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Learn to Dance Merengue! Beginner - Intermediate DVD

Merengue is an easy and exciting Latin dance to learn! Merengue goes hand in hand with Bachata.

SalsaCrazy's Merengue Dance DVD! The most popular and best-selling Merengue Dancing DVD is now available! Featuring the hottest Merengue Music and the most exciting Merengue Dance Moves ever to hit the dance floor!

Includes step-by-step breakdowns with easy-to-follow patterns that anyone can learn... Insightful tips and hints that only the pros know, an in-depth study of footwork, styling, hand positions, and "the essential connection". Learn how to dance Merengue with your own style and discover the true dancer within yourself. Also featuring guided practices with music and a detailed look at timing and rhythm, so you'll never miss a beat!

Customer Review:

"I have bought only one DVD: learn to dance Merengue. It is really fantastic, and I really mean this word, it has changed the meaning of dancing techniques, and in addition it mentions some really great combos that you can really dance in other styles correctly... I can seen the happiness in my partnersí eyes when I dance the merengue at parties!"

-- Firas

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