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DanceCrazy's Wedding Dance Mastery System will make your wedding day even more special! The Wedding Dance Mastery System includes 5 DVDs (1 DVD for each dance: Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba, Swing, plus an entire DVD dedicated to tips, tricks, wedding advice and etiquette).

No Experience Necessary! DanceCrazy presents the perfect instructional guide to your first wedding dance, and your first dance as husband and wife. With complete preparation and breakdowns for each dance (Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, and Rumba), we also include an enormous amount of extra material to cover every aspect of your dance, like bands, DJs, songs, etiquette, tips, and ideas. Over 8 Hours of expert dance instruction. In-depth analysis of footwork, timing, and "the essential connection" to make your first dance a truly special one.

Customer Review:

"It is my wedding next year, and my fiancé and I are planning on learning all the moves beforehand to look ultra smooth at our wedding, seeing as all we do now is stand all over each other's feet. I have already started learning, along with my mom and sister, and we absolutely love the DVD's. I recommend anyone whose out there to give it a try... Nothing beats these DVD's! Thank you so much,"

-- Nicoletta

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