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Salsa Blogs: Salsa Dance News and Events All Over the World

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SalsaCrazy Europe:

Salsa Crazy London
Learn all about salsa in London. From salsa dancing clubs and events to salsa dance classes and performances, this site has it all. Look no further as you enter some of the hottest and most elite salsa dance clubs in London. Find classes, lessons, shows, events and more
! Salsa Classes London and beyond! Get all your salsa London news right here!

Salsa Crazy Europe
Salsa Dancing all over Europe, including salsa in London (and throughout the UK), salsa dancing in Paris, Rome, Spain, and throughout Central Europe. Get all your salsa Europe news right here!

Salsa Crazy UK
Find salsa dance clubs and salsa lessons in the UK at SalsaCrazyUK. Discover tons of salsa dancing events and performances right near you. Featuring up-to-date news and feedback on some of today's hottest and most visited salsa events, clubs, and venues throughout the UK.

Salsa Crazy Paris
Salsa Dancing
News and Reviews, Event List and Parties, Clubs and Bar Location and Salsa Dance Instructors and DJ all over Paris, France. Learn to salsa dance in Paris... Salsa Paris! Discover an exciting world of clubs, venues, lessons, and a culture that you will never forget!

SalsaCrazy Asia:

Salsa Crazy Asia
Salsa Dancing all over Asia, including all the salsa dance news for salsa in Japan, salsa in China, and salsa dance throughout Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and just about every other salsa dance destination in Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Salsa Crazy Bangkok
All the salsa dance events your can dream of, updated daily and weekly, for the Bangkok. Find clubs, events, classes, venues and more for all your salsa dancing needs! Discover the exciting salsa dance scene in Bangkok, whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced salsa dancer.

Salsa Crazy Beijing
Want to Salsa Dance in Beijing? SalsaCrazy Beijing will tell you exactly where to go and why. Spend your days and nights visiting the hottest and most popular salsa dance clubs and venues throughout Beijing. We have all the news, updates, and events that'll change your salsa dancing lives!

China Salsa Congress
Learn about the fantastic salsa congress scene in China. Get details, dates, locations, and updates regarding the most exciting salsa event in the world! Salsa congresses are fun, social, and display some of the most amazing salsa dance skills to be seen.

Salsa Crazy China
Salsa Dancing News and Reviews, Event List and Parties, Clubs and Bar Location and Salsa Dance Instructors and DJ all over China. Learn all about the Salsa scene in China... From Shanghai to Hong Kong, this Chinese Salsa Blog will let you discover the salsa dancer within!

SalsaCrazy International

Salsa Crazy Sydney
Salsa dance in Sydney Australia, and also covers all areas around Australia, including salsa dancing in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, New Zealand, Adelaide and every other location in or around Australia.

Salsa Crazy Canada
Learn about all the crazy and fun salsa dance events in Canada. If you're looking to go salsa dancing and you live in Canada, this site is all you need. Salsa dance news, updates, and more in all the Canadian Provinces.

Secret Salsera
Every salsero has a "Salsa Story"... the story of how he or she became addicted to salsa. You will hear the ins and outs of "The Scene" (as we call it) and behind the salsa dance scenes too. These are the stories that bring people to say, "what happens at congress... stays at congress!"

Salsa Crazy Salsa News Blog
Salsa Dance News and Events Worldwide. Global salsa dancing information, with a twist! SalsaCrazy reports on some of the hottest salsa events and happenings all over the world, in each and every country! Discover all the events and then get crazy in your own local town!

Salsa Music Lovers
The Home of all Your Salsa Dance Music. Feel The Beat and Rhythm, Live the Passion, Experience the dance. Salsa Music Lovers is your place to discover new artists, musicians, bands, and rhythms all over the world.

Dance Crazy Blog
DanceCrazy's own dedicated Dance Blog. For all the news and events related to the DanceCrazy and SalsaCrazy team, check out the DanceCrazy Blog for constant updates, news, and event postings so you'll never miss a beat! Featuring every style of dance!  We already have a huge archive to look through, and we are expanding every single day.

SalsaCrazy World News
Salsa Dancing All over the World, Worldwide Salsa Dance Information, with a Twist. Discover the magic of Salsa dancing around the world... From Asia and Europe to the North and South America. If it's salsa that you seek, it is salsa you will find, no matter where you are.

SalsaCrazy US:

Salsa New York
Salsa New York is crazy wild, and we'll be bring you all the salsa dance event news and reviews, as we hear about it. If there are any big upcoming salsa dancing events, or salsa dance news, anywhere in New York, you'll hear about it first hand, right here!

Salsa Crazy Miami
In here you'll discover the most recent salsa dance Miami events and news. Salsa dancing in Miami is exciting and also extremely popular, so now you'll know which events to attend and what's happening throughout the salsa dance scene in Miami.

Salsa Crazy in Portland
The salsa dance scene in Portland is vibrant, lively, and fun. We'll alert you of all the newest salsa dancing events, performances and stories taking place in Portland- from upcoming events to news and nights. This is your place online to discover the happenings in the world of Portland salsa dancing.

Salsa Crazy in Seattle
Salsa dance Seattle is hot, and we'll alert you of all the newest salsa dance events, performances and news stories. From upcoming salsa dance events to Seattle salsa dancing news, this is your place online to discover the trends and happenings in the world of Seattle salsa dancing.

Salsa Crazy Hawaii
All of the classic and popular Salsa clubs and Salsa dance classes in Hawaii will be posted right here. From events to lessons, SalsaCrazy Hawaii will leave nothing out! So get up on the dancefloor, have some fun, and enjoy Salsa dancing in the most exciting clubs and classes around Hawaii.

Salsa Crazy DC
All of the most popular salsa clubs and salsa dance classes in Washington DC will be posted right here. It's the ultimate DC blog for salsa dancing insider tips, irresistible offers, dance lessons, and beyond! alsaCrazy DC will leave nothing out!

SalsaCrazy in California:

Salsa Crazy San Francisco
Salsa Dancing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Includes a great salsa dance events calendar, and all classes and clubs listing for dancing all around the San Francisco Bay, including the East Bay (Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville), North Bay (Marin, Petaluma, Santa Rosa), and South Bay (Peninsula, San Jose), as well as Stockton and Sacramento salsa dancing. Dance San Francisco!

Salsa Crazy Los Angeles
Salsa dancing in Los Angeles. Salsa dance in Los Angeles is huge, and we try to cover it all, from salsa in Anaheim, to salsa in studio city, from the huge salsa clubs like the Mayan, to salsa clubs like like Steven's Steakhouse and Mama Juanas, we have all the news, and all the salsa classes and salsa dance lessons around the Los Angeles area!

Salsa Crazy San Diego
Discover San Diego salsa dance lessons, events, and clubs for the local salsa dancing scene near you. Salsa Dancing in San Diego is hot, fun, and socially dazzling! Check out SalsaCrazy San Diego to learn where to go, what to see, and whose playing!

Salsa Dance In The Square
Live Salsa Music & Dance In Union Square Every Month This Summer, 2009.
Dance San Francisco!
Live from the heart of San Francisco... Salsa in the Square features the hottest Bay Area Salsa bands and DJs. Learn to salsa dance in Union Square, San Francisco & have the time of your life!

Dance San Francisco
The premiere salsa dance San Francisco Bay Area school, which is staffed by internationally recognized salsa instructors. By using a tested and proven method of fun, step by step instruction techniques, the salsa classes lead students through a carefully planned series of exercises on their path to becoming accomplished dancers.


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