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Learn to Salsa Dance Beginner's 3 Pack (3 DVD Set)

Own the dance floor. This is the perfect compliment to your Bachata System...

Your complete step-by-step Salsa Dance System for becoming a great social salsa dancer. You get over 5 hours of instruction, packed onto 3 DVDs! This series, all On1, has 3 jam packed Beginner's DVD that build a strong and stable salsa dancing foundation. This is the ultimate collection to take you through beginner beginners salsa dance.

This set includes 3 DVD's of SalsaCrazy's Learn to Salsa Dance Beginner Series. Enjoy these fun, sexy and easy-to-follow lessons on high-quality video in the privacy of your own home. Order this ultimate collection today. After these DVD's you'll be having a fantastic time out on the dance floor! You'll be getting all three fantastic volumes in SalsaCrazy's Beginning Salsa Dance DVD Series.

Customer Review:

"Awesome DVDS!!! I have learned so much from your lessons. They are easy to follow and you guys more than anything make it really easy and fun. This is my first purchase on dance instructional videos and was worth every single dime spent on these DVDS!"

-- Judith, Chicago

3 Salsa Dance DVDs For Only $77

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