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One-Time Special Offer - This is Important!

This is Extremely Important (And Helpful) For Those Taking Dance Classes

“How Would You Like Me To Send You My Latest TWO Two-Hour $49 DVD Courses For FREE... Just For Giving My Brand New Salsa Dance Training Center, "Salsa BootCamp", A Try?”

Evan Margolin
San Francisco, California.

Hey Salsa Dancer,

No, I'm not talking about one of my "try before you buy" offers either... I'm talking about absolutely FREE. But there's one tiny catch (I'll talk about it soon)...

Let me explain...

About a year ago we opened our online Salsa Dancing School, known affectionately as "Salsa BootCamp". At SalsaBootCamp.com, this website has hundreds of online videos, immediately available, teaching everything from beginning to very advanced Salsa Dancing.

It was, and still is, a HUGE hit, with everyone that tries it!

As Salsa Mastery System purchasers, I want you all to be able to start learning to Salsa Dance right now, this very instant if you so choose . . .We're working on shipping those DVDs, but we can't make the post office move any faster. :)

As for learning, I further understand that it's practice, and constant access to resources to learn and ask questions, that will make the difference in how well you progress. SalsabootCamp offers students this.

As our best customers, I can offer you an insane bonus, confident in the knowledge that you truly want to learn. So, I can say, I'll ship you the first TWO of our currently released Salsa BootCamp DVDs, and give you instant access to the SalsaBootCamp site, for free for 3 months. I'll ship you the DVDs right away!

This program is for anyone who wants to make progress. If you want to stop being stuck as a beginner and want to get outside your comfort zone and explore all salsa dance styles, this program is for you.

Most courses just teach the "what." They tell you what to do as if you have magical powers to make it happen without step-by-step instruction. In this program, I teach the "how" --- and at the end of the day, that's what matters. "How do you get results and how do you get them NOW?" I answer that question and many more.

Yes, the same exact service that 100's of people are paying $37 a month for, you'll be getting as a bonus to your order. Yes, the same exact DVDs that people are paying for, you get as a bonus.

It's nothing sneaky, and it's nothing crazy, it just makes sense for me, and is a great bonus for you. I'm going to ask you to try out Salsa BootCamp because I know it's great, and I know you'll love it, and I'm counting on the fact that you'll want to be members forever!

If for any reason you don't like it, or you don't want to continue your membership, guess what? Cancel anytime in the first 3 months, and you can KEEP the two extra DVDs on us (and no, we make it VERY easy to cancel if you want to - we don't hide the Cancel button). ;) It's a bulletproof bonus!

If you're already convinced, you can sign up for your two Free DVDs and Instant Access to SalsaBootCamp now, or keep reading to hear a little more.

So, what is SalsaBootCamp? It's an online dance school, which means, online video, that plays over your computer. Our students pay a monthly fee, and we constantly add new content and release new DVDs, all of which we make available to our memebers (and we also ship our member new DVDs about every three months!).

You'll be signing up to the service for free, getting your DVDs for free, and be allowed to use the service for free, for a full three months. After that, you'll be paying just one half of what others pay!

That's right, since you're mastery system owners, if you want to continue with the service, it will cost you just $17 a month, less than HALF of what others are paying, and that will includes FREE DVDs every three months!

It goes without saying, this bonus will only be showed to you once. This is by far the best deal we have offered, and we simply won't offer it again. We can do it because you've already shown faith in us, and we want to return the favor, and show faith in you.

If you want to take advantage of your bonus now, Click Here to Sign up for BootCamp:!

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(Two Free DVDs, $17/Month, Risk-Free Three Day Trial)

Here's a sample of our opening movie:

Can you see it? Did it play ok for you? Then you know you've got the equipment necessary to join the school (that's just high speed internet). Perhaps you'd like to see an example of an instructional video you might find inside?

Here's an example of an Intermediate Salsa Dance pattern, inside the Salsa BootCamp private members area, (one of HUNDREDS of videos):

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Here's a screenshot of our First Two DVDs, both of which you'll be getting for free...


SalsaBootCamp, Volume 1 DVD


Salsa Dance BootCamp DVD, Volume 2


SalsaBootCamp is a private, members only, online school, with 100's upon hundreds of members, and this offer is exclusively to you, our Mastery System Purchasers, our best customers, to get free DVDs and check out the school for several months, for FREE.

Yes, I want to take advantage of this Amazing Bonus, Sign Me Up:!

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This new online training center has been the talk of the internet. It specializes in teaching you real salsa dancing that is done through the world's salsa clubs. I'm talking about everything from contemporary salsa dancing, to On2 and Cuban style... EVERYTHING.

And since it's an internet training center, you can log in any time you want (with the username and password you'll receive within minutes) and you can watch the videos for as long as you want. We even give you other little goodies like mp3 audio files, downloadable ebooks...

The best part is that you can try my Salsa BootCamp Training CenterTM for 30 days at absolutely no cost. So not only am I willing to ship you the first two Salsa BootCamp DVDs as an "ethical" bribe to get you to try the training center, but I'm also not going to charge you anything for the training center for 30 entire days.

If you agree with the thousands of other salsa dancers who have joined the club and decide to continue being an ongoing preferred member, simply do nothing and you'll automatically be billed $17 a month. This will start in 30 days --- and like I said, it's only if YOU decide to stay. There are no commitments or obligations. You can cancel at any time on the site, via email, or call us at 877-507-3403.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain (even a free course just for accepting this no-risk offer). It's that simple.

Try my Salsa Dance Training Center for 30 days at no cost. Try out my all-new club and find out why 1000+ other members joined during the very first month!

If you're not satisfied with the training club for any reason, simply cancel online or call us at 1-877-507-3403 or e-mail us at webmaster@salsabootcamp.com within 30 days and you'll never be charged the $17/month tuition.

If you're happy - and you will be - simply do nothing and you'll automatically be charged the monthly fee and remain in the club. It's that easy. No risk on your end and you're free to leave any time you want.

Either way, the TWO $49 Salsa BootCamp DVDs are yours free gifts to keep, regardless of your decision. Those are my gifts to you for giving my club a try. :-)

Here are what some other current members have to say about the Salsa Bootcamp Training Center...

Customer Feedback - Robert C. Navarro

Ballroom classes are wonderful when I have the time and patience to dance with a variety of people with different skill levels. I'm a member of the salsa bootcamp and I have receive the bootcamp DVDs. I love the fact that I can take my portable DVD player and practice the dance moves. I'm constantly listening to salsa music, I'm hooked.

-- Robert C Navarro

Customer Feedback - Carl Banks Jr.

Dear SalsaCrazy.com and SALSABOOTCAMP.COM, I truly enjoy your basic salsa DVD. I am learning how to dance the salsa and the many different moves of the salsa dance. Your website is fabulous and I thank you so very much! Keep up the good work and I will see all of you at the next salsa boot camp! Thank you again!

-- Carl Banks Jr.

Just click the button below to get your 30-day free pass to the Salsa BootCamp Salsa Dance Training Center and get my two Salsa BootCamp DVDs as a special free gift.

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[1sc:ButtonNo src="/securecart/images/default_no_button.gif" /] I understand this will be my only chance to receive the free dvd course, free month in the training club, and free rushed shipping. Finish my order.

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