted my confidence so much with the tips you offer on each figure. I've also noticed that I keep saying "piece of cake" during my own lessons, ha ha! SalsaCrazy is FABULOUS! -- Lee Ann Wolff

I grew up in Brooklyn N.Y. so salsa was always around me the DVDs that I purchased are great they are the best instructional DVDs that I have found going right into the fundamentals to advanced I look forward to the day when I can go to the bay area to actually meet and dance with people I look up to. 
-- Linden Mitchell

Using the tools that Salsacrazy provided helped me to develop the skills and the confidence that I need to be a better dancer. Now I know how to focus my energy and what to do during different situations. Salsa Dancing is not a hobby, it is a way of life, it is contagious I always want more. While I am at the office I use the salsa crazy lessons as a guide to remove my stress and to maintain my focus. There is no better way to learn, it is so good that you want to continue, believe me once you start taking these Salsa lessons you will not want to go back. -- Jose

Hi There, I run a Salsa Dance School in South Africa and every now and again I need some new ideas and I turn to Salsa DVD's, I have a few and only recently discovered your "Learn to Dance Salsa" DVD. I have the vol2 Intermediate. Out of all the DVD's yours is by far the best, and I get excited every time I move on to a new move. Well done on a Fantastic DVD, I will be sure to purchase many more. -- Cheers Vicky 

I signed up for the full site access last night and now I can make some decent progress between lessons. You have a terrific product and I'm sure it will help many people learn to dance. For me, it's an excellent reference to clarify information that I'm getting in my lessons. Excellent product. -- Gbenga Yusuf

Your DVDs are simply the best Ive seen many videos and DVDs on dancing and these are really great. Ive gone to dance studios but the next day I cant remember a damn thing but with DVDs we can learn at our leisure and replay whenever. My wife and I feel comfortable at the dancing clubs now. I learned from the beginner 1, 2, & 3 Salsa. Thanks, Dan & Laura You can use the first paragraph but to be perfectly honest I rented your DVDs from Blockbuster Online and they are truly the best!
-- Dan Horan, Michigan

I am 55 years old man divorced, and as you may know many time I feel very alone , but after I bought your salsa DVD have changed my life , now I go to places where people dance , and women 20 year younger that me dance we me , and I became very popular . Thank you for change my life. -- O. Gando

I recently purchased copies of your "Learn to Dance Salsa - Vol 1 Beginners" and your "Salsa Dance Workout". I have never taken dance lessons before, and have found these two DVD's amazingly helpful. The Workout DVD makes "individual" learning of the basic steps very simple, which, in turn, makes the "partner" lessons in the Dance Salsa DVD easier and quicker to master. The instructors are great, the sound and picture qualities are very good, and the "picture-in-picture" feature makes viewing both instructional and fun. I have only had the DVDs for a couple of weeks and am anxious to continue along with the series. Viva Salsacrazy! -- Dan Powers

The video is very simple to understand and practice. Also the movement of legs is shown separately in a side window at the bottom which helps a great deal in understanding the movements. I find it really good to learn salsa.
-- Adarsh Jain - San Jose, CA

My boyfriend and I decided to take salsa lessons in Oakland w/ Juan and Alison--revered as two of the finest salsa dance instructors in town. Boy do these two make our half hour drive worth the trip! We are hooked! Evan's instructional DVD's are a great way to supplement the lessons, not to mention reinforce what we've learned in class. I also bought the newly released workout DVD, and man, I can sure feel the difference! Can't wait to go on one of those Salsa Crazy Cruises!!!!! We'll just keep on takin' lessons 'cause salsa is a great dance to learn, and a fun way to lose those oh-so-unwanted extra winter weather padding. -- Joy Catolico

I've taken several Salsa classes but after completing them, I always end up feeling like I didn't learn anything. The instructors are always rushing through the patterns, and you always find that there isn't enough time to practice. Worse, since you're cramming too many moves in one pattern, no one wants to dance with you on the dance floor cuz you're always making mistakes. Not so after I got your SalsaDanceDVDs. The DVDs give you just the right number of moves in a pattern to be able to remember, and to execute flawlessly, all of it. What's more, you can go back to the patterns as many times as you want until you're really comfortable with it. With the ability to learn on your own free time, you have all the time in the world to do your practice at your own leisure. After I went through your DVDs, my success rate on the dance floor has increased multiple folds. Thanks.
-- Rick R Nuqui, Singapore

HI Evan, I just want to thank you for giving me back my confidence in dancing, I have been longing to learn to dance salsa for over a year and no idea how I can approach someone who can teach me. I grew up in Philippines and salsa is not our national dance, it was hip-hop. I stumbled to like salsa when I was browsing the cable channel and stopped at the Latin channel, it was then my desire to become healthy (talk about losing weight at the same time enjoying yourself). Anyway, I searched the internet looking for a video instruction on which I could learn easily to dance salsa and found your complete set... your instruction videos bring back my confidence in dancing instead of being on the sideline watching people enjoying their dancing, now I can approach friends to dance with me. I can say your video is complete and cheap... the funny thing is, when people found out that you know how to dance salsa, especially women, oh man, they love to dance with you, you know what I mean? Thanks! -- Nat, Philippines

Hey guys, I think that your tutorial videos are awesome. All the moves are clearly demonstrated and easy to follow and they have really improved the relationship between my girlfriend and I. I've always wanted to become a better dancer and improve with time, now I'm definitely confident that I will -- El Bucheton

I have recently started Latin, done some Cha-Cha and Rumba, but also purchased the Salsa Crazy Instructional DVD via internet and waited 10 days for it to arrive here in Namibia.... We tried it and instantly could master the Salsa Steps and we've worked through the Volume 1 in NO Time! It is awesome, crystal clear end absolute brilliant, I'm ordering Volume II and III immediately! I've got 10 people coming to my house Fridays and all newcomers could master the first two steps within half an hour! -- Gerhard Mohrmann

Salsa Dancing has given me more confidence in my day to day life. When I first started out, I felt all awkward and embarrassed, but not too long after, I picked up steps here and there and have no trouble going out dancing (and teaching others along the way). Aside from that, it has been so much easier to meet girls through salsa dancing - it's such a huge advantage that I wish I would've taken it up sooner. I'm so glad to have started practicing at classes & clubs and practicing at home watching DVD's. -- Edgar Hernandez

Your DVDs are excellent. They teach step by step in a clear and precise how to be a great dancer. Ever since I started using your DVD's my confidence has increased and ladies love dancing with me. Its fun and awesome. Thanks guys. 
-- Christopher Thomas

Evan, as usual, you've done an excellent job! Your copy is motivational and forward moving... I do feel more confident about the process after reading your 10steps, and do realize that I have "frozen" in fear of not being perfect. thanks for giving me that push to "just do it!!" -- Athens Kolias

I've been taking lessons with Juan Gil and Allison and they are wonderful instructors. Their lessons are fun and very original. The group of people who go to their lessons have a very good level because they've been with them for very long now, which proves that Juan and Allison are really engaging. We not only learn a lot of moves with them, but also a lot about rhythm, beat, tempo, etc. We learn to lead and follow. Juan likes to play music between lessons so that people can practice. In their classes there's chewing gum on the table everyday, chocolates when it's Valentine's, cake when it's somebody's birthday....... it's good fun! -- Jenny Doros

I have seen many Salsa learning DVD ,but your DVD is simply the best, and really I advise anyone wants to learn Salsa in a correct and accurate way, should buy your series your way of teaching is simple, easy and great. -- Amer Saeed

Yow! do I love this stuff! I live in a tiny mountain town where there's NOTHING to do... a friend turned me on to dancing and your videos and now I'm spending a fortune in gasoline to drive 2 hours round trip into boulder so that I can dance. what do I love most about dancing? besides being a blast, chicks dig guys that can dance; chicks dig guys that even just TRY to dance; there are WAAAAYY more chicks than guys that dance . . . YOU DO THE MATH!! thanks!! -- Greg Miles

My Man Evan, ill be brief and simply say that I've lost close to 25 lbs and have RENEWED confidence. slowly I am becoming more and more comfortable on the dance floor and most especially around people again. by the way I am 55 yrs of age. you and Moira were excellent examples for me. Man, thank you both GOD BLESS and PALANTE SIEMPRE. -- Edwin Rosado - Orlando, FL

I loved your salsa DVD, it was so much fun to watch and I danced my way through the whole thing. What an easy way to learn! For anyone wanting to learn salsa at home and feel more confident before venturing out into the night clubs, I'll give this a must buy recommendation. -- H. Vind Schultz

Evan you are the man! thanks for doing these DVDs. The way you explain is excellent I am now dancing and making my own moves. thanks. I cant wait for intermediate 3 or advanced. -- Yvan Herrera

Let me start by telling you that the DVDs are the best that I've ever seen. Your way of teaching is second to none. I have taken salsa lesson before but none of the teachers were so detailed like you are in your video. The only problem that I have is that I don't have a partner to practice with me. My wife always says to me that we'll set up a time and day to practice but something always comes up. I really love salsa dancing but it's hard to practice without a partner. Anyway we do have the first video down and I'm just trying to get her to practice at least one hour per week with the second video. I haven't buy anymore video cause I want to take it step by step. As soon as I can find someone who loves to dance salsa as much as I do I'll will be buying more of your videos and that's a fact. -- Gilbert Nunez

I've taken both dance studio and "nightclub" salsa lessons and I feel that I've learned much more (and learned faster) from the Salsa Crazy DVDs than from the "live" lessons. The Salsa Crazy instructor does a great job of breaking down each dance pattern in detail. My one big complaint when I took the group lessons was they did not teach us enough of the "cool" turns. Well, the Salsa Crazy DVDs definitely teach the cool turns and a lot more. Also, I found after taking studio lessons, you end up forgetting a lot of the stuff they taught you. That's not an issue with the DVDs, all the lessons are available to review any time. I bought all 5 Salsa Crazy instructional DVDs (3 beginner and 2 intermediate) and I highly recommend each one. I also bought a couple of DVDs of another popular salsa instructional DVD series (who will remain nameless). In my opinion the Salsa Crazy DVDs were much better. This "other" DVD series went way too fast for beginner level, and they did not break down the patterns in detail. They "rapid-fire" taught one pattern after another expecting you to somehow "get it".. -- John Klimchak - Silver Spring, MD

Love, love, love my Salsa class with Juan and Allison. Dancing is a great escape and de-stressor. We have so much fun and they give you so much personal attention. They are great teachers and phenomenal dancers. I started off in beginner's and now in level III. I I could only be as good as they are, wow! I like that they constantly remind both leaders and followers the importance of safe dancing techniques. As a follower, I want to be able to trust that the person I am dancing with knows how to lead me without injury. ...The classes just make me..well..happy. -- Lyn

DVDs have helped me mainly improve my posture and styling, which is something that is difficult to do whilst dancing with someone unless you have practiced it beforehand. I hope to continue dancing for as long as possible!!! -- Angela Barzanti

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More Rave Reviews for SalsaCrazy :

I went onto google to see if they have salsa dvds and it came up with yours. And ever since I started even the first dvd, I noticed more girls talked to me, even though they didn't know that I can now salsa dance. One of them said that my posture looks better, and I tend to step at a nice pace. I didn't think that salsa dancing would be that big of a progress in my social life, and I thank you for that. -- Michael Vetter

I LOVE THE DVD SET! I've sent away for quite a few of these types of instructional DVD sets and... all in all you've done a great job with these. I wish I had ordered them a long time ago! -- Deborah G.

Hi! The truth is - you made my dream of dancing come true! I mean really dancing... as opposed to moving in a rhythm of a music according to my own imagination. I always wanted to learn how to truly dance - and you gave me a way to fulfill this desire! I am very grateful for that! ...the previews and the set of entry level videos were a great start!!! Have a great day! And thank you. -- Michi Lewis

YES YES YES, SalsaBootCamp is fantastic. I have seen all the videos and I think they are gr8... I got inspired to salsa thru my girlfriend who is an advanced level dancer and even she thinks that the SBC is a gr8 way for beginners like me. I have taken the basic course here in Stockholm, Sweden in October... I know I need to dance more but can't find the time so I think dancing at home for now seems like a good idea and of course with SBC... who else. -- Frankel

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I have purchased your 5 DVD Learn to Dance, Mastery System. Also, I purchased: Merengue The Complete Dancers Guide. I am completely satisfied with both purchases... I have viewed and practiced Merengue, by myself, and have signed up for a class at my local recreation center to get back into a social life once again. I have also viewed the first DVD of the Salsa mastery system and can tell that I will love the dance and the series whence I connect with a dance partner through local dance classes sponsored by the Multi-Cultural Club. Again, thanks for turning me "ON" to dance, and life, once more. -- Robert

Get turned on to Salsa Dancing now! Check out the Salsa Mastery System!

Yes I have purchased your Salsa Master System Videos as well as join the Salsa Boot Camp. Both I have enjoyed and learned very much from. I am quite new to Dancing (started in November of 2007) and am 65 years old. I have found it a wonderful new mental focus in my life, not to mention the unexpected pluses I have received in exercise we at our later years dearly need. You are very articulate and the videos show quite clearly how to do each step... Again thank you very much for giving us all the opportunities to enjoy dancing. Ronald E. Curry - Sebring, Florida

Thank you very much for the free dance lessons. The DVDs are absolutely fantastic...... I have been practicing! The instructions are so very easy to follow... Thanks again. -- Myrtle

I just have the combo of three... learn how to dance salsa and I love every minute of it, it really has helped me to improve my skill to dance and I am all already dancing like the PRO! Also it has helped me to meet a new of lots of friends and it has really changed my life significantly. I'm enjoying life a lot more and my self... thanks for such a good videos. -- Jose

Just a note to say that we received the 5-DVD Salsa Mastery set very promptly and wasted no time in getting started with it. I and my wife Lydia have been salsa dancers for many years, and although we know some basic and a few fancy patterns, have yearned to expand our repertoire to incorporate those great, fluid turning patterns we have seen others do. So your DVD set is exactly what we have been looking for, a wonderful asset, which is all that you have claimed and more... were very grateful and gratified customers. Steven Mullerheim - Berkeley, CA

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Your service is really good, fast shipment. You also have a good collection of DVDs. The DVD that I purchased is very good and it teach us step by step clearly. It encourage us to dance Salsa, for so long I thought Salsa is very hard to learn. Thanks. -- Tjahaya

I bought the set -beginners/intermediate-almost two years ago next august.
I still watch them once in a while, and I've found them very helpful: complicated patterns are broken down into easy to follow simple steps. great job!!! -- Guy

Hi. I have just received them on Thur 29 May in good condition. The quality of the pictures are good, the teaching excellent, well demonstrated and easy to follow, the styling smooth and sexy... I luv it luv it luv it...Really enjoy it. Thanks again for producing one of the best dancing DVD I ever seen. -- Karouna

Your dvd was specially enlightening by the fact that male and female steps are shown. When I go out now, I hold the dance floor, practicing the moves as an individual. -- Mary Auguiste

Hi just to let you know the dvds are great and have helped me quite a bit.

I am taking salsa lessons and my instructor has noticed that for a beginner I seem to pick up quite quickly. By the way I bought the set of 5 dvds thanks so much.

-- Christine Muller

Guys, thanks a lot I've had a great time so far. I can't say that its been easy but it has been fun, my girlfriend loves the fact that we are doing this together, obviously she is progressing faster than myself but I find myself at work doing the steps while I work, we are currently looking into some dance schools here in Illinois and are hoping to find one that we feel comfortable with. Thanks again. -- Eddie Reyes

You did absolutely nothing wrong. I have some previous salsa experience, so I went ahead and ordered your newer, more advanced series. "ADVANCED SALSA DANCE MASTERY SYSTEM" I think it's great. I think it's the best. Along with the bonus dvds, I'll most certainly be taking my abilities to a whole new level. Thank you.
-- Victor Nunez

I love the Salsa Dance DVD because I could slo mo and rewind to be sure I get it right. I am very happy I got it. Thank you. -- Dudley

Dear Evan, thank you for the email enquiring about what I think about the advanced DVD set which I had received. I had gone through the set and found the set very useful. The explanation was very clear and the filming was excellent.
Although I had purchased Salsa DVDs produced by other organisation, I dare say that the advanced DVDs produced by Salsa Crazy is second to none. I will be adopting the variations for my intermediate & advanced classes in my dance studio (Dance With Me Academia) here in Singapore where the Salsa scene is pretty hot. I strongly recommend the set to Salsa enthusiasts. -- Algernon Tan

I am from Mumbai, India. I have already purchased the Beginners 3 DVDs and Intermediate level DVDs. I learned a lot from them. A friend of mine was in the US and she purchased them at my request... I am satisfied with yours [DVDs]. Warm regards. -- Villani

First of all, I would like to thank you for the free videos. They were simply amazing. I loved them... I am so excited to learn it with my partner.

The videos were amazing. I think anybody can learn Salsa by just following the steps given in the videos. Its so easy to learn Salsa, by just following the videos. I love your Salsa videos. Thanks for the Videos. You Rock SalsaCrazy :)"  -- Vishal

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I really admire that kind of work you are doing, not only you are sharing your expertise with your learners but the kind of passion demonstrated to lead me soaking into dancing. Bravo! I also would like to mention that the cha cha cha lessons instructed by Tianne & Felipe are extraordinary, I have learned some lessons from ball room latino dance instructor, personally, I think it is too sedulous and artificial, not like Felipe & Tianne, Tianne is exceptional, the way she moves, if more women can move the way she moves, so eye pleasing! Please don't get me wrong! Ha! Ha!
-- Philip

I'm 44 and new to the Latin dance scene but man am I hooked. It all started for me, about 3 months ago. While out with a friend, I saw couples Salsa dancing and loved what I saw. I knew I had to learn it. Through researching Salsa on the internet, I discovered your Salsa mastery DVD system and purchased it. You've produced an outstanding product. I love the system and am working my way through it. I've told several people about the products you have to offer. In addition to the DVD's, I've taken a few group lessons on Salsa and Cha Cha Cha as well. I still like having the DVD's, however. With them, I can study and practice as much as I want, whenever I want. I've enjoyed your new Cha Cha Cha DVD but after viewing the Salsa boot camp DVD Cha Cha Cha on 2, I receive as a bonus with my order, I have to say I'm really excited about this one. It has several great patterns to learn. This is exactly what I was looking for. -- Ronnie

Get exactly what you're looking for: The Cha Cha Cha Mastery for Beginners!

I've had two sessions with Juan and Rebecca so far (I take the beginner's class to brush up on the basics... and to get rid of any bad habits I may have learned at the salsa clubs!), and they are just the nicest. They take time to go over anything that is unclear, and make the learning fun and pressure-free. -- Tricia DeJesus-Gutierrez

Thank you very much, Evan. I really enjoy my dance lessons in Oakland. You employ excellent instructors who show patience and compassion as well as a love for what they do. They help bring more happiness into my life, and others, as I look around the dance hall. Again, thank you. -- Susan

Many thanks for the videos, I enjoyed watching them, and think the instruction is excellent... I have been dancing salsa for some time now and although I think your sample beginners videos are great, I would only perhaps benefit from the improvers/intermediates section of the set. I have, however, recommended your site to friends and acquaintances that may be interested in learning to dance salsa too.
-- Sharon

I already have all of them. A few years ago I got the first set of 3 & a couple months ago I got the package of 6. I've watched those DVD's lots & lots. I never have to worry about you & Moira taking breaks for any reason-- you're always there showing the intricacies of some salsa pattern done quite well...I'm still working with the first 3. They're fantastic. F-U-N is the MAIN THING here. A TON OF FUN! Thanks so MUCH for some very informative & FUN DVDs! I use them in a portable DVD player with a 10" screen. They're AWESOME!. -- El Salsero - Thommy

Your story believe or believe it not is partly true in my case. though I am married and have been happily for 23 years confidence was not my forte'. several years ago i decided to take up salsa dancing, my wife unfortunately was unable to, but told me to pursue my interest. Initially I was awkward footed and unsure of myself and several times felt like conceding defeat. However, my new found friends and the dancing instructor told me that I had the potential to make the grade. So with confidence anew I continued. Now I am pleased to say I can put a reasonably good routine together and my confidence has increased . All of our friends have remarked how it has helped me. Salsa dancing not only has brought confidence but also new and sincere friends who have also become friends of my wife's. Dancing nights are the highlight of the week and the knowledge and styling gets better. It is with absolute truth and sincerity I write this letter. Yours Sincerely -- P. Watts (Paul)

Yes! I have received the videos, they are great! I am learning, I have watched only two, the intermediate level.. I am attending to salsa lessons too here in Guatemala, (I am Guatemalan), but it is true my instructors haven't taught some key movements. I congratulate you for your good will to teach in the best way. Thank you so much, I will continue to watching the videos again and again... -- Nancy Oliveros

To be honest I truly enjoy them, salsa is now some thing I now cant do without.
no mater how stressful and tired I can be after work I cant miss salsa unless otherwise. the surprising thing is that after doing it all my worries and tiredness,
if I was low things start to change, you guys r the best. -- Jophael

I purchased your DVD's from one of your distributors and love them. I am still on DVD one, and will remain there till I master it. I initially was reluctant on purchasing the DVD's because your mini infomercial don't really show your style of dancing to entice me to want to purchase them. I finally found one of your mini infomercial and enjoyed your style and that you actually knew what you were doing so I took the plunge. Love it. Thanks for the great DVD's.-- Amy Maldonado

I loved the free salsa lessons sent to my e-mail address. What a terrific... idea. That's why I chose to buy the video. The mini lessons sent to my e-mail were short, simple, and fun. I appreciated that it was broken up into small segments that didn't confuse or overwhelm me, with too much information... I am excited to get started. I love dancing, and have always wanted to learn how to salsa... Thank you for making this look soooo easy. -- Shelly Young

Hi, yes thank you for the free video's and I did buy your 3 level DVD on salsa. I am currently up to the "turning" part, having finally mastered moving the hips in the opposite direction to the feet!!! Trying to get my husband to practice is another matter!! Thank you for making this DVD available it's really great! -- Jackie

Yes, I have received the beginner Salsa DVD's and I absolutely love them. To be honest I didn't have much expectation and just gave it a go and bought the dvd's on your fun website. But I am thrilled at my purchase!! It is my wedding next year, and fiance and I are planning on learning all the moves beforehand to look ultra smooth at our wedding, seeing as all we do now is stand all over each other's feet. I have already started learning, along with my mom and sister, and we absolutely love the DVD's. I recommend anyone whose out there to give it a try, they will not be disappointed and will find learning Salsa to be easy and fun. Nothing beats these DVD's! Thank you so much, so excited to purchase the next lot of DVD's once we have mastered the first 5 DVD's. -- Nicoletta

Yes, I am really enjoying the videos! The instructions are clear, and the dance steps are broken down to become second nature. Also that great music, makes me want to move. Thanks for the opportunity to learn, it has really ignited my passion for dance and follow it. Now I just have to find a man who can dance with me! Have a great day. -- Kacy Tuff

SalsaCrazy, thanks for all the free lessons. I did purchase your beginner package dvds. These dvds are very good to learn from, can't wait to get out there on the dance floor and once again thanks for all your free lessons and soon I know I will be SalsaCrazy. -- Mark

I had so much fun last week. The teacher was amazing and had me dancing the Salsa by nights end. I can't wait for this evenings class. -- Chenoa

Thank you for sending the freebies, all I was interested in was learning the steps, and a few of the turns, so I could know the basics. I am a retired dance teacher, and was happy to be able to get the knowledge so quickly and easily. Your videos provided that!! I will be able to have fun and know I am doing the steps correctly and can have the basic knowledge of turns, so my partner will think I know everything, as you know, as dance instructors we are expected to!!!! Thanks I enjoyed the instructions very much. -- Miriam

So far I am really enjoying the DVDs and free videos. I am new to Salsa dancing but am eagerly learning. I've been taking lessons for about two months but your DVDs are a great supplement. I like how they break down the moves and the fact that I can work at my own pace. When taking lessons my instructor teaches choreographed combinations and it is sometimes hard to keep up. The DVDs have helped me because they show me single, simple moves that I can practice individually and make my own combinations. Thank you for putting together great DVD sets and I look forward to many years of learning from them. -- Johnny K

Thank you so much for all the great service and a new lease on life for me. I am well on my way in the Salsa world and now having an absolute blast, thanks to you and the great instruction! ...I received my original DVD's and when I joined (which I absolutely love, by the way. I take my computer with me to the different cities I visit and take quick technique lessons before I go out Salsa dancing at the clubs). Thanks for your help. -- Scott

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I did purchase the entire collection and it's great! I've put together a nice little syllabus from all the DVD's. I regularly teach Swing, Fox Trot, Waltz, etc. and specialize in West Coat Swing so adding Salsa to my classes will be fabulous. thanks again for your fine DVD's. As far as the explanation of the steps and technique, they are the best. BRAVO!!

-- Bob Budzynski

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Been on a lot of travel lately but preview the DVD I recently purchased with my girlfriend and to say the least we're excited.  The explanation of the various movements and the demo 3x over with complete run through is great ... can't get this much buy going and paying the big bucks at a  place like AM for sure. -- Gus

The videos are great. I just ordered footwork and style and Cuban dance movement. With the videos and dance classes I have been able to finally dance salsa.
-- Soleana Silva

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I brought your learn to dance salsa beginners 12&3 I have had great fun watching and learning the basic steps. I have now taken up salsa classes been going for about 6 weeks now. Met loads of lovely people. Going up a level next week. Thanks very much for your help. -- Mel

The videos are great... From what I see in your video and tried, it is very helpful. It made Salsa fun and easy to be learned. The instruction on the video is A rated in my personal opinion. -- Dung Nguyen

I have purchased all 3 beginners dvds and love them. I am currently enrolled in a local dance studio taking beginning classes as well and there is no comparison. The dvds are clear, simple and fun and lets me work at my own pace. The only advantage to the dance studio is that you can practice with more than one partner. I wished I lived in San Francisco so I could take classes there. I hope to be able to master all the dvds in the complete system. That would be awesome! -- Sergio

Yes I have enjoyed the salsa dvds. I have tried others as well and without a doubt SalsaCrazy dvds are the best instructional salsa dvds yet for me. I took beginner salsa lessons from a couple that truly can salsa dance and they need to learn how to teach! They would benefit greatly from the dvds to see how instruction should be given!!! Thanks. -- Keith

Salsa Dance changed both our lives , we love the sound of the music ,that alone makes you get up and want to do more, we always danced when we whent out but now we can do a routing it makes it all worth while thanks to you... great easy video instruction and easy to follow instructions make your lessons fun to do and watch... cheers. -- Helen & Philip

I have bought many DVDs from you guys and just love them. Many thanks. With my partner I've been slowly working my way through all my DVDs including Salsa mastery, Bachata mastery, Salsa workout, pilates for dancers, merengue, and I even have foxtrot, waltz, rumba!! -- Verna Stewart

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I am receiving these videos and it is explaining all in very good way. So this is your + point :-)... Anyway I find your salsa school as a perfect way of learning dancing. I am a half of Earth away and can learn to salsa. That is really good and as said the videos are self explanatory... I started to learn salsa, because we want to dance with my fiance at our wedding "dirty dancing" dance - time of my life as a surprise for our guests (it should be mambo, but anyway). But now, I really started to like salsa as such and am glad I found your school... Good luck to all of you and looking forward to the DVDs and further your videos. -- Jozef

I'm still mastering the 3 pack beginners series DVDs. It has given me all kinds of confidence when we go to Goldcoast ballroom in Coconut Creek Fl. I even try some of the other ballroom stuff, Tango, Cha Cha Cha, Waltz, etc... Everything you say about gaining confidence is true. -- Paul Robinson

I received last week the DVDs I ordered and began to look to them (of course I havent had time yet to look to all of them). I want to tell you that I find them really exceptional so let me congratulate you for the work done producing them. The methodology used is very didactic and motivating so I feel very happy with these DVDs and I am eager to learn a lot from them. -- Savion Gropper

I appreciate you following up with me. I like your DVD's... you do have the best teaching DVD's. So without a doubt I know you are selling tons of DVD's because of the straight forward and easy to learn teaching. Thank you very much, and have a great day. -- Gregory Wright

All I have to say can be reduced to one word: WOW!... There's something really great about you, it's really crazy! All that enthusiasm and professionalism, served by unbeatable marketing skills...It's just contagious! Evan, you are the bearer of the Dionysiac spirit of dance, and manage to make it available worldwide. You have this boundless energy that is changing this planet into a great dancing party. And then, you and your team are all great teachers, you really make it available for people to learn. I was looking for what you bring for years! Thank you so much. -- Vasco Croft

I've got Salsa Dance Mastery System which I purchased from you and Salsa Footwork and Styling and Dance Movement... You Evan and your Sweet Partner you are on the top as the dancers and teachers. You are as a Gods and you like to pray to you. Sa I say once again You Both are excellent and your job made me happy, happy, happy. That's it. Many best wishes to both of yours. -- Andrzej Borkowski

I did order the complete beginner's set... The videos are great. It's wonderful to be able to repeat something a number of times if you don't get it at first... my husband and I are enjoying salsa so much that we are hoping to progress to the intermediate level when we can use them. Many thanks. -- Roz

I have seen your free videos and yes, I purchased the dvd's. I had a chance to review your DVDs and they are great. It's like I have a private school to learn my first steps before I'll be exposed to the world. Thank you for your good work in the dvd's.
-- Ernie Santamaria

Been on a lot of travel lately but previewed the DVD I recently purchased with my girlfriend and to say the least we're excited. The explanation of the various movements and the demo 3x over with complete run through is great ... can't get this much by going and paying the big bucks at a place like AM for sure. -- Gus

I love your dvds, since you explain everything in simple words and break all complex the movements to fundamentals... I can hear clear voice instructions, something that is hard to find in the internet short videos. Thank you guys. You are real professionals and you're doing great job. -- Vadim

Thus far the site is awesome. I actually took an introductory Salsa class the other night at Fred Astair. They were more interested in getting me to sign up for their 6 lessons $399 package. I am sure I have already covered in 2 hours more than half of what they could cover in the 6 lessons. This is definitely the best price value proposition out there! I am really excited!! -- Mike

Thanks for the email. I have tried taking classes weekly and can never seem to remember what I learned from a week ago. With these videos I can go back and reference to them before I go out and dance. I too think that dancing is a great thing. I hope that the salsa scene in texas will grow. -- Jorge Sanchez

I had my wife Helen Borrero order two of your cd's for me. We are well on our way to dancing better salsa. I find your cd's to be of help in our salsa routines. Thanks, and keep on dancing. -- Santana & Helen

I've just received my second salsa DVD video and I am elated to say the least. I feel its important that i give you feedback on my progress and I am happy to say that I am progressing quite well. I am learning it with so much enthusiasm till it feels so easy and leaves me wishing for the next video. I am now quite through with the basic steps in the first video and I'm feeling quite proud of my achievement. I have a cousin called Jackline who I am intending to introduce to this since we share the same salsa passion. The story you have just sent me about Paul was quite inspiring and motivating and even gives me a bigger zeal to perfect my steps. Thank you once again for assisting me achieve this feat. I am looking forward to hear from you once again. I remain yours in dedication. -- Beth Mahasi

You don't know me much, but I have been watching with my friend Bonnie your first 3 DVD's. I wanted to thank you for the EXCELLENT teaching. I can actually do this somewhat thanks to your videos. Also like your sense of humor. If you ever have some dance weekend camp or similar in the Bay Area, Bonnie and I would come out for that. We live in far away and still cold Minneapolis. Sincerely yours and thank you! -- Dr. Theodore Berman (Teddy)

The explanations of the moves and the pace was great. I have just finished taking a beginner salsa dance and wanted to review some maneuvers. Your sneak previews were excellent. I bought some salsa music and have been practicing. When I can save up a little more money, I plan to purchase your dvd collection. It sounds wonderful and your words of encouragement are awesome. Thanks for staying in touch. -- Kathleen

I bought your CDs to give to my mother - who lives in Germany and teaches
Ballroom and wanted to get to know what it is all about. She absolutely
loved the first DVD and will learn and share what she learns with some of
her friends. The DVD is great - especially for people who have no idea about dancing at all, or who have two left feet. I am glad I discovered these brilliant DVDs!
-- Esther Crawford

This is the best Salsa DVD instructions series I've ever owned. Thank You. Your in depth step by step explanations are clear and precise, easy to follow. I do pick up lots of tricks and skills from watching this Intermediate level 1 & 2. Just to let you know that I and my wife (Holly) already sign up for the Carnival Salsa Cruise in Nov and can't wait to meeting you in person. -- Long Le

My name is Jim and I live in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia. Coffs (Harbour) is located about mid way between Sydney and Brisbane on the east coast. I have been taking Salsa classes for about the past 9 months and purchased the full 5 DVD set which arrived here about 3 weeks ago. They are absolutely brilliant and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Your style of breaking moves down to their basics is great. I also like the picture in picture on the important foot and hand techniques. I especially liked the detail that you give to the guys (leaders) with hand technique for leading as this had been a bit of a stumbling block for me in my progress. My partner and I have been working through the DVDs and learning techniques and moves and our rapid progress has even impressed our instructors! It can take a bit of time for me to learn new moves and techniques in class, but with the DVDs I can set up a section to repeat over and over and in slow motion and nail it very quickly. I have signed up for your upcoming Salsa Footwork DVD due to be released soon and just want to say hey bring on Intermediate Volumes 3 and 4 and what about Advanced Volumes 1, 2 & 3 as Im sure they will sell well. I was also very impressed with your order processing system. I had the DVDs in my hand 10 days from online ordering which is really good when you dont live in a major city and live half a planet away! Thank you and keep up the good work. -- Jim Minto

I just received a copy of your beginner salsa dvd series in my mail two days ago and it is fabulous!! I cannot begin to tell you just how impressed I am with the set. The instructors are extremely clear with their teaching methods which allows you to learn the dance quickly. I absolutely love the beginner series and will definitely be ordering the intermediate series in the near future. -- Melissa Mitchell (Ontario)

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Yes, I bought the videos and I really enjoy them! The videos do a superb job of breaking down the different routines and each practice session is complete. The dance to the music is right-on, the picture insert that shows the footwork, and the pace for learning is perfect. Hats-off to you for making such a good set of videos. I bought the whole set (yes, all 5 of them). I have been to lessons before and have learned to dance all the way to the advanced level. These videos provide an excellent way for me to brush-up on some of the basics especially since I've been so busy lately that I haven't been out on the dance floor in ages it seems. Also, I can learn to continue onto the advanced levels with these videos without having to drag my partner
through all the clumsiness that would come from going on the dance floor directly. Now I'll be able to polish-up my dance and return to the dance floor with better confidence and more smooth salsa dancing that should astonish even the most advanced dancing partner. -- Kamau

Hi. Thanks for the videos. I couldn't wait to get home from work to read my mail to find the next lesson you sent. It was like opening presents at Christmastime. They were very informative, and easy to follow. Funny story ... I was on the computer watching your videos, standing next to my chair following the footsteps along with you. My younger sister, came in and asked what I was doing. Then she started following the steps. WE both LOVE to dance. She likes freestyle, while I grew up in the disco era. So partner dancing isn't a problem for me. I just love the Salsa music, when I dance it, I feel it's an expression of myself. It's great for one's self esteem. I've checked further into this dancing and we both signed up at our local park district for Salsa & Merangue lessons. Last Tuesday was our first lesson. What a blast! People kept saying to us... WOW, you guys have done this before. That's when I told them about your website. I hope they will check it out, as I did... I would like to thank you again. Thanks for being there. I'm certain we'll talk soon. -- Joanne (Chicago)

Prior to purchasing my DVD's...I signed up for a Salsa Class. All they were interested in was my monthly fee. The class was too crowded. Now I have my DVD's and my partner and I can rewind our DVD's...something I could not do with the actual instructor. We practice every other day and we are enjoying Salsa dancing. And we are starting to "look good" ! Great DVD's ! Quality, Picture and Sound! all in one package. -- George - Brooklyn, NYC

Thank you so much for sending me the order so fast, you guys are wonderful. You don't know how much I love Salsa. This DVD was just what I need to make my Summer completed!!!! goal is to work on this the rest of the Summer. I'm so happy that I want to scream- see I don't have the time to look for Salsa classes so this is perfect for me!!!!...... So again thank you. -- Pascuala Ramos

Hi-- I think your DVD's are great--I'm on my second beginner one now--I find them to be particularly useful when used in addition to classes--I would like very much to see some specialty discs--Ladies styling or cuban motion, adornos, rueda... I think it is great that salsacrazy, dance SF, you guys are our there making salsa so available and fun. Thanks! -- Jenny Martin

I think your free videos are very good. I purchased the first DVD for beginners. If I would have known how well you teach and how the DVD instruction video is
like being in your classroom, I would have purchased the whole 3 DVD set in the beginning and get the discount. I have taken a few lessons from one of the well known local instructors for salsa. In comparison, your instructions make it easier to learn. Your tips are what make your teaching easier for my wife and I to learn. The way you break down the basics and patterns are easier to comprehend and put into effect. I like having the beginners DVD because its exactly like being in class. Having the DVD helps me brush up on what I have learned in class. We tend to forget some of the things we learned in class if we don't practice. All I have to do is refer back to the DVD as a refresher course. Its great! I will purchase the remaining 2 DVD's for the beginners level for sure. You have a talent for teaching salsa. There are many good dancers but not all our good teachers. We are glad we found your website and joined up for your classes. Its fun and worth the time and effort it takes to learn to dance when taking lessons from you! -- Daniel

I have bought salsa dvds from 3 sources thus far. Yours my friend are hands down far and away the better of what I have seen so far. They have been just what I needed!!! I just wish there was a salsa club right here in my town!!
-- Keith Finch (Lynchburg, VA)

I have ordered and received the full set of 5 (3 beginner, 2 intermediate) videos in the series. I am very happy that I made the purchase and am enjoying the DVDs very much. It is amazing how fast a person such as myself can progress to dancing confidently in such a short period of time, and it is a testament to the high quality of the teaching on the DVDs. Thank you very much for offering such a wonderful product. -- Kevin M. Winkel

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I love the DVDS. I received them fast and I started using them right away. It is clear like you said it is easy to learn because of the way you explained step by step. I'm so glad I got them and I really recommend them to anybody... -- Zoraida

Hi, I thought I aught to bring you up to date with my progression in salsa. First of all, your DVD's are great and so very easy to follow I took classes once a week to help with having a partner -. coming home to practice to your excellent lessons. I was more than pleased with my results. It has made me a lot more confident to get up and try it in public. I would willingly recommend your lessons to anyone struggling to learn salsa . The free small video snippits that you provide us with, can be very helpful if time is of the essence and we don't have time to look through the videos themselves. Thank you for all the effort you and your hard working staff have put into these videos. Their Great!! I purchased the whole set, and don't feel let down ,or disappointed in any way. I'd just like to say to those people out there, reading your preliminary advertisement on the internet, "Don't think any more just buy these DVDs and you will be dancing Salsa in no time. their super excellent"
-- Barbara ( England)

Your videos are some of the best I've ever seen, and I've got a wall full. I love the way you make learning fun. I love your partner Moira, she is such an inspiration. I love
that you look at your partner instead of at the camera all the time, so I know where the leader's head is supposed to go. I love the music. I love the tips. The only thing I *don't* love, is that you're on the West Coast and I'm on the East Coast. I want to dance with you! I wish you all the best. -- Lee Ann

The Dancing is going great! My fiance is comfortable learning at home instead of in front of people, and the lessons are very well demonstrated and easy to follow along with. Plus you give good tips with the demos on the odds and ends things you might not learn until you have more experience like holding a constant frame, stepping assuredly in a direction confident that your partner will follow, etc. I am having a great time brushing up on my skills and Kevin is actually having fun learning the steps and has prompted at least two of our practices. These videos work great! We are lending the videos to my in-laws too as they are gonna try to cut the rug as well as Kevin and I... we are extremely pleased with our purchase, and our guests will be so pleased with our performance. Thank you very much for the great instructions.
-- Christi Hutchison


HEY! I LOVE my SalsaCrazy DVD! It's DA BOMB!! I'm learning how to dance salsa and it's AWSOME! Now I can dance with my husband, instead of sitting back and watching other women dance with him! Sorry HONEY! I'm gonna dance with MY HUSBAND! ; ) It's so sexy! I love it!  Thank You. -- Michelle


Ii watched the free videos and I purchased the DVD's....they are AMAZING.....very helpful and easy to understand and apply...and it doesn't take time...just half an hour everyday.... they are absolutely PERFECT....I mean look at me...I used to know nothing about Salsa dancing and I never dreamt of learning it that fast!!!!! all my friends are amazed and surprised!!!! most of my relatives and friends purchased the DVD's....I mean who could've believed that I would actually be a Professional at SALSA?!?!! :D was a dream coming true....thanks a lot for everything and keep it up fellows!!!!!  -- Meirelle

I appreciated the videos and they were excellent for students who want to learn salsa or for those who are beginning in salsa and want to learn a little more or just want to see what they missed in a lesson. The instructors made it easy for everyone to understand the basic steps and turns. Most people would be able to learn from the videos if they purchased them... Thank you for your time and efforts in making salsa available. Keep up the good work! -- Colleen

Dear Salsacrazy, I had purchased other salsa videos in the past and found them to be difficult to follow, so I was skeptical about your videos when I first heard of them
awhile back and there was no one, I knew in the Los Angeles area who recommended them.  I have just watched the Salsabootcamp dvds vol. 1-3 after receiving them for subscribing Salsabootcamp online. I was very impressed with your video teaching techniques. The videos have accelerated my time to learn the
salsa patterns. I will certainly recommend and your videos
to anyone who seriously wants to dance salsa...your online salsa bootcamp videos, as well as the dvds you have sent me, have helped me to learn salsa at a much faster pace than just taking lessons Your videos have created a step by step system upon which anyone can review over and over again. It is also helpful when practicing patterns with other dancers because we can watch the videos together and create a frame of reference, especially for the beginning woman dancer. It also encourages a continued interest in learning to dance salsa, quickly and effectively. There are plenty of salsa wannabes and most people want a fast track when it comes to learning anything and I am not the exception. Also I don't have to spend as much time and money taking salsa lessons. But when I do take lessons, I am able to better comprehend the lesson because many of the steps on the videos are similar to what is being taught in many salsa classes. By watching the videos over and over, I am able to learn the patterns with a minimum of practice because my mind is able to remember the pattern more effectively as compared to just taking salsa lessons. By just taking lessons, I am not able to effectively remember the patterns. As a professional dancer, I'm sure you are already aware of my experience and that is why you have used the current technology to create a system to provide an effective way to help others learn how to dance with less time. Also since I have told other dance partners that I have training videos that we can watch, they show more interest in wanting to practice. You came up with a great idea whose time has come. I hope your business model and marketing practices makes you a millionaire. With my online subscription and the dvds, you have sent, I have enough material to keep me busy for at least the next 3 months, so I really don't have a need to buy more dvds. Also the whole point of my subscribing to SalsaBootCamp was to find an effective and economical way to learn how to dance L.A. Style Salsa. Here's to your continued success! -- Martin Kubota

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I purchased the mastery set of dvd's and I'm glad I did. I like dancing with the instructor's back to me which is one of the methods you use and I appreciate the close ups in the left side bottom corner. - Rhonda DeMarco - Rio Rancho , NM

I received the Dance Salsa DVD's I ordered and absolutely LOVE them. I have purchased many dance DVD's in the past and this is the only ONE I need! I
can throw all the others away... I was pretty impressed with your bachata video series. As a previous customer of your salsa videos, I trusted that your bachata series would be just as good, and in the end, it really was. Hats of the the king of dance, Salsa Crazy. You guys are the best.
-- Sonia Rodriguez - Denville, NJ

See how our Bachata DVDs are just as good as our Salsa DVDs!

These are probably the clearest Salsa lessons I've ever seen on video. I prefer not to take group classes because I practice and perform better off alone or with just 1 partner, so I've actually seen several other videos that simply dont even compare to the salsa crazy series. It's a well-produced and effective learning system.
-- Steve A - Pittsburgh, PA

I want to thank you very much for all the free online salsa lessons and the Dance Movement DVD with Alison Hurwitz. They're excellent tools for people like me, someone shy who wants to learn how to dance or improve his dancing. I have built up my confidence and dance much better now. Again MAHALO! ALOHA!
-- Romy Estrada - Santa Barbara, CA

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I have purchased all the beginner series along with the Intermediate. I also got the Merengue and Bachata DVDs. What a great tool in my kit. Everything I need to learn and relearn at my fingertips. Thanks for making this possible.
-- Kurt Glasgow
- Ontario, Canada

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Thank you so much for getting me on the dance floor! Your DVDs really changed my life. I'm meeting new people and more importantly am no longer afraid of getting on the dance floor. - Jordan Thompson - Concord, CA

I am amazed by what you have put together through SalsaBootCamp!!!! I am learning so much and am so inspired. Thank you so much for your generosity because really what you are doing is sharing your knowledge and love of dance. It was through a gentleman I met recently who came to one of my aerobic classes who told me about salsacrazy. He danced with me and I was so impressed by his technique that I had to see what he was talking about... and now I understand ... I am hooked. You break everything down and repeat, repeat, repeat , repeat. (And always keeping it warm and entertaining) Thank you Evan from the bottom of my heart.
-- Doris Kates - Niagara Falls, Canada

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Everything is very good. The DVDs are great. I love the breakdown section. However, I wish my live instructor in Charlotte had the same approach. Nevertheless, I am recommending the Salsa Crazy DVDs to everyone that will listen. Thank you for providing me with a wonderful product. -- Darius Ward

I've received my 3 disc beginners pack and love it! It's so easy to follow and has made a big improvement in my steps! -- Cynthia L. Gardner - Jacksonville, FL

Yes thank you and thoroughly I enjoyed the period that I was with you guys and the experience throughout. I can honestly say that the DVD's were very useful particularly the way that everything was broken down to its minute technique and effectiveness. This is something that isn't always taught in regular salsa classes and was very much appreciated because it enabled me to [as a salsa teacher of the last 16 months] deliver my salsa routines, ideas and technique in a way that was efficient, interesting and effective to my class pupils. -- Ken Charles

I received all 5 DVD's and the bonus in good order and we are already practicing. We have a little trouble with the turns (getting dizzy all the time, do you ever get used to that?), and we must keep the tempo low to keep up with the music, but the instructions are very clear and we really enjoy salsa dancing. -- Harry

Since the market is flooded with DVD teaching aids, deciding what is best
for one's particular purpose, is paramount. My background is in sport where precision and economy of effort is paramount, additionally since dancing is not a masculine way of moving, for my own peace of mind, I needed a product in which "the bloke" moves in the least effeminate way. I confirm that your DVD Salsa for Beginners is the most detailed and informative product I have yet seen... the Salsacrazy beginners DVD is the best I have yet seen, in terms of precision and guidance. Cheers.
-- Hernando

I just did the Bachata dvd volume 1 with a girlfriend and absolutely loved it!! I had previously only done one lesson in a social dance environment and found it rushed into it which left me a little rough and all over the place. Your dvd sets build slowly a fundamental understanding, into basic steps that grow and compliment each other for very fast and permanent absorption and learning. Thank you so much. I am lucky to have found you guys and am glad to have jumped on board your series. It is very appropriate to the dance scene here in Melbourne Australia... clubs playing 3:1:1:1 - 3 Salsa, 1 Merengue, 1 Cha-Cha and 1 Bachata songs in series.... It's like an always available coach at home for this salsaholic. -- Gordon Corry, Australia

Get a "fundamental understanding" of Bachata, and beyond!

Love the site. It's a great resource only I don't have the time to use it, much less take advantage of all it offers. Cheers and thanks for creating Salsa Boot Camp.
-- Thomas

I think you do an exceptional job at breaking down the steps. And you have a very appropriate and engaging presentation. I have taken classes with other teachers and have seen other DVDs, but yours are the best! -- Gregor, San Francisco

I hope you read this personally, as I want you to know that your DVDs and website have done more to improve my salsa than anything else out there. Not that I don't study everything I can. NO ONE breaks things down like you do. You are great for beginners/intermediates. As I approach my second year as a salsa dancer I find myself learning more and more advanced patterns and loving them... I think Alison and Tianne are wonderful at teaching... now after studying your materials hard and taking classes for another year it is like being a different person. The last time I went dancing my first partner did not want to let me go. After 3 dances with her I literally saw my other partners with their arm crossed tapping their feet, as if to say, "OK it's my turn now". So I politely asked if I could weave her in throughout the night. I am SO happy!!! -- Bill Creedon

I like the videos a lot, I think they're great and I hope I keep having this great experience by receiving them. To me, the salsa is what I really want to do for the rest of my life, I mean... dancing. I dance and teach Casino, but I like learning "Cross" because it's another dancing style that I want to learn, and is also very nice. I want to get the real technique... Anyway, you keep sending the videos 'cos I will keep enjoying 'em.. have a nice year and keep doing great things like this.
-- Susy Dávila - Guatemala City

Dear Evan, I am enjoying your DVDs... Thank You. They are truly great and inspiring. I hope to learn a lot through your instructional and interactive approach. I am going to order additional DVDs soon. Again thank you. -- Ramasamy Govindarajan

Thank You Evan, for a fantastic program. The DVD's are excellent quality,
easy to follow and fun! My husband and I have had great evenings together
learning these new steps in our living room. It has made us laugh and have
been great exercise too. The Salsa dance Website is great and I love sharing
my experiences in the forum and meeting new people. Thank you again for
putting together such a fun and professional program.-- Naomi Botha, Brisbane

"Clear, simple, step-by-step instructions
that anyone can easily learn"

"I just started to dance Salsa this year. I've purchased the first and second SalsaCrazy DVDs for beginners. Evan's instructions are clear, simple, step-by-step instructions that anyone can easily learn (and I mean anyone). I've actually tried the patterns, I've learned from the video, at the clubs and they work.

I've actually received positive comments about my moves from the ladies. The lessons are well laid out and the picture-in-picture format is definitely a plus.

It's also a great complement to anyone taking classes from other instructors. I've actually recommended this video series to several of my friends and co-workers. I love salsa dancing. I'm totally addicted to it. I hope the salsa dance movement will continue to grow and that Evan puts out more instructional videos. Thank you."

-- R. Pavia, LA

The picture-in-picture view made learning a breeze for this student...

"I have bought a few of these DVDs and I have to say that this is the best one I have seen so far. I really like the caption box that shows the foot maneuvers from a different angle in a picture-within-a-picture. It made the whole experience so easy and enjoyable."

Don McClure
Oakland, CA

Learning from DVDs is better than in-person classes!

"I've taken both dance studio and "nightclub" Salsa lessons and I feel that I've learned much more (and learned faster) from the SalsaCrazy DVDs than from the "live" lessons.

Evan does a great job of breaking down each dance pattern in detail. My one big complaint when I took the group lessons was they did not teach us enough of the "cool" turns. Well, the SalsaCrazy DVDs definitely teach the cool turns and a lot more.

Also, I found after taking studio lessons, you end up forgetting a lot of the stuff they taught you. That's not an issue with the DVDs, all the lessons are available to review any time. I bought all 5 SalsaCrazy instructional DVDs (3 beginner and 2 intermediate) and I highly recommend each one.

I also bought a couple of DVDs of another popular Salsa instructional series (who will remain nameless). In my opinion the SalsaCrazy DVDs were much better. This "other" DVD series went way too fast for beginner level, and they did not break down the patterns in detail. They "rapid-fire" taught one pattern after another expecting you to somehow get it."

Joanna K.
San Antonio, TX

Salsa was this mans cure for depression.

"I had just gotten divorced, after being married   for thirteen years, when I found SalsaCrazy.

I desperately needed some cheering-up.

Evan had such exuberance and was so gentle and encouraging toward Beginners, that I knew he was the instructor for me! I am now at the point where I can go out to a club, ask a woman to dance, and be reasonably sure that we both will survive the experience. I only have two good turns at this time but that doesnt seem to be a problem! Ha-Ha!

The most important thing though, is the change in my state of mind and outlook: with my Salsa dancing routine (I try and do something almost every day), I have found it IMPOSSIBLE to be sad or depressed. I am sandwiched between reminiscing about the fun time from the previous nights of lessons and dancing, and am eagerly anticipating the events of tonight or tomorrow night! Its Wonderful!"

Roger M.

San Francisco, CA

J.K. has completely overcome his fear of talking to women he doesnt know!

"I have watched your DVDs two, maybe three times and I want you to really hear this. THANK YOU. This has opened my eyes! I am seeing this whole 'dancing' thing in a completely new light!

I am acting more relaxed, confident, and self-assured in almost every part of my life, than I ever have before. I have had more conversations with women in the past week than in the past 6 months. Let me say it again: Thank you. By the way, there were a few times I busted up laughing at some of the suggestions you gave. It's not only good advice, but makes for excellent viewing!"

Portland, OR

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