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SalsaCrazy.Com Web Sales and Promotion

Thank you for considering promoting your event, website or club with SalsaCrazy.Com.  Below is a list of different services we offer, along with current prices.  We’d love to work with you on a custom solution for your project.  Just email us at, and we’ll get in touch with you! For your information, here are some of the basic forms of promotion, with associated prices:

1)       The Pop-Up. $1000/mth (2 week minimum). Up to 400x550.

a.   This is our most potent and versatile advertising method. This is a box that pop’s up on the main page, or the Bay Area main page, or various pages throughout the site, and is simply the best form of advertising, promotion that we offer.  Each visitor to the site sees the popup, 1 time every three days.

                                      i.      Max of 2 advertisers.

2)       A banner on the SalsaCrazy.Com Front Page (above or below the fold). $200/wk

a. Banners are great ways to advertise! Standard sizes are 468x60 or 200x40.

b. Banners can link directly to your site, or we can create a landing page with your event information!

- We have banners that can be placed throughout the site, specifically on main pages.

2)       A button on the right side Promotions Bar! $75/wk (above), $40/wk (below)

a.   Appearing on multiple pages throughout the site, the right side bar is a less expensive, yet still prominent, way to advertise!

b.   Standard button size is 120x90!

3)       A web page, designed by us, with your information!

a. Starts at $200 and goes up to several thousand.

b. Includes a text link from our Main Page. Contact for details on design prices.

4)       Bay Area Calendar listing $50 (for expanded bolded listing). The premiere Bay Area Salsa Dance Calendar!

a. This will give you an expanded, and bolded listing on the dance calendar. Your event will stand out!

b. You can also add a pop up box to your listing!

c. You can order it online, and have it up within 48 hours.  Order now!

5)       Email Announcements

a.       Email Announcement to the private SalsaCrazy List with five thousand members and growing!

b.       No limit of text, HTML and Flash!

6)       Text Listing on the Bay Area FrontPage of SalsaCrazy.Com (with a link to your site). $75/wk

a.       Get a listing on the top of the Frontpage of SalsaCrazy.Com. 

b.       Linked it to your site, or a page we can create for you!

c.       Your listing scrolls down the page as new news is added, for min. of 2 weeks!

d.      Interested in a text listing on the National Frontpage?  We can do that too!

7)   SalsaCrazy Design Services. We have full time design services available for logos, clothing and web.  Prices start at $600 for design.  Contact:

This is not a comprehensive list, and you are certainly free to request custom services.  Need more ideas?

Maybe you're a salsa club in the area - established or not, and want to get noticed! You want to increase your attendance, maybe your classes, maybe promote a new night of the week. You probably already know about our FREE comprehensive Bay Area club listings, but did you know we offer premium service, that provides excellent visibility!

Your club(s) can appear in bold, at the top of the clubs page for any given day of the week! You listing can appear with extended information (up to six lines worth, even a logo).  Our clubs listing is one of the most visited areas of the site, with hundreds of people passing through EACH AND EVERY DAY!  This is a huge opportunity for a club to make a real promotional effort, towards a targeted audience, and see some fantastic results. This is an incredible opportunity for inexpensive advertising and promotion that WORKS. ($200/mth).

Maybe your a Salsa Teacher/Instructor and you want to get more private lessons, or you want to increase attendance at one of your group classes. You probably already know that you can list your classes for FREE in our comprehensive Salsa Class listings, but did you know we offer premium listings?

Your classes can appear in bold, on the top of the classes page, for ANY given days classes! You'll get noticed, and students will come.  These pages are visited by HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE, EACH AND EVERY DAY.  We can create a custom listing for you - that's bolded, and appears on the top of the given day you chose! (only $100/mth).


That's it.  We accept payment via Paypal, Secure internet payment
( to:, or by check.

Phone #: 415-668-9936 - Fax #: 415-752-6749

Note: We ask that regardless of the form of promotion, your flyers, printed material and website, link back to us, or give us a mention. 
Our logo and text treatment is always available for download. Do you need our logos or banner? Visit here!

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